Caught in the Suck - Recap

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Will and Ed are playing chess at the park and Ed is teaching him how to play the game. He tells that David didn’t want Will to get into it. Will tells that he is being followed closely and it is possible that they are watching him. Will asks if he can trust Kale and Ed immediately tells that he cannot trust him at all. Later at the API building, Will and Tanya are waiting to be drug tested. Tanya tells that it seems excessive. Maggie searches Will’s office and finds a candy wrapper. Will comes back and asks Maggie out on a date. Maggie visits with Kale outside of the API building and tells that she only found a candy wrapper. Kale is interested in the candy wrapper and tells that it means something. He asks Maggie if she was asked out by Will and she avoids the question all together and Kale tells that she would say yes. At the API building, Tanya takes a pill. However, before she leaves, a man from the CIA tells Miles and Tanya and Bob comes in and tells that Al Qaeda operative Kateb possibly survived the air strike. He tells that he needs them to evaluate the interrogation of Achmed Nazri, one of the Egyptian terrorists that have been affiliated with Kateb. Bob tells that Miles and Tanya are the best at what they do.

Will meets with Kale and asks about Atlas MacDowell. Kale tells him to look for the patterns. He tells that he knows about the candy wrapper and suggests that he use Ed to get information about Atlas. But Will tells that Ed can’t take that and Kale leaves. As he leaves, he tells Will that it was Maggie that told him about the candy wrapper. Meanwhile, Tanya and Miles are sitting in a prison and Miles tells that they could be anywhere. Tanya tells that Grant should be there and Miles tells that he has kids and gets a free pass. Tanya tells that Miles has kids and he tells that his kids don’t live with him. In Truxton, James Wheeler, R.C. Gilbert and two others are talking about the “trouble spots” and Wheeler talks that the break-in to Katherine’s house spooked her but there is not problem. Back with Tanya and Miles, they are escorted to a prison cell that has Nazri being interrogated by two residents. Nazri is hanging from shackles on his wrists. Both Miles and Tanya are disgusted. Back in America, Kale visits Ed. He tells that Will has been “stumbling blind through a minefield” and leaves Ed a note with four names: Atlas MacDowell, Edward Roy, Donald Bloom, and API.

Back at API, Maggie admits that she was spying on Will because it was a condition of being hired to API. Will hands over his keys to her and tells her to "Go nuts". She puts the keys back in the basket. Back with Nazri, he screams in pain because of the torture that he has undergone. Miles tells that the interrogators are only putting lies in Nazri’s mouth to tell them what they want to hear. Meanwhile, James Wheeler counts some cash after getting into his office and a woman walks in after him and picks up the money. From a building close by Wheeler sees a man with some binoculars. Back in the prison, Mile and Tanya talk to Bob and tells that Kateb can’t be alive. Miles says that the same question keeps coming up when he is asks about Kateb hiding out. Tanya visits with Miles and tells that she can’t sleep. She tells that she needs a drink and Miles is lost in paperwork. Ed visits Will and gives a stack of paperwork. He tells that he knows about Atlas and also the “Leviathan”. He tells that Kale gave him a list and said that Will was in trouble. Will says that he is sorry that Kale contacted him and tells that he didn’t want it to happen. Meanwhile, Miles tells that the CIA is trying to find the connection between Tanaz and Kateb. He gets upset with Bob and tells that he wasted their time.

In the elevator, Will demands answers from Kale as they are going up to Spangler’s office. He tells Will to go through Ed’s work and he will find them. Miles is in a videoconference and tells that the CIA suspects Tanaz. Grant suggests that Tanaz is a double agent as well. Spangler tells that they are going to have to stay there for a little longer. Miles and Tanya watch Nazri pray and Tanya wonders why ad guys think that they are good with God and everyone is “caught in the suck”. Tanya tells that she wants to go home and Miles shares his cigarette with her. A girl walks in Wheeler’s office and alerts that it is 3:00. He tells that he is not in the mood right now and tells her to get $500 out of his coat pocket. Wheeler calls Katherine and leaves a message and says he is sorry that he has not been a better friend. He pulls a pen out and draws a four-leaf clover on the back of the photo that he took from the Townhouse. Back at API, Maggie is packing up her things and Grant asks why she is leaving. Will tells that he needs someone with more experience. Back with Tanya and Miles, Tanya feels bad for Nazri and Miles tells that he is not happy with the torture of things. Bob tells Miles and Tanya that they can go home now and that their work is done. Miles taunts Bob and tells that they know that Tanaz is a double agent.

Kale meets with Maggie and tells that she will have work until a translator’s spot opens up. She tells that she should have never agreed to work for him. He tells her that it was him who told Will that she was spying on him. She is upset because she liked Will. Kale tells that he is Will’s “guardian angel”. Meanwhile, Will sees that Ed’s research tells that Garson Security and that it has the same address as the Citizen’s Institute with Spangler at the head. Will visits the institute and finds out that Atlas MacDowell has an office there. Will goes inside and asks if Edward Roy is dealing with Spangler’s business. Before he leaves, Will grabs a telephone list. At Katherine’s, she opens an envelope and finds a picture that Wheeler was holding and it has a four-leaf clover on the back. In Spangler’s office, he has Tanya in there and tells that she needs to see the drug treatment program and tells that she is going to be working at API a long time and to get used to it.

Will gets back with Kale and tells that Spangler is not only involved with Atlas MacDowell, but also with Garson Security and Citizen’s Institute. All of which, are the same company. He shows the telephone director. He tells that they killed David possibly and Will tells Kale that he doesn’t believe him. Kale asks why Will is there then. Will tells that Kale that Kale’s name was not on the list. He goes home and starts to smash all the bugs that he can locate in his apartment and gets the control back.