No Honesty in Men - Recap

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The scene opens with Will packing his bags and walks over to the woman’s apartment that has been watching him ever so often and tells that maybe they can have dinner. He tells that she looked pretty and she tells that he can come in. She introduces herself to him and says that her name is Andy. Talking, Andy asks if this is a date and notices that Will keeps looking toward his apartment and asks if he came over to start at his apartment. They have sandwiches and Andy tells that his cologne is what a mother would buy. They sit around and she asks if he wants some Pot and he tells that they get drug tested at work. Will tells that he can’t go home because his apartment has been bugged. She looks confused and he tells that he is a historian, but changes his story and tells that he is an analyst. Will asks to use her bathroom and takes out the files that were in his bag and puts them on a cabinet secretly and thinks about his gun too, but then puts it back in his bag wrapped in a shirt. Andy says that she could videotape his apartment for him and as they get the camera set up, she questions Will about his marital status. Will tells that his wife died and she says that she is sorry. Andy tells that she is having fun but doesn’t like to be lied to. Will tells that he can’t go home and he needs her help.

The next morning, Spangler meets Kale and gives him tea and asks if Kale is expecting Will to come into work. Spangler tells that there is no trust or honesty and would like some answers and quotes something from Romeo and Juliet, to which Kale recognizes. He asks if he is worried about Will. Spangler tells that he isn’t and tells him to enjoy his tea. Meanwhile, Grant’s wife Lisa pays a visit to API and tells Paul wanted to see her and that she lost her job. She asks what they are going to do and Grant tells that she will find something better. She tells that Grant needs to hold up his end of it and asks what he does to make him want to stay and he tells that he likes what he does at API. Katherine Ruhmor meets with Tom’s first wife, Gidge, and shows a photo of seven boys on the beach. Gidge recognizes it and they tell that they know Tom and James Wheeler and Gidge tells that one of them is Gerald Bradley. Katherine tells that the image is a message that she cannot find the meaning. She asks if she knows what a four leaf clover means and she tells that it is for good luck.

Back at API, Miles tells Will that Tanaz Sahar was killed three days ago, so the CIA says. He tells that there is a ton of intelligence that he is going to have to analyze. Will tells him that he is going to be short one member because Tanya is “temporarily reassigned” for 28 days. Miles goes up to Grant and says that Tanya is in Rehab. Maggie meet Will in the hall and tries to apologize, but Will wants nothing to do with it. Emily introduces herself as Will’s new assistance Will meets his team in the conference room and there is a temporary new team member, Julia Harwell, the same girl that he asks for help with the Urdu translation. Will gets down to business and starts talking about Tanaz and her death. The team is going to have to decide whether or not she was involved in the terrorist plot. After the meeting, Kale and Will meet on the roof of API and asks what Will did to make Spangler to come to his home. Will tells that he destroyed all the bugs in his place. Kale gets angry and says that he won’t be able to help if there is no trust, but Will tells that he doesn’t trust Kale. Meanwhile, Andy is painting and then decides to go through Will's messenger bag and finds a rabbit’s foot, a book, and his gun.

Will meets Miles in the cafeteria in API and gives a transcript of a meeting between Tanaz and Paul Green, the Iranian intelligence agent. Miles asks how long Julia is going to be with them and Will tells him to play nice. Julia walks in and says that Tanaz received emails with a code that is used mostly by low-level Iranian operatives to contact each other. Grant approaches and tells that he has “unconfirmed” intelligence that says that Kateb is alive. Will says that they are going to have to determine if the CIA or the Iranian intelligence found out that Tanaz was a double agent and saw to it to have her killed. He tells that he is leaving for the day and everyone in confounded because of the hours of work. He tells that he will be in early. Will gets to Andy’s apartment and the door is unlocked. Will sees that his gun is on the table and he immediately grabs it. Thinking something is wrong, he is surprised when Andy comes in the room and kisses him. Will tries to resist but then when Andy takes the gun away, Will reciprocates and they go to the bedroom.

Meanwhile on a street with Walter he asks if Kale is listening to him and he tells Walter to stay there a moment. Kale walks up to a stranger and asks what the time was. The man quickly walks away without speaking a word. Kale goes to Spangler and asks if he is being followed. He asks if there is something that he should know. Spangler says that he could ask the same question and once again, Kale asks if Will is a problem. Spangler tells that if he is, then he will be “handled” as all problems are. Spangler reminds Kale that he likes two things of him: He is the same as he was in Syria always wanting blood on his hands and that Kale never asks questions. Back at Andy’s place, she gets out of bed and sees a flashlight in Will’s place. She awakens him and he recognizes it as Donald Bloom. At the API building, Miles asks Grant if he found out about Kateb and Grant confides in Miles and tells that Lisa has lost her job and that his pay is not enough. Miles tells that Grant’s wife loves him and that is something and tells that Grant needs to get to work and gloats that Will put him in charge. Back at the apartment, Will watches his apartment as Andy is sleeping. He gets a call and walks out of the room. The person on the other end asks him to meet. Will asks where.

Katherine visits Gerard Bradley’s widow, Alice, and shows the photo to her. She tells that Tom and Gerald knew each other. She asks if she knows any other boys in the picture and she tells that the other boy is Truxton Spangler and says that he really showed concern for Gerald’s death. She tells Katherine that he is the director of American Policy Institute. Katherine is interested that Spangler was a friend of Tom’s. Meanwhile, Kale meets Will for dinner and tells that Spangler knows that Will is working with him. Will tells that he is done working with Kale because of Bloom breaking into his apartment. Kale shows a clipping of Tom Rhumor’s obituary and tells that Tom was on the Atlas MacDowell board. He tells that on the same day the crossword-puzzle code was released, Tom died. Kale tells Will that Will needs him, but will tells that it is over and proceeds to leave.

Spangler goes to Grant’s office and tells that his work is good and that Will is lucky to have Grant on the team and that he is glad that Grant is in place in case Will should need a “rest”. He asks if he can count on Grant and he tells that he can. Miles and Julia agree that they should go out for a cup of coffee or something else and tells Julia that he was married before, but that he is not anymore. As they exit the building, Katherine is outside and sees the API sign on the building. Back in Andy’s apartment Will sets the obituary in his files in the bathroom. Andy asks Will how he slept to which he replies, “Like a rock.” She tells that she likes the idea that Will has a gun and the episode ends.