In Whom We Trust - Recap

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Kale is at his apartment and finds a bug in the base of a bedside lamp next to Walter’s side of the bed. The next morning, Will wakes up to Andy talking about him on the phone. Andy tells that it is a business call and then after she gets off the phone, she says that it was her sister. Will is a little angry but Andy tells that she only told that he was a really good neighbor and nothing else. She gives Will her key and tells that he could stay, if he wants to. Katherine is unpacking in a new loft apartment and she has her computer unpacked already and starts to research Spangler on the internet. Will rings her doorbell. Katherine opens the door and Will tells that he knows about Atlas MacDowell and the crossword code. He asks about the four-leafed clover and asks Katherine if she has any idea what it means. Katherine avoids his question and Will gives her an envelope with the instructions on how to contact him. Meanwhile, a man across the street has seen the entire exchange.

Tanya returns to work from rehab and Kale tells her that he is demoting her to document sorting for three weeks. Meanwhile, Will and his team have to analyze the data from bombings that happened. They all were detonated at 4:20 PM. Will tells that it is definitely Kateb’s famous trademark and he tells that he believes that he is still alive. Later, Will meets with Katherine at Brooklyn Bridge Park. She tells that there was a four-leafed clover next to Tom when he died and says that Gerald Bradley’s wife found one near her husband as well. She adds that Bradley worked for the Atlas MacDowell Board. Maggie gets a call from a scared Sophie who tells that her dad left her alone in the hotel. Maggie runs over to get her when Craig arrives. She yells at him and he tells that he could have Maggie arrested for kidnapping and in going to fight to get joint custody of Sophie. In the cafeteria, Tanya comes up to the old team. Grant starts to talk about Kateb and Will stops him. Tanya leaves and Will says that Tanya lost her security clearance as well.

Will goes to the classified library and looks for information on when Atlas MacDowell did business. The librarian tells that David Hadas was the recent person to get some white papers and finds all the countries that are in his search. Meanwhile, Kale sees that Sophie is where Maggie normally is and when she tells that Craig threatened her, he tells that he is going to be able to “handle” the issue. Tanya sits down in therapy and talks timidly about her drinking and taking drugs. She tells that she has a problem with living in general. Miles, Grant, Julia, and Will are in the conference room and Kateb has disappeared. Miles tells that they have a “Godot”. He tells that when the team can’t do anything but wait, it is called a Godot. Later, Miles finds out that Yuri Popovich has been killed in Moscow and tells Will. Yuri and Tanaz’s death is indicative that someone is killing out the bad links. Kale watches from a distance while Will runs out the building. He leaves Miles in charge of running things again since he did a good job the last time.

Katherine is waiting for Will in the park again, but this time, Donald Bloom walks up to her. He reads a message that tells that if Katherine sees Will again, then they will be killed and so will Katherine’s parents. She leaves and Bloom waits for Will. He smirks as he passes by. That evening, Grant helps Tanya with her filing to escape having to have to deal with his wife. Will walks over to Katherine’s loft but stops when he sees someone outside in a SUV out front. Meanwhile, Kale visit’s the motel that Craig is staying out and gives him a bus ticket to Denver, Colorado. To give him a little bit of motivation, Kale grabs Craig by the throat.

At Andy’s apartment, Andy sees that Will is trying to see who Andy was calling this morning. He apologizes to her and says that he wasn’t like this always. Meanwhile, Spangler, Roy, and Bloom meet on a boat and Spangler tells that he is happy to hear that Will saw Bloom. Bloom tells Spangler that Katherine will not be a problem. Roy tells that there is nothing suspicious of Kale and his activities. Spangler asks if he is being paranoid a little more than expected. Roy tells that Kale disappears for many hours when they are tailing them and that he loses the trackers easily. Back at Kale’s apartment, he gives Walter a new bedside lamp and puts the old one on the curb outside. Meanwhile, Julia shows a CIA Intel reporting that George Boeck has been killed as well to Miles and tells that everyone who was connected with Kateb are getting killed off. But, she tells that it is to cover up an operation in progress. The next morning, Will gets an envelope from Katherine. It has a beach photo that has Tom, James, Spangler, and Bradley. 3 out of the 7 are identified. At the end of the note, it reads that Katherine doesn’t want any more communication between them.