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A Good Day's Work - Recap

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The scene opens with Will waking to find Andy staring at him. She tells Will that she has some questions to what he is doing at API. Will quickly tells that he is not going to give an answer to her questions. Meanwhile at API, Colonel Mitchell and some other men meet along with Spangler and they talk about Kateb and the fact that he has been sent on another mission. Mitchell tells that API needs to get to the bottom of Kateb’s hideout and the mission. Will walks in and asks if Kale can get Tanya and Maggie back on the team so that they will be able to find Kateb a lot quicker. Kale agrees and says that Spangler is looking closely at the investigation as well. Katherine tries to come outside to face the world again, but at the last moment, she runs back inside.

Back at API, Will considers that it is all a hoax and Kateb’s handlers are saying that Kateb is back and it is quite possible to note that they are not true all in the hopes of keeping his plans a secret. Will tells that they are going to have to create a psychological profile on Kateb to find out where he is hiding out. Will goes to his office and cross-references different corporations and the people who were linked to Atlas MacDowell. Will looks at the photo of the 7 boys on the beach and calls the library. Kale enters and he hangs up the phone quickly. They talk in cryptic because they know that there is a bug in the statue of the owl. Kale informs Will that he can leave and “continue his research”. In the conference room, Tanya walks in and Grant, Miles, and Julia are there too. Grant takes no time for a reunion and tells Tanya everything that has been happening with Kateb and gets her up to where they are in the investigation.

Will goes to Andy’s apartment and Will finds out that another person in the picture is Joshua Lowan. He tries to leave and Andy stops him. Will tells that he is very busy right now. Andy is not too happy with that comment. Meanwhile, Spangler goes to the conference room and asks how things are going. Grant lies and says that they are “zeroing in”. Spangler asks where Will is and Miles tells that he went out for a moment. Spangler walks to Will’s office and picks up the phone. He pushes redial and an operator answers and says “Fishers Island Public Library”. Spangler is shocked and slams the phone down. Will visits Katherine and she doesn’t want to let him in. She eventually does and he says that the boys in the beach photo all have profited from world tragedies and also feels that they started the tragedies themselves as well. Will tells that Gerald Bradley’s death was a cover for a Russian gas-pipe explosion that left hundreds dead and Atlas MacDowell profited when the gas prices went up. It is possible that Bradley may have killed himself because of the guilt of doing that. He tells that if Tom’s suicide was in the same level, another event could happen.

Will goes back to API and the team is discussing the lack of information on Kateb before 2004. Grant tells that there is not information because there is no Kateb before 2004 and that it is quite possible that Kateb is just a made up name to be able to communicate. They speculate that Kateb converted to Islam and Will tells the team to look into the enrollment records of the Islamic centers outside of the United States. Tanya goes to her old office and tries to find her pills. She finds them but they’re empty. She sees Julia’s things on her desk and she gets angry. Meanwhile, Spangler meets with Mr. Roy and tells that Will is a problem. He tells him to arrange a hit on what seems like a drug overdose. He tells that it is a priority. Katherine has an estate saleswoman come to her loft and she informs Katherine that all the belongings at Tom’s townhouse are sold except for a jewelry box. Katherine asks her to bring it to her.

Later that evening, Grant shows a photo of Boeck and points to a man in the photo and asks who it is. Miles tells that it is Joseph Purcell, a man from New Jersey with light skin. In 2003, he moved to Yemen to study. Miles says that Kateb was always described as light skinned. Will tells everyone to go home and wait for more information on Purcell comes up. Spangler comes by Will’s office and talks about David Hadas. Will tells that his team found information of Kateb’s alias. Spangler congratulates him and the team and tells him to go home. Meanwhile at Will’s place, Donald Bloom puts drugs over the place and fills a syringe. He hides in the bathroom when Will comes in. Bloom comes up from behind and stabs him with syringe, but Will fights him and they trip over things in the apartment. Will grabs for his gun and it falls to the ground. Trying to strangle Will with a towel, Bloom fights back. Will punches Bloom and he eventually lets go. Will reaches for the gun and shoots him in the head.

Will calls up Kale and he tells Will not to touch anything. When Kale arrives, he turns Will’s stereo up and tells Will to stay in the bathroom. A man enters the apartment and together he and Kale clean up while Will waits in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Grant is invited to Spangler’s office and asks how he feels about leadership. Grant tells that he is likes it. Katherine opens the jewelry box and doesn’t find anything. But when she throws it on the ground, it shatters and a note that was written by Tom. He tells that he is sorry and tells that he wants Katherine to continue celebrating their anniversary. Miles comes in Spangler’s office and tells that Purcell’s passport came up and that he is in the United States. At Will’s apartment, Kale wraps the gun in a towel and tells that Will has a bloody shirt on still. He leaves. Will hears a knock on the door. It is Andy and she tells that she is sorry for nagging him earlier about his job. She tells that they can still have fun. He tells her to go home and never to come back. As Will walks back into his apartment, a smear of blood on the steam pipe remains.