Wayward Sons - Recap

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The scene opens with Joseph Purcell arriving in the United States and has hired a motel room. He sits there with prayer beads in his hand while enjoying a cartoon program on TV. Notably it is full of explosions. As he lies down on his motel bed, API already knows he is in the country. Meanwhile, Will wakes up. He has been sleeping on a chair while holding a baseball bat. He is afraid that what happened last might just happen again. In a while, he remembers the blood smear that was left to be cleaned on the drawing room mantel, and wipes it off. Spangler meets R.C. Gilbert and James Wheeler for breakfast. Spangler is sure Will can now destroy his plans. Moreover, he has had to reveal to Wheeler and Gilbert that Will is still alive and kicking. Gilbert is livid because of getting exposed. He blames Spangler for it, but he assures them that Will has got full control, and there is not much he could do.
Katherine has received Tom’s letter, which he wrote before committing suicide. She is yet to find out the compete message, when Will steps in. Katherine should be gone from this place before something happens to her. She is in danger, and Will has come to warn her. Later she finishes reading Tom’s letter, in which he wants Katherine to watch a movie they used to. It is Meet Me in St. Louis, which Will tells her to go find. An API meeting takes place with Spangler.

He announces Katab’s intentions to attack, and later sends off Will and Grant to New Jersey. They have to report in a temporary field office. The plan is to question Kateb’s (John Purcell) relatives and friends in the area. Maggie pays a visit to Katherine. Kale has sent Maggie to tell her that she is not safe. Will’s business card has it written she is not safe in her apartment, and Katherine already knows it. Maggie asks her to come with her, and believe Will’s message. His business card also carries the words – please trust me – and it is enough to make Katherine leave with Maggie.

Miles and an FBI analyst have different opinions. When the FBI personnel tells Miles that he will have to investigate population belts where Kateb might attack. Miles has a different approach. He does not want to let the forces do all the investigation. Kateb might just get to know about it. For Miles, target follows the tactic. He would rather first find out why Kateb is in the United States. Assuming that he will attack who knows where is not the way for him. Moreover, knowing why he is here might help in finding the strike zone. In a New Jersey inquiry, Purcell’s friends and relatives know vaguely about him. However, they can talk about his current mindset. Will and Grant get some clues as to what he might be up to, but can offer no dependable prediction. Later they find Purcell’s stepsister. She reveals that Purcell had joined a group that was driving the thought that people should stop hating Muslims. She refers to him as Joey, and confirms that he moved out with the group after 9/11.

Kale and Katherine get talking in a house where she has moved. No one can forget Tom’s suicide, and Kale tells her a story. In the Roman Empire, Julius Caesar refused Senator Cato’s persuasion to moderate down his powers. Later Cato’s actions propelled Caesar to march out of Rome crossing a mighty river named Rubicon. While he did this in conceit, Cato realized that Caesar is set to be dictator of Rome. Without surrendering, Cato killed himself. This reveals to Katherine, that Tom killed himself to save her. When Kale leaves, he tells Maggie not to open the door unless Kale himself comes there. Spangler is looking for Kale at the API facility. He discovers that no one knows where he is. A while later, Miles makes Spangler a request. He wants his approach, which Spangler also believes is the API approach should be followed. The FBI analyst has a different way, but Spangler takes authority to inform the FBI personnel’s boss on phone, that the API approach will be taken.

Will and Grant are interviewing Purcell’s uncle. He turns out quite argumentative, making the officers wonder if they are getting anywhere. Just then, Grant is worried that things in the command center might not be moving too well. It becomes difficult for them to decide on an approach, but Will suggests they figure out what has motivated American Jihadists in the past. Purcell meanwhile enjoys a porn video on his motel room bed.

A while later, Will gets a phone call. Grant has news that someone called Tanaz has visited the US on multiple occasions according to FBI intelligence. After hearing the news, Maggie rushes off on an errand Will wants her to do. After Will calls Maggie, he wants to know from Katherine if she has got what Tom had told her to get. The movie is still not with her, but Will tells her to stay indoors as of now. Atlas McDowell has been spying. He sends a photograph in an envelope to Spangler. When helooks at it in his office, he starts trembling – so much that he can hardly light a cigarette. The photograph shows Kale, Katherine and Maggie together. Maggie is one Will’s errand. She goes to Andy’s and tells her that Will needs a book, which he has left here. She wants to use the toilet apparently, and Andy is already a little irritated about not seeing Will for a while. Maggie manages to retrieve Will’s research documents. On the way out when Andy is at the door, she drops her question – are you sleeping with him too? Maggie says she isn’t.

After Will leaves from New Jersey, Grant continues getting more information. This time he is interviewing Purcell’s ex-girlfriend. Virginia remembers him as being confused, but she does not mean it totally in a bad way. She and Purcell broke off when he started activism with Muslims after 9/11. She also adds that Purcell was a person who would have loved to have someone motivating him with all her love. Back in Purcell’s motel room, he is writing a letter to Virginia. Katherine moves out of the safe house, and goes to a store. It is filled with boxes. She might have a hard time looking for anything, let alone a DVD. However, she manages to locate the movie Tom wants her to see. Miles and the FBI analyst are not finished arguing. Miles insists that they should focus on Kateb’s trend of attacking at 4:20 pm EST. While there is nothing much the FBI analyst can say then, Tanya also backs up Miles on this one.

Finding Maggie at API, Kale gets furious. She should be with Katherine. How could she leave her alone. However, she has to hand Will the research material. She does so quite shaken at Kale’s rebuke. Later, Purcell makes his way out of the motel. He is armed with explosives and detonators when he makes his way across the harbor waters. Destination is still to be revealed. Will and Grant discuss the travel patterns of Tanaz. They do this in complete privacy, and find out something intriguing. He calls Kale and informs him that Bloom, Tanaz, Kateb and the crosswords are all connected. This might be a major hint.
Will and Kale are discussing the Houston Problem – it is simply an account written by David Hadas. He describes Houston as an intriguing topic. A large oil production unit makes for the everyday requirement. Besides, Bloom has always arrived to see Tanaz after exiting from Houston. Moreover, the oil supply system sinking in Galveston Bay could be one of the biggest threats to the country. Houston turns out to be a pivotal city. Will is sure Kateb is going to strike there. After Maggie rushes in asking to switch on the television, they find Kateb has already struck. When CIA and NSA start calling, Will suggests they can wait. However, back in the apartment, he trembles in the night.