You Never Can Win - Recap

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The scene opens with Spangler in a meeting after the attack on the oil tanker. He is fuming with anger at the API professionals, and makes a terse comment – this has been a result of failing intelligence. He addresses everyone to be on safer guard from now, and excavate as much information as possible on the attackers. Will and Grant get down to post bombing analysis. It turns out from intelligence sources that Yuri, Kateb, George and the traveling Tanaz have an intriguing connection to one another. Surprised at this, Will comments that the evidence might have been manufactured until now. He thinks this may have been done especially to mislead them. All these people have something in common – Iran. However, Grant replies that the Iranian case is no less than ‘airtight’. The DVD Katherine has been able to find from a pile of boxes has finally found way into her tray. She starts watching, but there is an interruption. Tom comes on the screen and tells Katherine a few arresting messages. First, Spangler is exposed. Tom talks about him having tweaked API intelligence to suit his needs. Next, he tells Katherine an address where she ought to go when in danger. It is a Mott Street place. David Hadas has a message for Will as well. Katherine knows it has to reach Will as soon as possible.

Kale and Will are on the rooftop at API. They discuss the tanker attack issue but Grant has something new. Whoever planned the attack, had more than just a tanker blast in mind. He insists that the attacker has a motive of inciting war against Iran. However, Will is pessimistic getting proper intelligence and information after Kale tells him that they will need to design a strategic pullout, and make sure that the intelligence is proved distorted. Kale says he cannot back out looking defeated. Will gets to the Miles’ office to drop the news about what he thinks of Spangler. First, he puts a bug in glass of milk, and then explains how that is similar to Spangler inside API. Miles finds it a little exaggerated, and he thinks Will might be recovering after dealing with a great deal of stress.

It turns out that Spangler has been behind the attack. Joshua Lowan, who is a partner in crime, wants him to stop doing whatever they are up to. They have seen the attack happen, they are safe, and the Iranians will have to take the blame. However, Spangler refuses to stop. Will and Katherine are the biggest obstacles. And everything is okay if they are not probing around. With the DVD ready to be delivered, Katherine calls up Will. After she asks if he knew anyone called David, Will decides to meet her at a crowded place. That will be safer than in any other place. So he calls her to Central Park. He prefers the Bethseda Fountain area. Will gets to the property owner of Bloom’s apartment, and wants to investigate it. He is allowed, and after finding a hidden safe, Will calls up Hal. Meanwhile, Joshua, Wheeler and others agree to make a move in an undisputed direction. Later Katherine gets to the Mott Street apartment. That is where Andy stays. She never thought they would meet together. Andy takes her weapon and tells Katherine to leave with her. She asks her to keep moving ahead and not look in a different direction. When they get moving, Katherine says she has to stop at Central Park. However, she does not want to tell her she has an appointment with Will.

At an API conference, Tanya, Grant and Miles are discussing evidence. Julia comes in with her theory that she has information Kateb used Soviet missiles to destroy the tanker. He apparently picked them up from Iran in about 2009. Grant insists that it is just information, which is yet to become evidence. He finds it hard to rely on this one. Miles also agrees with Grant. Tanya butts in saying that the confusion was inevitable as they are yet to find if the attack was state-sponsored terrorism. She adds that in case the US wants to go to war, the decision will definitely kill countless other people. Spangler is livid about getting cornered. He tells Grant that starting a war is something Will cannot handle. Spangler says that a war with Iran is becoming inevitable. Moreover, he is worried about the outcome. However, Grant tries to get things into perspective. He tries a rational appreciation of Will, but Spangler rebuts asks if he still wants to be promoted to team lead.

Andy and Katherine arrive at Central Park. Andy halts back a little distance away. As Katherine goes looking for Will near the fountain, he tells her to be right there, and he will get near her. Just then, as Katherine moves, she bumps into Dr. Roy. He manages to drug her with a syringe. She falls on the pavement, losing the DVD. When Will gets to her, she is already dead. Moreover, he does not feel that being there will be of any good. He gets out of there, and so does Andy. Will talks with Maggie about seeing what happened with Katherine. He tells her that remaining stuck at API is something he regrets. He insists that he is looking for answers, and that’s all – nothing more.

Tanya, Miles and Julia get to know from Grant about the talk he had with Spangler. Grant only tried explaining why Will is worth keeping in the team, but Spangler replied sharply. Grant’s promotion would happen if Will gets a demotion. Disgusted, Tanya wants to quit. She explains that it is not just about Grant. She wants to write a book and take off. Miles gets a buck up message from Kale when they bump into each other in the hallway. He wants Miles to get acting effectively. Kale tells him that bullets are whistling by, and nothing is happening. Kale adds that the bullets cannot touch Miles. Will shows Miles some photographs of Bloom when he was in Houston. It turns out that although the photographs are from June 2010, there is no travel record during that time that Miles can uncover. Smelling something, Will wants to cross check with the airline passenger manifest. He sets Hal on the job, and sends him on a private jet under the subsidy of Atlas McDowell. Spangler sends his assistant a bunch of flowers. When the assistant receives it with Spangler’s thank-you, it seems a little strange. However, he also receives a clover inside an envelope.

Will and Miles get talking about how Atlas McDowell, Spangler and Bloom are connected. The conspiracy still seems hard to prove, and Will knows that the story will not clutch in court due to lack of evidence. As a result, he thinks that making it a New York Times story should work out. His job is to get the truth out, and he is determined to be on that path. He adds that he will place his findings to the senior members at API as well. Grant comes in to announce his promotion. However, Will replies in good spirit, saying that Grant definitely deserved it. Grant feels a little better when he says that. When Julia walks into Miles’ office, she finds him depressed. When she asks if everything is okay, he only has to say that nothing seems like before. He has nothing more to say, and wants to be left by himself.

Will drops the news to Spangler that he has figured out what Spangler is up to. However, Will adds that he is still unable to understand his motive. Spangler tells him he is impressed, but that he could not understand the motive, was his failure. The motive, Spangler says is bigger than him, or even David Hadas. Spangler taunts him saying no one will give a shit about his report, and leaves. Alone on the roof, Will finds Spangler’s four-leaf clover. The episode ends.