Ruby (2008)

Ruby (2008)

"Ruby"is an amazing woman trying to lose hundreds of pounds without surgery, miracle diets or shortcuts. Just one person—mind, body and soul—in the fight to save her life. Straight from "Ruby", read what it's like to be in her shoes.

I have lived in this unusually huge shell since I can remember. How I got to be so big is a question I would like answered on my journey. I have battled this a long time. I feel like I am always getting in the boxing ring with this beast that has no name. He always seems to win. I start off strong and determined, and in the first three rounds I take him down. But right before my eyes—yet at the same time I'm blinded by him—he grows bigger. Before I know it, he has knocked me out of the ring.

Usually at that point I am so beaten up that I can't even crawl back. Sometimes it takes me years to get back in the ring. This is the darkest side of me; a side that is unknown, a side I haven't yet conquered. It's a side of defeat, hopelessness and despair. A side I hate to admit. A side I hate to visit. I become so numb. (Source: Style)

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Ruby GettingerRuby Gettinger
As Herself
Ruby GettingerRuby Gettinger
As Herself


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I watched the show last night and it was wonderful. Ruby has taken her first step towards herself. It will be a show I plan to follow. No matter if we have 5 10 100 500 pounds to loose, it all begins with that first step. Ruby keep up the good work. It was great, you are beautiful. Read more

Review posted on Monday, November 10th 2008 at 9:23 pm

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