Season 6

73 :06x01 - Dirty Talk

Russell tries to get out of his marriage to an overly enthused Liz, who tries to make it work, while Jeff attempts to engage Audrey in dirty talk.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Wendi McLendon-Covey as Liz (Elizabeth Cornblatt) |
Co-Guest Stars: Brian Hatton as captain | Diane Sellers as Doreen
Director: Ted Wass

74 :06x02 - Bros Before Nodes

Worried about getting his father's approval, Russell gets Liz all dolled up to meet him. Meanwhile, Jeff is more concerned about his guys' weekend being cancelled than Audrey's feelings, and Adam makes a new friend.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Wendi McLendon-Covey as Liz | Geoff Pierson as Franklin Dunbar | Curtis Armstrong as Himself |
Co-Guest Stars: Sarah Desage as Babette | Karl T. Wright as Dr. Lam
Director: Ted Wass

75 :06x03 - Audrey is Dumb

Audrey's throat surgery makes her unable to speak, much to Jeff's delight. Meanwhile, Russell tells Timmy the only way that he will get a raise is if he does Russell's dirty work and fires someone.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Andrew Leeds as Lester |
Co-Guest Stars: Jill Czarnowski as Ordinary Girl | Lewis Dauber as Speaker | Darlene Kardon as Older Woman | Brenda Koo as Connie | Jacqueline Lord as Bartender | Agnes Olech as Kiki
Director: Tom Hertz
Writer: Tom Hertz

76 :06x04 - Nature Calls

When the gang decides to take a trip to Vermont to check out the fall foliage, they find themselves wishing they had never left home. Meanwhile, Russell has renewed faith in his marriage to Liz

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Wendi McLendon-Covey as Liz |
Co-Guest Stars: Judith Drake as Enid | Penny Nickles as Scout Leader | David Wells (1) as Henry
Director: Ted Wass
Writer: Mike Haukom

77 :06x05 - Shy Dial

Jeff uses an app on his phone that automatically puts his calls through to Audrey's voicemail. Meanwhile, Adam befriends a clothing salesman who helps defend him against his friends when he picks some questionable clothing choices.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Wendi McLendon-Covey as Liz | Todd Grinnell as Chris |
Co-Guest Stars: Jonathan Kehoe as Bartender
Director: Ted Wass
Writer: Tim Doyle

78 :06x06 - Cheating

Audrey tries to persuade Jeff to eat healthier when he is diagnosed with high cholesterol, but he can't help sneaking around with Brenda for unhealthy food. Meanwhile, Russell tries to keep up with his new college intern on the party circuit.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Sara Rue as Brenda | A.J. Trauth as Topher |
Co-Guest Stars: Jen Eldridge as Waitress | Doug Hale as Pundit #2 | David Lodge (2) as Pundit #1 | Lili Mirojnick as Female Club-goer | Diane Sellers as Doreen
Director: Tom Hertz
Writer: Tim Doyle

79 :06x07 - The Chair

Jeff and Audrey engage in a battle of wills when she refuses to admit that she hates the armchair she ordered, while Jeff pretends to love it. Meanwhile, Russell brings a sexual harassment suit against Timmy.

Source: CBS
Co-Guest Stars: Charity Shea as Gwen | Cynthia Sophiea as Phyllis
Director: Ted Wass
Writer: Mike Haukom

80 :06x08 - Scavenger Hunt

In order to convince Audrey he is making an effort in their relationship, Jeff sends her on a romantic scavenger hunt, with mixed results. Meanwhile, Adam leads Russell to believe that Jen has a sex tape.

Source: CBS
Director: Mark Cendrowski
Writer: Mike Haukom

81 :06x09 - A Big Bust

When Audrey thinks her maid needs help getting money to fix her limp, she asks her neighbors to help contribute, only to find out she misunderstood what the maid needed the money for.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Emily Foxler as Stephanie |
Co-Guest Stars: Jodi Harris as Mrs. Doyle-Ross | Roxanna Ortega as Ana

82 :06x10 - After The Lovin'

Jeff discovers that Audrey uses sex to get what she wants, while Russell and Timmy make a commercial for their new soup spoon.

Source: CBS
Co-Guest Stars: Hollie Winnard as Amber
Director: Ted Wass
Writer: Tom Hertz

83 :06x11 - Missed Connections

Timmy is determined to reconnect with a woman he shared a romantic moment with on the subway. Meanwhile, Audrey and Jeff blame each other when they're snubbed by a couple they previously went out with.

Source: CBS
Co-Guest Stars: Bruno Amato as Cop | Chasty Ballesteros as Grace | John Ducey as Paul | Christina Moore as Jane
Director: Tom Hertz

84 :06x12 - The Five Things

Jeff is stumped when Audrey asks him to name five nice things about her. Meanwhile, Russell pushes Timmy to serenade a woman he likes; Jennifer and Adam mistakenly receive Audrey and Jeff's bank statement.

Source: CBS
Co-Guest Stars: Jennifer Lee (3) as Barbara | Mackenzie Mason as Katie | Brooklyn McLinn as Dan | Ron Pearson as Guy
Director: Ted Wass
Writer: Dan Kopelman

85 :06x13 - Meat Wars

When Audrey and Jen makes plans to see a concert, Jeff makes solo plans and excludes Adam, whose feelings are hurt.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Bogush as Meredith |
Co-Guest Stars: Terrell Lee as Bouncer
Director: Ted Wass

86 :06x14 - Goodbye Dolly

Audrey tries to prepare for motherhood by continuing to repair a doll that she keeps damaging. Meanwhile, Jeff questions Brenda's dating choices.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Sara Rue as Brenda | Jackie Tohn as Andrea |
Co-Guest Stars: Hope Allen as Barbara | Will Deutsch as Guy | Kiki Haynes as Receptionist | Aalok Mehta as Cab Driver | Madison Moellers as Lily | Diane Sellers as Doreen
Director: Ted Wass

87 :06x15 - Audrey's Shower

Jen volunteers to throw Audrey a baby shower, but puts the wrong date on the invitation. Meanwhile, Jeff takes a liking to Audrey's maternity clothes, and Russell accomplishes great things when he decides to give up women.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Sara Rue as Brenda | Wendi McLendon-Covey as Liz | Susan Yeagley as Tracy |
Co-Guest Stars: Nakia Burrise as Saleswoman
Director: Ted Wass
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: February 05, 2007
Ended: May 20, 2013
Episode Order: 13
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