The Big Picture - Recap

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The episode begins in the diner where Russell is explaining how he has been cut off from his trust fund by his mother. Timmy is trying unsuccessfully to help Russell live within his new means.

Adam and Jennifer return from the ballet and Adam anticipates romantic activities with his wife. He is disappointed when her version of getting comfortable is not attractive.

Audrey goes to Jeff's office to help him schmooze the boss and increase his bonus. The boss loves Audrey, and shows her a group picture he has from a company cruise that is less than flattering for Audrey. Before she leaves, Audrey can't help herself and sneaks into the boss's office and steals the photo.

Meanwhile, Russell gets kicked out of the hotel he was staying at and shows up at Timmy's. While Timmy is away looking for an apartment for Russell, a woman knocks on Timmy's door looking for a photographer that is supposed to take body-scape photos of her.

At the diner, Adam gets marital advice from Jeff. Jeff recommends not to allow Jennifer out of his sight, and not to allow her to move to a second location. Russell shows up and talks about the hippie model he met and how impressed he is with the hippie lifestyle.

At home, Audrey confesses to Jeff about the stolen picture. Jeff insists on returning the photo before his boss finds. out. Adam and Jennifer return from dinner and Adam tries to keep Jen in sight while he prepares his romantic evening. Jen sneaks away and returns in an old robe, but Adam has lost hope for the romantic evening and has been munching on Oreos in his underwear. Surprisingly, Jennifer reveals a sexy negligee under the robe, but in his excitement, he spits a piece of Oreo into Jen's eye and the mood is broken.

At Timmy's Russell is partying with the hippies when Timmy comes home. Timmy tries to lay down the law with Russell to no avail. Later at 3 AM, Timmy loses his patience with the noise from the party. Russell's last name is revealed and the hippies are disgusted he is related to “the man”. Russell's real personality emerges and he kicks the hippies out.

At the office, Jeff and Audrey get caught by the boss trying to return the photo. They think quickly and come up with a story about getting the photo enlarged for the boss, but the boss says he doesn't need an enlarged version.

The next day, Jeff takes Audrey to the office and explains he got his bonus. He then shows Audrey an enlarged version of the photo that Audrey hates that the boss has placed in the lobby for everyone to see.