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Message Posted On Friday, November 20th 2009 at 7:19 pm
another stupid david spade comedy relief character moment

as i knew it david would not score with heather, this was made more evident since they start making spades character more dopey like his other shows i.e just shoot me'

bringing back the dumb 'short jokes'

this show would've been better if david spade really sucked face with heather and nailed her .....at most to make it unique audrey thinks nothing happened but it really did

an example could be: (scene at russels apartment) audrey goes to yell at david for trying to sleep with her sister however realising he got shot down and realised after a teary moment that he wasn't just trying to bang her sister but that he really loved her audrey feels bad and is also satisfied heather didn't get screwed blah blah blah

long story short she leaves but russel WAS banging heather locklear and she comes to the door to find out who it was and david gives one of his funny one liners and sucks face with her as he closes the door....and the audience cheers/woos and claps