Running Wilde

Running Wilde

Will arnett will play a selfish, rich guy who falls in love with Keri Russell's character. "Arrested Development'' alums Mitch Hurwitz and Will Arnett reunite to executive produce this romantic comedy, which also stars Arnett. Arnett plays Steve Wilde, an immature playboy who desperately wants to win the heart of his childhood sweetheart, Emmy (Keri Russell). Emmy, a humanitarian, wants Steve to help her fight Wilde Oil, a company run by his father. But Steve faces a dilemma because fighting his father's company would put his meal ticket in jeopardy. Steve enlists his friends to help him woo Emmy. (Source: FOX)

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Prev: 1x13 -- Basket Cases (May/21/2011)

In the series finale, Steve's dad (Jeffrey Tambor) visits in the wake of an oil spill and gets Emmy to spearhead cleanup efforts, but Steve is suspicious of his father's true motives.

Available Episodes

Basket Cases
May 21, 2011
Season 1 episode 13

The Pre-Nup
May 14, 2011
Season 1 episode 12

May 06, 2011
Season 1 episode 11

Jack’s Back
Apr 28, 2011
Season 1 episode 10

One Forward Step
Dec 26, 2010
Season 1 episode 9

It's a Trade-Off
Dec 07, 2010
Season 1 episode 8

Mental Flaws
Nov 30, 2010
Season 1 episode 7

Will ArnettWill Arnett
As Steven Wilde
Keri RussellKeri Russell
As Emmy Kadubic
Mel RodriguezMel Rodriguez
As Migo Salazar
Stefania OwenStefania Owen
As Puddle Kadubic (as Stefania Lavie Owen)
Peter SerafinowiczPeter Serafinowicz
As Fa'ad Shaoulian

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1x13: Basket Cases recap: The scene opens with Puddle browsing through a book of luxury cars for children, and is enthusiastic about getting Emmy’s permission as Steve has promised to buy her one of those cars. However, Emmy is busy with a discovery she has made about oil spills in Peru. Andy comes on a low-speed video message and complains about Steve’s father, who is responsible for the oil spills. He tells Emmy to ask ‘little pig’ to tell “daddy pig” to fix the problem. Emmy checks out Steve’s dad’s commercial on the oil spill, where he says accidents do happen, spilling a milk glass, but nature has a way of solving them, showing a cat that licks up the milk... read more.

1x12: The Pre-Nup recap: The scene opens with Puddle and Fa’ad looking out at the rain from a window and she tells him about a weather man, which is actually Fa’ad with a blonde wig and a different name. After some time, Steve comes into the room and is happy to hear that Fa’ad is planning a nightclub on a swamp. They exchange views on how useful it will be for the FEMA victims, as they have lost their wine cellars and sound systems in the flood. The multi-level plan gets Steve all excited, and Fa’ad has planned a level for gays. That makes Steve fantasize on a bisexual mezzanine, and as their talk get dirty, Steve gets careful as Puddle is with them... read more.

1x11: Alienated recap: The scene opens with Emmy on the phone with Andy. He claims to have found a tribal oil field in Peru, and says that he has been able to scare away some big shots with his ‘eco-terrorist’ flamboyance. Emmy asks him if that means they have made it, but he replies it’s only him who has made it, as Emmy is busy gorging on Steve lap of luxury eating butter croissants. Emmy argues that she also has her cause – fighting for immigrant rights. Andy adds that all Steve does is play video games, and Emmy should find him a proper way to spend his time... read more.

1x10: Jack’s Back recap: The scene opens with Puddle telling Emmy that she is going to get some of Mr. Lunt’s French Toast and Steve laughs and asks Emmy to go bird watching with her and she smiles and twists her necklace and says that it is a good idea. He tells Migo that she thinks it is a good idea, but Migo says that Emmy told Steve that he doesn’t have to be different. Steve says that he is glad that he got rid of Andy, but Andy is there. Steve asks what he wants and Mr. Lunt says that he wants some French Toast and then he will go away. Fa’ad asks why Mr. Lunt gave his French Toast to Andy and Mr. Lunt says that for the same reason he was going to give it to Fa’ad, to make him leave. Fa’ad threatens that he will un-invite Mr. Lunt to his Casino Casba Party. He says that he has an Indian Choir to sing and clean up afterwards. Fa’ad tells Steve that Jack Grey, their old fraternity brother, is coming down. Steve is excited and says that it is going to be the best Casba night... read more.

1x8: It's a Trade-Off recap: The scene opens with Emmy making sure that Puddle has her homework done and there are baby eagles in their tree house making a lot of noise. Emmy considers moving out of the tree house and into Steve’s house. She drives Puddle to school and one of student’s parents drives up and asks how life in the tree house is condescendingly. Emmy considers the move even more. She gets back and sees Miko shooting into the tree at the squawking eagles. He tells that they are tranquiller darts, but when a squirrel falls dead, it is clear. She tells that she is going be moving into the house. Emmy walks in to find Steve lying on the stairs with cones around him... read more.
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