The Junior Affair - Recap

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The scene opens with Steve getting ready for Puddle’s first school dance that is coming up and he tells that he wants to look his best. He goes down the hall and Emmy asks why his name is on the chaperon list and Steve tells that he is going to take her to the dance. Emmy is upset because he promised to take Emmy to the dance but when his dad said no, Steve backed out. All Emmy wanted was to dance to “More Than Words”. Puddle tells that her boyfriend, Lane, broke up with her for the same reasons and there is no dance. This makes Steve want to help and Emmy as well to make sure that the same thing that happened to Emmy, doesn’t happen to Puddle. Steve gets into his car and tells Mirko that he is going to talk to Lane’s father to allow Lane to go with Puddle. Meanwhile, Emmy is sitting on her car and gets Lane’s attention. She is luring in her approach and sends the wrong signals to him. Steve sits down with Lane’s father and after being told that he doesn’t have time for it, he leaves.

Steve sits down with Fa’ad and tells that it was horrible to talk to Lane’s dad and that it was not that fun. Fa’ad talks about his acting as Mickey the Gangster and how he was coached by Alan Alden. He tells that he can talk like him too. Steve tells about his acting experience and tells that his father wasn’t there for it. Fa’ad tells that Steve needs to look at Lane’s dad as the father figure that Steve has been looking for and to not back down. Steve tells that he will give him the same fortune as his play that he did. He goes to the Country Club again and tells that his message is one of love and tells that he loved someone once and that he will not back down. Lane’s dad tells that he has guts and he tells that he is amazed about his stand up but never back down. Meanwhile, Emmy meets with Lane and continues to send the wrong signals and tells that Lane can light kiss and Lane thinks that his girlfriend is Emmy and Lane’s father thinks the same of Steve.

Steve gets ready for his tennis game and he tells that Mr. Lunt is his mother figure. Steve and Emmy walk downstairs and ask where each other are going. Emmy tells that she is going on a picnic with Lane to convince him to stand up to his father and Steve tells that he is going Tennis with Lane’s father to allow his son to go with Puddle to the dance. Puddle comes in and asks where they are going and it is all muddled to where they are going and Puddle decides to stay out of it. Emmy goes to the picnic with Lane and she tells that she knows a girl that would love to go to the dance with him. Lane is still infatuated with Emmy and thinks that she is with him as well. Meanwhile, Steve is talking to Lane’s dad and forgot about Puddle and was bonding with him. He shows his car and Steve offers to wash it. But, as Steve is washing it, he is being lude and sexual about it and it is turning on Lane’s dad. This ends with them rolling in the grass together and Mr. Lunt telling Mirko not to stop it.

Steve and Emmy bump into each other and tells Emmy that he is going to the dance with Dan and they are going to have Lane tell him. In the hall of the dance, Emmy and Lane arrive and Lane tells that he will probably kiss the girl he wants, hinting to Emmy and still Emmy is clueless. Dan and Steve enter and Dan tells that he is happy around Steve and then kisses him. Steve still thinks that Dan is a father figure to him and doesn’t take the kiss seriously. They go inside the dance and Lane tells that he wants to date whoever and Dan agrees that everyone should be able to date and dance whoever they want. He grabs Steve to the dance floor and Steve is still clueless that Dan wants him. Lane brings Puddle over and tells that he is breaking up with her for her mother. Emmy is shocked and so is Puddle. Emmy tells Lane that they are not dating and Puddle admits that Lane and her never broke up but that she just wanted to keep Steve and her away from the dance. Meanwhile, Steve’s “romantic” moment is interrupted when Fa’ad comes in and pushes Dan. He gives his New York accent and he sounds like Alan Alden. Dan tells that Fa’ad is Steve’s boyfriend and Steve finally realizes what he met and tells that they are not. Dan leaves with Lane and Emmy apologizes to Puddle. She forgives her mom when a “tween” boy asks her to dance. Outside, Emmy and Steve talk about their night and “More Than Words” comes on and they attempt to get back into the dance but it is locked. The episode ends.