Best Man - Recap

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The scene opens with Steve preparing breakfast and puts down a doll that resembles Andy next to him. He asks Emmy if she has had any dreams about horseback riding. Turns out that Steve spent the past 2 weeks learning how to control Emmy’s mind with a book he read and had everything put in her room. He shows it to Mico and he doesn’t like the idea. He even had a romance novelist write a book for him. Emmy tells that she did have dreams and the rider and her, as she covers Pudddle’s ears, made love. She tells that the rider was Andy and Steve tells that is not how it is supposed to go.

Emmy tells that she knew about the attempt to control her mind and Steve tells her that he was trying to help her. She tells that she loves Andy. Steve asks why she hasn’t married him and she tells that they could never afford it. Steve tells that he will throw her a wedding. Miko tells that Steve got manipulated into throwing her a wedding and he tells that he is not going to spend any real money and that she is going to admit that she doesn’t love Andy. Outside, Emmy tells Puddle that she will stop Steve before he spends any money and that she is going to bluff until he admits that he doesn’t want them to be married.

Puddle tells Steve this and he tells that he is going to go forth with her plans. However, this is not what Puddle was trying to tell him to begin with. Steve and Emmy prepare for the wedding and every time Emmy added something, Steve added more. It turned out to be a fairytale wedding. This goes on until Steve sees the bill and tells that he is not going to pay for it. Miko tells him to call it off before someone has to pay a lot. Steve goes in to see Emmy and she is in her wedding dress. She tells that it is amazing and she loves it. Steve is happy for her when she calls him a true friend.

The wedding is back on and Fa’ad invites Steve to his party next week. He tells him to get inside and Fa’ad tells that Steve needs to show Emmy that she is something special to him when he is in the stead of the groom. At rehearsals, Steve tells that he loves Emmy in a romantic way. Fa’ad tells Steve that the romantic writer is good and Steve admits that he made it up on the spot and he meant every word of it. He goes up to Emmy and tells that he would love to stand in for the groom forever. Emmy asks if Steve told Andy and he tells that he didn’t. They are about to kiss when Mr. Lunt tells that he called Andy. Suddenly, Andy shows up and says thanks to Steve.

At the rehearsal dinner, Andy calls Steve a pig and they challenge each other to a jousting duel. As Steve gets ready for the joust and Miko tells what it means. Steve tells that he can get really hurt, but tells that he needs to do it. Mr. Lunt runs and tells Emmy of the joust and she tells that Andy is a professional jouster and was the Black Knight at “Medieval Knights”. The joust begins and at the last second, Steve turns and Andy follows. Steve is knocked off and Andy keeps riding away.

Steve gets up and tells that he doesn’t want to marry anyone and Emmy tells that she doesn’t want to marry Andy either until they work out their problems. Steve offers to pay for a counselor. She tells that it is not necessary and the episode ends with Fa’ad playing on his guitar singing a medieval song.