Jack’s Back - Recap

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The scene opens with Puddle telling Emmy that she is going to get some of Mr. Lunt’s French Toast and Steve laughs and asks Emmy to go bird watching with her and she smiles and twists her necklace and says that it is a good idea. He tells Migo that she thinks it is a good idea, but Migo says that Emmy told Steve that he doesn’t have to be different. Steve says that he is glad that he got rid of Andy, but Andy is there. Steve asks what he wants and Mr. Lunt says that he wants some French Toast and then he will go away. Fa’ad asks why Mr. Lunt gave his French Toast to Andy and Mr. Lunt says that for the same reason he was going to give it to Fa’ad, to make him leave. Fa’ad threatens that he will un-invite Mr. Lunt to his Casino Casba Party. He says that he has an Indian Choir to sing and clean up afterwards. Fa’ad tells Steve that Jack Grey, their old fraternity brother, is coming down. Steve is excited and says that it is going to be the best Casba night.

Mr. Lunt and Migo Jack-Proof the house and bubble wrap everything. Jack arrives and Steve asks what they want to start to drink first and Jack says that he doesn’t drink anymore. Steve thinks that he is joking, but he is telling the truth. Meanwhile, Emmy comes back from the theater and Migo tells that Steve’s wild friend, Jack, is there and they are going to get drunk and crazy. Emmy meets up with Steve and Jack and offers to drink with them. Steve tells Emmy that Jack is not a party animal anymore and Emmy laughs and thinks that it is not true and offers tea. They sit down and Emmy asks when he turned his life around and tries to get Jack to fall off the joke. However, the more he stays there and acts sober, the more Emmy starts to like him. Andy watches from the treehouse and wonders who he is.

Jack scoops rice to show that he is charitable as well and Emmy has a hard time trying to catch him in a lie. Later at a campfire, everyone gathers and Steve jumps out in a hockey mask and a machete. Mr. Lunt has a mild heart attack and when the paramedics come, Puddle says that the paramedics said that if it hadn’t been for Jack’s quick thinking, Mr. Lunt would have died. Steve says that paramedics are the stewardesses of the hospital. Fa’ad comes in and says that Jack is moving in on Emmy and that Jack needs to do something. Steve says that Jack would never do that because of the Code. However, they see Steve telling Emmy that he should teach her CPR sometime and she grabs her necklace and smiles. Steve begins to worry about Jack moving in on Emmy.

Jack and Emmy sit and talk and Fa’ad asks if she has seen his group of Indian Choir children. She says that she has not and decides to play along some more and says that Jack is great, still thinking that Jack is lying about being sober. Emmy finds Steve pretending to teach the group of Indian Choir children how to play football and Andy runs up to Emmy and Steve and tells Steve to stop the pretending. Jack comes up and starts speaking the children’s native language and Emmy runs off with Jack. Andy says that Jack is showing Steve up and Steve says that Andy can’t have any fun. Andy decides to show that he can have fun and invites Emmy to the tree house for some fun and she brings Jack. They get in the tree house and start to jump around, but it breaks. Jack saves the children that were inside and the police said that he saved their lives. Steve and Andy decide to team up to take Jack down.

Later at the party, Jack says that he doesn’t gamble and Steve tells the bartender to tempt Jack with beer. They keep them coming until he has about 20 drinks in front of him. Emmy wants to reveal Jack as a drunk and says that it is too bad he doesn’t drink because she would hook up with him if he did drink and walks to Steve. Both him and Andy are jealous and say that she smiled and twisted her necklace. However, Emmy says that she does that when she is lying. Realizing that they are trying to get Jack to drink, they run over and stop him from drinking any of the 20 drinks that they sent over. He thanks them for doing that for him and says that he hasn’t had sex for too long and people don’t want to hear about his sobriety. Emmy tells Steve that he and Andy could be friends now that Andy is drunk, but it doesn’t last and they have an old fashioned Casino fight. The episode ends.