Sabrina Claus - Recap

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With Christmas rapidly approaching, Sabrina is looking forward to the holiday with high levels of enthusiasm. As a result, she soon starts conjuring up items that have belonged to other people. Worried that something is wrong with her magic, Hilda and Zelda suggest she visit a psychiatrist from the Other Realm and after a visit from her inner child, Sabrina learns she has a bad case of egotitis.

When she returns home and looks at the presents under the tree, Sabrina becomes disheartened when the presents disappear as a result of her affliction. Hoping to help Sabrina get over her problem, Zelda and Hilda call in Bob to help out. When it looks like he’ll be able to help Sabrina out, Bob accidentally sprains his ankle. Sabrina promptly begins to panic when she finds out that Bob is really Santa Claus and won’t be able to work that night delivering presents around the world on Christmas Eve.

In order to save the Christmas holiday, Sabrina becomes determined to help Bob out and offers to take his duties over for the night, with the help of Salem. It is through the course of the night that Sabrina learns the true meaning of Christmas: it is better to give than to receive. Upon their arrival back home, Sabrina and Salem get many thanks from Bob for getting his job done while Zelda and Hilda get special presents from Santa for taking care of him during the night.