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Christmas Amnesia - Recap

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While the Spellman’s are decorating the house for Christmas, Sabrina begins acting like a scrooge, despite Hilda and Zelda’s attempts to get her into the Christmas spirit. When Sabrina gets an invitation to a hip party in the Other Realm on Christmas Eve, her aunts are hesitant to let her go, since they want spend the holiday with her.

After they agree to let Sabrina go to the party, she quickly sees that the guests are there to make fun of Christmas and decides to leave. However, before leaving the party, Sabrina becomes appalled when the host decides to make fun her aunts on television for having their Christmas dinner while wishing Sabrina was there and promptly turns off the screen before returning home.

Unfortunately for Sabrina, when she returns home she becomes panicked when she learns from Salem that she erased the holiday from the world’s memory. When she looks in her spell book to see if there is a way to make everybody remember how special the day is, Sabrina finds out that she has to track down Father Christmas to ask him to reinstate the holiday. It is only after her talk with him that Sabrina learns Christmas isn’t about the commercialism, but spending time with family that Christmas returns.