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Sabrina gets surprised when she finds out Roland returned to Westbridge, this time working as a leprechaun. When Roland tells Sabrina that she has been granted 3 wishes, she decides to use one to turn a depressed Salem into a human for a day. At first her intentions are innocent enough, but it doesn’t take long for Salem to return to his old ways. While this is going on, Hilda and Zelda begin planning a surprise party for Salem in an attempt to cheer him up; unaware that Salem is in the body of one of Sabrina’s friends. It is through the course of their party planning and Salem’s attempts of world domination that they are called before the Witch’s Council, where Salem finds out that he’ll have to spend 50 more years as a cat as a result of his actions.

Episode Info
Episode number: 3x17
Production Number: 068
Airdate: Friday February 19th, 1999

Director: Gary Halvorson
Writer: Nick Bakay

Guest Stars
Curtis AndersenCurtis Andersen
As Gordie
Henry GibsonHenry Gibson
As Witch Judge
Phil FondacaroPhil Fondacaro
As Roland the Troll
Glenn ShadixGlenn Shadix
As Caligula
Jim WiseJim Wise
As Brady
Mary Ann MobleyMary Ann Mobley
As Herself
Episode Quotes
Sabrina: (To herself after a rainbow appears in her room) Oh a rainbow, I hope that doesn’t stain.
Roland: (Falling off the rainbow) Faith and begorra! It’s your lover-boy.
Sabrina: Roland, what’s with the brogue?
Roland: It’s part of my new job. You know, after a lot of therapy, I’ve finally figured out why you and I never clicked.
Sabrina: Your personality?
Roland: No! You’re shallow. So I needed a glamorous job to impress you. So say hello to your dream date leprechaun Roland! Erin Gobragh!
Sabrina: Erin go back! Roland how can I put this without hurting your feelings? You sicken me!
Roland: Here, let’s take it slow. We have the rest of our lives to love each other. Hey, do ya wanna give me a leg-up here? (She moves to help him onto the rainbow, and notices how much Roland is enjoying himself)
Sabrina: Roland, you’re not helping. In fact I think you’re enjoying this.
Roland: Like you’re not? (Roland gives her a look and heads for the linen closet)
Sabrina: Where are you going?
Roland: I’ll use the linen closet. Boy, you’re sounding like a ball-and-chain already.

Roland: I'll take that thank you.
Sabrina: (After Roland grabs her backpack) Hey! (Rushing after him)
Roland: Oh-no! You’ve caught me!
Sabrina: Oh hey, I’ve caught a leprechaun, don’t I get a pot of gold?... and my book-bag! (Pulling it out of Roland's hands)
Roland: We don’t do gold anymore, but you do get these coupons. Redeemable for three wishes.
Sabrina: (Taking the coupons from him) Great! Well I know what my first one will be. (Pulling a coupon out of the booklet) I wish Roland would go away.
Roland: (As he is fading away) But honey...

Witch Judge: Silence! The trials begin. Now, who smuggled this miscreant into the mortal realm? (Talking about Caligula)
Zelda: We didn't!
Hilda: He stowed away.
Witch Judge: Is this true?
Caligula: Maybe, but your honor, speaking man to man, they wanted me.

Salem: (Sobbing) Another fifty years as a cat! By the time I work off this extra time I’ll be an old man.
Zelda: Oh, many people are vital in their later years. Look at John Glenn.
Salem: You look at him.
Hilda: Well you really should thank Roland for talking you into turning yourself in.
Roland: Oh, no thanks needed. I did it for the love of a good woman.
Sabrina: Oh, so you met someone?
Roland: You don’t like the leprechaun thing do ya? That’s why I start an exciting new job on Monday.
Salem: Organ donor?
Roland: Bounty hunter. So let’s just hope next time we meet it’s not because there’s a price on your head, pretty lady. (Gesturing to Sabrina, he vanishes)
Sabrina: Well I’m tired, I’m gonna bed. I’m sorry I made you guys stand trial, I was just tryin’ to give Salem a nice present.
Zelda: Oh, apology accepted. We’re proud that you took responsibility for your actions.
Hilda: Now for the bad news, because of the time change from ancient Rome, it’s time for you to go to school.
Sabrina: What?! The sleep I get in school is never as good as the sleep I get in a bed.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorNell Scovell
Executive ProducerNell Scovell
Co-Executive ProducerHolly Hester
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