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While playing tennis one day with Josh, Sabrina gets both annoyed and offended when she overhears him tell a friend that women can’t play tennis as well a men do. As a result, Sabrina decides to zap in Andy Roddick to help improve her game. After getting some pointers from him, Sabrina then drinks a magical potion that helps her become more competitive. The potion helps for a little while, but when her competitive attitude becomes so bad; her face becomes revolting to look at. With the help of Salem, Sabrina is able to reverse the effects of the “Competitive Ade” and return to normal. Elsewhere, Hilda and Zelda get a surprise when they find out they have to help Amanda pass the test for her Witch’s License.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 6x17
Production Number: 136
Airdate: Friday April 05th, 2002

Director: Kenneth R. Koch
Writer: Ruth Bennett

Special Guest Stars
Andy RoddickAndy Roddick
As Himself

Guest Stars
Emily HartEmily Hart
As Amanda
Timothy OmanTimothy Oman
As Sigmund Frued
Kevin MoonKevin Moon
voiced T.V. Announcer
Michael DempseyMichael Dempsey
As Cable Guy
ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
No DoubtHey Baby 

Episode Quotes
Sabrina: Hey, your favorite college girls come to see you.
Hilda: Felicity’s here?
Sabrina: (Gives Hilda a dirty look while handing Zelda the mail) I just came to get my tennis racket. Josh and I are gonna go play.
Hilda: I didn’t know you still played tennis?
Sabrina: Well I haven’t done it in a while but I figure I’ll get right back in the swing of it. (She goes to the closet and returns to her aunts in the living room)
Zelda: Oh look. It’s a letter from your cousin Amanda’s school and it’s marked urgent. (She puts the envelope on the coffee table) No sense opening all our mail in one day.
Sabrina: (Picking up the letter) Hey, Amanda’s not as bad as she used to be. Besides, maybe her school’s giving her an award or something. (She opens the envelope and Amanda magically gets out of it)
Amanda: No award, but I was first in my class to mail myself first class.
Sabrina: Next time, you might want to get all the stamps on the envelope. (Rips the stamps off of Amanda's forehead)
Amanda: Aw!
Hilda: Just out of curiosity, what the heck are you doing here in the middle of a school week?
Amanda: I need help studying for my Witches License. If I flunk this test I’ll lose my magic powers. Please will you help me?
Zelda: (Ignoring Hilda's negative expression) Okay, we’d be happy to tutor you but be forewarned, our witches training program is very intense.
Sabrina: Yes, their lessons on hex education are not for the squeamish.
Hilda: That’s because we’re very thorough. We made sure that Sabrina knew that the exact angle when pointing is forty-five degrees.
Zelda: Actually it’s forty-seven.
Hilda: No, it’s forty-five.
Zelda: Forty-seven.
Hilda: Forty-five.
Sabrina: Let’s call it forty-six. Better yet, let’s call it a day. Gotta go.

Sabrina: Oh there’s nothing like a cup of coffee after mopping the floor with a couple of losers!
Geri: Look at them, they can barely walk.
Josh: Hey you know, it’s one thing to win, it’s another thing to rub it in our faces.
Sabrina: Hey, you can rub it in our faces if you beat us at... bowling! (Laughs) As if!
Geri: We love to bowl, don’t we Ben.
Ben: Forget it, I’m not bowling with you. I not playing any more sports with you.
Geri: Oh you’re just upset because you hate that I beat you. But I love that I beat you and I owe it all to Sabrina.
Sabrina: Hey, we rocked, girl!
Geri: We sure did, girl! (They high-five) Even if a certain big baby is too selfish to admit it.
Ben: Well you don’t have to worry about me being selfish anymore, because I’m out o’ here. So long Geri. (He gets up to leave)
Josh: Dad!
Ben: No-no-no! This match brought out a side of your mother I’ve never even seen before! (To Sabrina) Thanks for letting me see the truth, Sabrina. (Sabrina and the others watch him leave)
Geri: (Calling after Ben) Good riddance to you, Ben!
Josh: Congratulations, Sabrina. You just split up Ben and Geri!

Episode Goofs
Several times on the tennis court, Andy tells Sabrina that "this isn't Wimbledon," that he "should get back to Wimbledon now" or “is there any chance you’d play mixed doubles with me at Wimbledon?” It would not be possible for Andy to be playing in that particular Grand Slam at that time since this episode aired in April and The Wimbledon Championships don't occur until the end of June.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorNell Scovell
Executive ProducerNell Scovell
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