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Final: 4x41 -- Season 5, Episode 1

Tracey MooreTracey Moore
voiced Serena Tsukino/Sailor Moon eps 1-11, 13, 21
Terri HawkesTerri Hawkes
voiced Serena Tsukino/Sailor Moon (2) eps 12, 14-20, 22-40
Linda BallantyneLinda Ballantyne
voiced Serena Tsukino/Sailor Moon (3)
Linda BallantyneLinda Ballantyne
voiced Serena Tsukino/Sailor Moon (3)
Jill FrappierJill Frappier
voiced Luna
Ron RubinRon Rubin
voiced Artemis
Ron RubinRon Rubin
voiced Artemis
Rino RomanoRino Romano
voiced Darien/Tuxedo Mask (1)
Vincent CorazzaVincent Corazza
voiced Darien Chiba/Tuxedo Mask(3); Alan Granger
Vincent CorazzaVincent Corazza
voiced Darien Chiba/Tuxedo Mask(3); Alan Granger


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4x31: Pegasus Revealed recap: Rini is jealous of Serena and she wants to be an adult too. When the moon Duo battle against ParaPara and her remlus, ParaPara decides to grant their wishes and switches their ages. Serena is now 10 years old and Rini is now 15. It seems harmles enough, but when Mini Moon tries to call Pegasus, and he doesnt answer her call, its trouble.
that night Rini has a dream of the crystal forest again. She sees several caruosell horses, but when she touches them they turn to ash. When Pegasus comes to her, he lets her ride him. While they fly, Pegasus tells Rini about his kingdome, Elision, and how Queen Nehelenia wants the golden crystal. He also tells her that he couldnt find her when she obtained her dream falsly, which is why he didnt come to their aid. Pegasus then nuzzles Rini and doing so, he turns into a beautiful boy with a golden horn. He tells her his real name, Helios.
When Rini wakes up, she and Serena are in normal propotions (Serena being strangled by Rini's pjs... read more.

recap: Serena has a nightmare that the silver crystal has lost its power and hshe cant transform anymore. In the meantime, she finds a little girl taking care of hundrends of kitties, so she goes and tries to get the other girls to adopt some. Soon, thelittle girl is targeted, and as soon as she completes her cat puzzle she gets attacked. Serena and Darien are on the scene so they transform to help, only Serena canttransform. She collapses, and as Darien helps her back up, they are instantly transported to the Moon Kingdome, where Serena gets a new locket and a new staff, created by their love. Serena transforms and saves the girl with her new power. Later the girls are talking about the ysterious Sailor Scouts, who for the second time bailed them out, while Serena still tries to get the girls to adopt some kitties... read more.

1x40: Day of Destiny recap: THe scouts go to where Luna and Artemis found the base. But during their trck, one by one the scouts are captured by Beryl's Doom and Gloom girls, fooled by illusions. Soon only Sailor Moon is left and she gets brought to Beryls lair. There Darien abmushes her and tries to kill her. Sailor Moon tries desperatly to cure him, but nothing works. She tries one more thing: the star locket he gave her. The music seems to entrance Darien and Sailor Moon tells him to touch the locket. Doing so heals his heart and he's back to the good side. Beryl strikes at them and Darien protects Sailor moon with a rose, which embeds in Beryl. Darien tells Sailor moon good luck with her battle and passes out. The Negaforce fuses with Beryl and She, giant sized faces off with Princess Serena. Princess Serena calls forth her friends and together they destroy the evil queen. Serena makes one last wish to be a normal teenager... read more.

recap: Zoicite calls Darien, thru his tv saying she knows his identity and wants to duke it own for the ownership of their crystals. Darien goes to the meeting place and runs into Serena on the way. Serena notes his odd behavior and follows him. They both end up getting cought in a trap. Zoicite takes both sets of crystals and tells them to go to the roof. Then sets the room to collapse on them.
In the elevator Darien tells Serena why he wants the Silver crystal: to restore his lost memories. Zoicite sends a fireball down on the two of them and Serena has no choice but to transform in front of Darien, in order to save them both.
Darein consecutivly transforms into Tuxedo Mask. Zoicite then fires a crystal at them, which goes thru Tuxedo's back. Sailor Moon cries over him and her ehart calls for the rainbow crystals.
The others arrive just intime to see Sailor moon transform into The Moon Princess and the Silver Crystal merging with the moon wand.. read more.

Executive Producer: Howard Stevens
Producer: Louise Hurtubise
Co-Producer: Lisa Lumby
Consulting Producer: Fred Ladd
Associate Producer: Nicole Thuault
Editor: Gary Plaxton, Mycheline Tremblay
Casting: Nicole Thuault, Trish Dynes
Music: Bob Summers (1), Michael Benghiat

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Recurring Guests

David Fraser as Grampa Hino (5 eps)
Barbara Radecki as Voice of Mrs. Tsukino and Queen Serenity (4 eps)
Roland Parliament as Voice of Melvin (4 eps)
Mary Long as Voice of Molly (3 eps)
Sabrina Grdevich as Sailor Pluto (3 eps)
Jeff Lumby as Teacher (3 eps)
Kirsten Bishop as Lady Badiyanu (2 eps)

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