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Sailor V Makes the Scene - Recap

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Theres a new scout in town. She looks like sailor Moon, and sorta sounds like her, but she is much more agile than the original. Darien wants to see who she is, as do the scouts. They go to a construction site where she is held aptive of Malichite. Tuxedo mask saves her, only to have a glass spear thru his shoulder. The fake is really Zoicite!. She then throws a whrilwind of cherry blossoms in his face to unmask him. Beryl seems to recogmize him. Then just as Zoicite corneers him to finish him off, a strange attack stops her! A blonde haired masked scout buys Tuxedo some time to escape.
Meanwhile the scouts were ambushed by Malichite and are in a tight situation. He has them cought in a black dome forcefeild that is getting smaller and smaller. Tuxedo Mask offers his crystals in order to save them. But yet again the yellow beam attack cuts Malichites hands disrupting his power.
Malichite and Zoicite soon flee and the girls marvel at the new scout.