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A Crystal Clear Destiny - Recap

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Zoicite calls Darien, thru his tv saying she knows his identity and wants to duke it own for the ownership of their crystals. Darien goes to the meeting place and runs into Serena on the way. Serena notes his odd behavior and follows him. They both end up getting cought in a trap. Zoicite takes both sets of crystals and tells them to go to the roof. Then sets the room to collapse on them.
In the elevator Darien tells Serena why he wants the Silver crystal: to restore his lost memories. Zoicite sends a fireball down on the two of them and Serena has no choice but to transform in front of Darien, in order to save them both.
Darein consecutivly transforms into Tuxedo Mask. Zoicite then fires a crystal at them, which goes thru Tuxedo's back. Sailor Moon cries over him and her ehart calls for the rainbow crystals.
The others arrive just intime to see Sailor moon transform into The Moon Princess and the Silver Crystal merging with the moon wand