Day of Destiny - Recap

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THe scouts go to where Luna and Artemis found the base. But during their trck, one by one the scouts are captured by Beryl's Doom and Gloom girls, fooled by illusions. Soon only Sailor Moon is left and she gets brought to Beryls lair. There Darien abmushes her and tries to kill her. Sailor Moon tries desperatly to cure him, but nothing works. She tries one more thing: the star locket he gave her. The music seems to entrance Darien and Sailor Moon tells him to touch the locket. Doing so heals his heart and he's back to the good side. Beryl strikes at them and Darien protects Sailor moon with a rose, which embeds in Beryl. Darien tells Sailor moon good luck with her battle and passes out. The Negaforce fuses with Beryl and She, giant sized faces off with Princess Serena. Princess Serena calls forth her friends and together they destroy the evil queen. Serena makes one last wish to be a normal teenager.