Pegasus Revealed - Recap

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Rini is jealous of Serena and she wants to be an adult too. When the moon Duo battle against ParaPara and her remlus, ParaPara decides to grant their wishes and switches their ages. Serena is now 10 years old and Rini is now 15. It seems harmles enough, but when Mini Moon tries to call Pegasus, and he doesnt answer her call, its trouble.
that night Rini has a dream of the crystal forest again. She sees several caruosell horses, but when she touches them they turn to ash. When Pegasus comes to her, he lets her ride him. While they fly, Pegasus tells Rini about his kingdome, Elision, and how Queen Nehelenia wants the golden crystal. He also tells her that he couldnt find her when she obtained her dream falsly, which is why he didnt come to their aid. Pegasus then nuzzles Rini and doing so, he turns into a beautiful boy with a golden horn. He tells her his real name, Helios.
When Rini wakes up, she and Serena are in normal propotions (Serena being strangled by Rini's pjs.