Sailor Moon

Show FAQ
Why don\\\'t the enemies attack when the scouts transform or power up their attacks?
Techinically speaking, the transformations are instantanious.
What is that building that looks exactly like the Eiffel Tower?
That is the Tokyo Radio Tower. It sends and receives signals. In all Japanese anime, important events happen at it, or something else. For example, Kaorinight\'s death happened there and in Cardcaptors, Sakura\'s Final Judgement happened there. In Medabots \'Metabee\'s Last Stand\', the tower was totalled! Also a major battle in Rayearth happened there. So in some anime something always happens to that tower.
Why doesn\'t anyone recognize the scouts in either form? (ie Sailor Moon vs Serena)
According to Ken Arromdee, the webmaster of a fan site, the Sailors are most likely magically immune to being recognized. But sometimes once you know them, you can see the resemblence.
There is a scout for every planet, is there a Sailor Earth?
What is that building that looks like the Eiffel Tower?
Why doesn\'t Rini look a thing like her parents ie red eyes and pink hair?
In my (sailoryue\'s) own personal opinion, she may have been born during a total lunar eclipse. The red glow of the Moon may have effected her greatly.
What happened to Sailor Pluto at the end of S, after she stopped time?
What happened is that it was taboo for a guardian of time to stop time, even though she could. She was supposedly killed for this. But when she returns in Stars, she will no longer be guardian of time.
What do the symbols on Raye\'s parchment mean? What about when she does \'Celestial fire?
The symbols on the parchment mean Akuryo Taisan, or loosly translated: \'Evil spirits begone\'. The symbols behind Mars when she does \"Celestial fire I believe\" mean, Sun, Moon, Star, Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Love.
Why does Fiore (R movie) look so much like Ann and Alan from the Doom Tree Saga?
That\'s because it\'s possible he\'s from the same race. During the Tree of Life\'s travels, he may have become too weak for her to support him, or he may have been one to go on his own, or taken by a sibling and left alone.