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Season 2

16 :02x01 - So I Think I Can Dance

Samantha and her mother team up for a dance competition in hopes of beating Regina's enemy, Paula Drake. However, the two soon find that "old" Sam could dance; "new" Sam clearly cannot. Meanwhile, Sam starts to enjoy her new life in her apartment, but Todd has trouble finding his own apartment.
Guest Stars: Rick Hoffman as Chapman | Cybill Shepherd as Paula Drake | Sarah Rafferty as Kayla | Mark Ballas as Mateo | Gregory Franklin as Announcer
Director: Wendey Stanzler
Songs: Pink Martini -- Lilly, Gabriella Cilmi -- Save The Lies

17 :02x02 - Out of Africa

Trying to find a new direction in life, Samantha decides to head to Africa in order to help the needy. However, her friends are sure she'll back out, especially after seeing the list of required vaccinations. To make everyone think she's out of the country, Sam must hide with Andrea and Dena.
Guest Stars: Ryan Carnes as Brent | Anthony Anderson as Rafael Grace
Writer: Donald Todd
Songs: Saving Jane -- Supergirl

18 :02x03 - The Pill

After Dr. Andy gives Samantha pills as part of a clinical trial to help people with memory loss, she begins to regain multiple memory fragments -- all reminding her of how bad she used to be. But she discovers one pleasant reminder from the past that could have changed her life forever.
Meanwhile, when Andrea and Dena are mistaken for a gay couple, Andrea tries to prove that she could hook up with a much hotter woman than Dena.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Tony Hale as Dr. Andy Adams | Rachel Cannon as Carol |
Co-Guest Stars: Tate Berney as Crying Child | Phoebe Dorin as Older Woman | Brian Phelan as Cute Guy
Director: Peter Lauer
Songs: Melody Gardot -- Sweet Memory

19 :02x04 - The Building

In need of money, Samantha agrees to go into the real estate business with Regina. However, her first client, Owen, could end up taking her off her new path of morality. Meanwhile, Andrea tries to seduce Seth, Todd's friend, in order to get the phone number of a professional basketball player.
Guest Stars: James Tupper as Owen | Stephen Rannazzisi as Seth
Writer: Jim Reynolds

20 :02x05 - Help!

Samantha is arrested after having a run-in with a cop. While completing her community service, she meets Natalie, a troubled young woman, and takes it upon herself to help Natalie turn her life around. Meanwhile, despite Todd telling Howard he and Sam are just friend, Howard gives him advice on how to get her back.
Guest Stars: Mary-Kate Olsen as Natalie | Rick Hoffman as Chapman |
Co-Guest Stars: Roxana Ortega as Allison
Writer: Pamela Ribon
Songs: The Pretenders -- Back on the Chain Gang, Black Kids -- Listen to Your Body Tonight

21 :02x06 - The Ex

Sam tells her current boyfriend that she is living with her ex-boyfriend, but Sam finds out that Owen's best friend is his ex-girlfriend, Willow.Confusing?, Wait it gets better...Willow has feelings for Todd and Sam is now jealous and is asking herself which guy does she want?
Meanwhile, in order to get the date with the hunky pro-basketball player, Andrea tries her best to shoot a flattering picture of herself, yeah right...tune in and find out what happens.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: James Tupper as Owen | Stephen Rannazzisi as Seth | Eliza Coupe as Willow |
Co-Guest Stars: Dimitri Lekkos as Guy #1 | Troy Dudley as Guy #2

22 :02x07 - The Farm

Sam's decision to invite Owen to dinner with her parents goes awry when Owen's thoughts about chicken farms hits Howard the wrong way. Meanwhile, Dena, worried Chase isn't spending enough time with her, sits in on one of his meetings; and Todd enjoys having the apartment to himself.
Guest Stars: Rick Hoffman as Chase Chapman | James Tupper as Owen | Dana Sorman as Jerri

23 :02x08 - The Park

Samantha tries to be an environmentalist in order to impress Owen. Meanwhile, Andrea learns she's not on pro-basketball player Tony Danes' radar.
Guest Stars: James Tupper as Owen | Eliza Coupe as Willow | Andre Ware as Mac Fresh | Stephen Rannazzisi as Seth |
Co-Guest Stars: Annette M. Lesure as Waitress
Writer: Bob Kushell

24 :02x09 - The Family Vacation

After getting her heart broken, Sam goes on vacation a family vacation with Andrea and Dena tagging along. While staying at a lodge, Sam must resist reconnecting with Brad, the lodge owner.
Guest Stars: Teddy Sears as Brad | Marsh Mokhtari as Mike
Director: Paul Lazarus
Writer: Jim Reynolds

25 :02x10 - My Best Friend's Boyfriend

Sam and Todd go on a double date with Andrea and Tony Dane, but when Todd makes a discovery about Tony, Sam tries to interfere in order to keep Andrea from getting hurt. Meanwhile, Dena goes to Regina for help when she gets an online pen pal and worries that Chase will be jealous.
Guest Stars: McKinley Freeman as Tony Dane | Stephen Rannazzisi as Seth

26 :02x11 - The Dog

Sam feels like she wants to have a child, and borrows Dena's dog to see if she can be nurturing enough to take care of a baby. When Howard's late step-brother leaves him a plane in his will, Regina decides to take flying lessons. Andrea goes on another date with basketball star Tony Dane.
Guest Stars: Barry Finkel as Funeral Director | Laurie Naughton as Mother | Cooper Thornton as Instructor | Mary Alice Kania as Waitress
Director: Paul Lazarus
Writer: Pamela Ribon
Songs: Nada Surf -- Always Love

27 :02x12 - The Amazing Racist

A series of misunderstandings has Sam believing she must improve her friendship with Frank. Andrea fears she will no longer receive the perks she has now from dating a basketball player now that he has been outed as gay.
Guest Stars: Rebecca Wisocky as Lindsey | Stephen Rannazzisi as Seth | Stefan Marks as Detective Harp | Ty Barnett as Guy (Mugger) | Karlton Johnson as Policeman | Michael Crider as Roth | Tara Ochs as Waitress | Ken Rudulph as Reporter
Director: Jason Winer

28 :02x13 - The Debt

Sam's ex-boss, billionaire Winston Funk, may help her out of a crisis when she looses all her money in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Dena and Andrea both ask favors of each other.
Guest Stars: Billy Zane as Winston Funk | James Patrick Stuart as Bill Jacobs | Brent Tarnol as Jason
Writer: Jim Reynolds

29 :02x14 - The Rock Star

Sam is willing to give Todd a second chance and offers him a "first date," but Todd won't trust Winston Funk, who has been wanting Sam o continue the affair they had before her accident. Meanwhile, Andrea goes on a reality show concerning celebrity weddings while planning her big day when she plans to wed gay basketball star Tony Dane.
Special Guest Stars: John Taylor as Tommy Wylder |
Guest Stars: Greg Cipes as Street Musician |
Co-Guest Stars: Terryn Westbrook as Female Fan #1 | Kathryn J. Taylor as Female Fan #2 | Susie Geiser as Woman | David Douglas as Barista | Amanda Collier as 13 year old Sam | Miranda May as 13 year old Dena

30 :02x15 - Todd's Job

Sam fears she may have cost Todd a career in photography as her old self, so she tries to make it up to him by sabotaging the work of his competition at a local newspaper. Meanwhile, in order to continue her Real Estate partnership with Sam, Regina puts Dena's home on the market...without telling Dena.
Guest Stars: Billy Zane as Winston Funk | Angie Harmon as Gigi | Rick Hoffman as Chase Chapman | McKinley Freeman as Tony Dane | Adam DeVine as Tyler | Bree Condon as Mickey

31 :02x16 - The Sister

Samantha's stunned to find out she has an aunt and a grandmother, both which have never been mentioned due to their longstanding family feud over an heirloom.

32 :02x17 - The Dream Job

Sam becomes the head of the charity foundation for Winston Funk and hires Andrea as her vice president of legal affairs. She soon regrets this idea when Andrea shirks her duties in favor of planning her wedding.
Guest Stars: Abdoulaye N'Gom as African Methodist Minister

33 :02x18 - The First Date

Sam decides to give Todd a second chance by going out with him on another "first date," but Todd doesn't trust Winston Funk, believing her trying to Sam to continue the affair they were having before the accident. Meanwhile, Andrea appears on a reality TV series about celebrity weddings, along with her gay basketball star Tony Dane.

34 :02x19 - The Other Woman

Sam discovers that one person who played an important role in her life before the accident is Winston Funk's ex-wife. Meanwhile, Andrea attempts to seduce her gay fiance.

35 :02x20 - With This Ring

The series ends with Andrea's wedding, along with Sam deciding between Winston Funk or Todd. Meanwhile, Regina and Howard realize that their paths are moving in different directions.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 15, 2007
Ended: July 23, 2009
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