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Hero II: Broken Arrow - Recap

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Will thinks breakfast may not be the best time for salted cod, but
Bigfoot begs to differ. He thinks Will needs to expand his horizons. The
conversation is cut short when Bigfoot hears something in the catacombs.
An old machine is operating independently. Will asks what it is, and
Bigfoot tells him they should show the boss. They bring it to Helen. she
says it's been a very long time since she's seen such a thing. It's an
auto-type, one of only five that were created. She convinced the
inventor to give it to The Office of Strategic Services. Without it,
the war could have ended very differently. Will had heard rumors about
it, but did not believe it was real. Helen says that it transmits and
receives a fluctuating electro-magnetic frequency that can't be
intercepted. This machine is the only survivor. But if that's the
case, who is it communicating with? Helen tells will the messages
coming from the one man who knew of its existence, the inventor of the
device itself. The paper Helen had inserted comes out, spelling "SOS".
They've received a distress call from NiKola Tesla.

Will questions why he has used such a unique means of contacting them.
Helen says it's because he's obviously got very few options at this
point. She asks Henry if he can track the origin of the signal and he
says yes. Helen tells Will and Henry they'll be joining her to go
rescue him. Will doesn't believe he's in any danger. In fact, this
could be a trap. Will agrees to accompany her but stresses that Tesla
always has a hidden agenda. After the elevator doors close on Will,
Magnus murmurs "that's what makes him so interesting".

Bigfoot is watching a in a show on paranormal activity when Kate arrives
home, talking a mile a minute about what a day she's had. She asks
where everybody went and he tells her Cartagena. She asks if they
needed her as well, but he says they did not mention that. She wants to
know what he's watching on the computer, because she saw him hit the
panic button when she walked in. He shows her the DVD cover for
"Operation Paranormal", and she squeals with glee. She says they should
go watch it in the media room. Bigfoot refuses at first, but then
decides he can just as easily do the dusting tomorrow.

In the Colombian Highlands, Magnus asks Henry how close they are. It's
about another 50 meters straight down. Henry says the mountains are
Swiss cheesed with caverns. He hopes they brought their headlamps.
Actually he knows they did, because he packed them himself. When they
arrive on the cavern floor, Will makes another smart remark. Helen does
not disagree with them, but instead tells both Henry and Will to stay on
their toes.

Kate and Bigfoot settle in to watch the season for Halloween special.
They fall asleep, and Bigfoot is awakened by the news report that a
local parish priest, Nathaniel Jensen, has been murdered. He was found
dead after he apparently interrupted a burglary inside his own church.
He had been with that same parish since 1949. Bigfoot excuses himself
and leaves. Kate wakes up at the tail end of the news report.

In the caverns, there are rope-like substances hanging about. They are
neither vegetative nor the structure of spider silk. Helen says it's
more like a protein with a hollow center. Henry asks if it's like hair,
and she says yes, or maybe veins. Will does not find that comforting.
She tells him to rein in his fears, and they continue.

Bigfoot is observing the crime scene. He appears deeply saddened, and
remembers his arrival in 1951. Father Jensen found him wounded, and
offered him aid. The father can see that not only is he not human, but
also that he is in severe distress. He offers him sanctuary. Kate
finds him, and offers sympathy. Bigfoot tells her that the priest
helped abnormals, even though it placed him at great risk. Kate thinks
he sounds like a great guy, but Big says he was more than that. He was
a friend. He didn't deserve this. They overhear a detective say that
the suspect is one Denny Stefano.

The team in the cavern find Tesla. He is suspended in the rope-like
substances. Helen asks how long he had been there, and he says nine
days 7 hours and he wishes he'd stopped counting, but it's not in his
nature. Will says it's going to take a while to get him down because
the substance is very strong. Tesla says they don't have long, as the
creatures who created the substance are quite unpleasant. Henry goes to
work cutting through the restraints. As he does so, Tesla hits on
Helen. That creatures responsible have arrived. They are some insect
mutation. The guns are getting them nowhere, so Helen tells Henry to
switch to stunners. They're pretty small, and hard to hit. Helen aims
the men at the exit, and holds off the creatures as they run out. They
shoot down some rock in the hope of buying themselves some time.

While Henry and Will go to look for an exit, Helen asks Tesla what
exactly he was doing in the caverns. He refuses to answer on the
grounds that it did not work out. She tells him to get his strength
back. Tesla clasps her hand and says thank you.

Bigfoot finds Danny Stefano and confronts him about the murder of the
priest. Denny is adamant that he did not do it, and he is being setup.

Helen says the creatures resemble subterranean centipedes but with
significant differences. The primary difference is the fact that they
attacked as a team, which is a higher level of mentality than their kind
would normally exhibit. The team wonders why they were attacked, yet the
creatures tried to keep Tesla alive. He thinks maybe he tastes better.
Helen demands he spill it, and he finally does. He asks if they've
noticed the high concentration of iron and the caverns. The truth is,
they have the highest concentration of natural lode stone in the western
hemisphere. Tesla has magnetic powers, and he's just looking for a way
back on top. He hardly thinks that being a living magnet is comparable
to being heir to the greatest race in all of history. So he's just
looking for a way to turn this pointless ability into something
extraordinary. Henry says that Tesla went after the most powerful
natural magnetic substance in the world. It makes sense, in an evil way.
Tesla thinks they should stop with the value judgments. Will is unamused
at being used to get Tesla out of a bad situation that he never
should've gotten into in the first place. Tesla and Will are trading
verbal shots when Magnus interrupts. They need to get moving.

As they lag behind, Henry asks Tesla about the message he sent out.
Tesla exhibits a high level of intellectual snobbery when he tells Henry
to stop trying before he hurts himself. Tesla catches up to Will and
Helen. They have found an area that is concrete reinforced. Tesla's
eyes light up, and Helen comments. She knows that look. He says maybe
this trip hasn't been a complete waste after all. Helen finally admits
that Will was right.

The team winds up in an unmarked bunker under the Andes. Helen
confronts Nikola again. She thinks that not only did he know about this
place all along, but it was probably his real reason for coming here.
When he finally agrees to talk, he's interrupted by the arrival of the
creatures. Tesla uses his powers to close the door of the bunker on the
creatures. After the door closes, you can hear all their little bodies
pinging against it. As he was saying before he was so rudely
interrupted, they are standing in the wreckage of a laboratory which
belong to their old nemesis, the Cabal.

As they scope the place out, Henry announces that the bad guys were
doing some seriously secret work. Helen says that would explain Tesla's
interest in the place and he says yes, it does. Will guess is the place
has been unoccupied for probably at least a year. And judging by the
way it was methodically taken apart he guesses it was a sort of 'scorch
the earth' operation. Henry quietly fumes as it is blatantly obvious
that Tesla knew the lab was above him and used it to send the signal.
Helen asks Henry to try to raise some power and selvage any security
systems that he can. Before leaving he tells Tesla that he is a cold man.

Will observes that subterranean monster-making would be right up the
Cabal's alley. Helen reminds Tesla that these people were carrying out
nothing but the most egregious, unethical research on abnormals. So
what could Tesla possibly want from the lab? When he remained silent
Helen demands Tesla answer her. Instead, he states that he wants his
life back. He's embarrassed that he had to send Morse code and accept
help from these chumps; he feels like a "human, with benefits".

Henry restores power to the lab so they can find out what the creatures
are about.

Bigfoot has Stefano in protective custody. Tate thinks maybe he's
playing Bigfoot, but Big says no. The fear on him is too strong. The
powers of deductive reasoning tell her that the real killer is one of
the cops. They think that the detective who announced Stefano is guilty
actually killed the priest himself. It's even possible he is an
abnormal. Father Jensen would've tried to help him, and gotten killed
for his troubles. Bigfoot is going to bring him in.

Henry and Tesla work together to get the boot sector live and the
directories coming online. There are a lot of corrupted files, but he
was able to access the security protocols and blueprints. When Will
tells Henry he did a good job, Tesla takes offense. There's a last
drive that Tesla is claiming he can't defrag. Henry presses him to try
again, and Tesla ignores him. Henry pushes for his attention, and Tesla
says he is trying, but he needs a moment. When Helen asks what he's
doing, it becomes apparent that he had already defragged it, and was
going after certain information. The source blood. It was used on
Helen's daughter. She erupts in anger, calling Tesla a selfish bastard.
She asks if Ashley was there. Henry says he can find out and Tesla
agrees, but she interrupts and tells him he's done enough damage.

Henry announces that Ashley wasn't there. This is a bio-chem lab. And
the source blood? Was here. Past-tense. It was destroyed along with
everything else in the blast. Helen wants to leave. Will says that if
the source blood was destroyed, then some of it could have seeped into
the ground and attached itself to the mineral content in the rock, from
thence affecting the creatures. Tesla posits that maybe he was left
alone because of the matching blood type. It soon becomes obvious that
the reason the insects were so angry with them is because they're in the

Henry says there is still some fuel in the tanks beneath them. It was
not all used in the self-destruct, and they may be able to use the
remainder to destroy the nest. He could rig a secondary detonation.
Will says that presumes they can get past the killer bugs right outside
the door. Tesla weighs in. He thinks they may be acting in haste. Helen
begs to differ, as if the nest hatches, those creatures will burrow over
a massive radius, laying new eggs and destroying the entire continent.
What about containment? They're not equipped for it. Helen tries to get
through to Tesla. These creatures are not naturally evolved. They're
abominations, caused by the Cabal's recklessness. Tesla wants to extract
just a small amount of plasma from one of the pupae so he can make a
serum that will replicate the effects of the original source blood. As
Will and Henry tell him why this is REALLY not a good idea, he talks
over them. He is sure that he can figure it out, but Helen talks over
him. They are going to make sure that they destroy every trace of these
creatures. She will not see another Cabal, another Lazarus Virus,
another Ashley created in pursuit of source blood. She fully intends to
blow the nest, and if Tesla interferes, they will take him out at the
same time.

Kate and Bigfoot use Stefano as bait to find Father Jensen's killer.
Kate is becoming anxious, but Big tells her to call down. When O'Farrell
arrives, Kate turns to look at Big, but he's disappeared. O'Farrell
jumps out of his vehicle with his weapon aimed at Stefano, who promptly
drops to his knees with his hands behind his head. He pleads with
O'Farrell, telling him that he is not resisting arrest. O'Farrell says
yes. You are. Stefano starts reading himself his own rights in the
hopes that O'Farrell will see he is no threat. O'Farrell is visibly
losing control. He tells Stefano he is sorry. It's nothing personal.
As he is about to pull the trigger, Big jumps him. Kate arrives and
offers to help O'Farrell. He says they can't. He did what he had to
do. Big releases him. He crumbles to the ground, saying they don't
understand, they don't know what they've done, this is bigger than any
of them. He got everything he wanted. Big repeatedly asks who he's
talking about, but he doesn't answer. A hooded figure appears on the
bridge, and O'Farrell reacts in terror. O'Farrell says stop, and slumps
over, lifeless.

Henry has set the charges. They have 60 seconds to get out before the
place becomes a blazing inferno. They open the doors, and all the
creatures come skittering through, headed back to their nest. Henry hits
the button which gives them their 60 seconds to escape. As they head out
the door, Helen calls out for Nikola to follow. The creatures reverse
course, it and come after Helen. Nicola slices his hand and the blood
runs, drawing the attention of the creatures. Once they are back on his
side of the door, he uses his magnet power to put the door back in
place, telling Helen " speak well of me." There's only 12 seconds left,
so they have to run, leaving him behind. As all the creatures are
running up on him, Tesla says "never bore your audience." The explosion
transpires, and they are in the clear. They backtrack to check the nest,
and find Tesla survived.

As they leave the caverns, Will chats quietly with Helen. Tesla kept one
of the larvae, didn't he? She says yes. Is she going to let him get away
with it? She says no. But let him enjoy his moment. Will repeats "Every

Big meets the new priest, Father Clark. He tells Big that he and Father
Jensen used to correspond, and he knows much about Big. He will be there
for him, as Father Jensen was. Big tells him that where he comes from,
one who saves a life becomes a brother. Father Clark asks what happens
when one of his kind loses a brother. Big says that part of us dies with
him. Father Clark says farewell, and Big continues his mourning alone.

Helen tells Big she is so sorry for his loss. She went over O'Farrell's
autopsy results. He was 100% human, and under the influence of no drugs
of any kind. He died of a brain aneurysm, pure and simple. Big said
someone or something made him kill. O'Farrell's family was being held
prisoner. He had said he had no choice, because he was being coerced.
They don't know by whom.

"Father Clark" removes his glasses and collar and tosses them in the
dumpster. He puts his hood back up. He is the hooded creature that
terrorizes O'Farrell from the bridge.