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Breach - Recap

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The show began with Helen Magnus running in fear from a man like creature on a roof top, then she ran at it and took it with her off the roof in a terrifying punge.

A message was sent by an abnormal calling himself Frankie to be met by the team at an abandoned warehouse on the pretext of getting help from them. Helen, Will and Katy, armed and ready, showed up at the designated building, entering the dank dark warehouse through a door leading into a badly lit corridor. They called out to Frankie, asking him to show himself, saying they were there to help, etc. No one showed, so they went further into the corridor, seeing nothing and no one but darkness. They were preparing to leave, standing at the entrance door when Helen decided to make one more scan of the building just to see if Frankie was hiding there. She told Will and Kate to go on outside whilst she made that one last scan, which they did. When the scan showed nothing, she tried to open the door and could not, it was shut fast. She banged on the door, yelled very loudly, but nearby Kate and Will could not hear her, didn't even turn around and they walked out to the street. A now frightened Helen tried hard to break the window in the door, but the glass would not break. She walked back further into the building and tried to break more windows, try other doors, nothing worked. She found a small window with a broken pane and yelled through it, but no one came to her rescue. Suddenly, a man like creature wrapped all in thick material with a gas mask on appeared in front of her, short and powerful, and began kicking and beating her with a metal pole. She was stunned and then began to fight back, kicking and screaming in fear and anger. The man creature disappeared into a sort of portal, perhaps a time-space or teleportation portal. What was that all about, Helen wondered? She sat down to assess her injuries and think on the situation.

As she moved through the building, trying to think on who would want to harm her, why was she in this terrible situation, she was repeatedly accosted by the same man creature who spoke to her on one occasion when she asked it how do you know me? It said, how indeed, leaving her most puzzled! It had a British accent like herself. Was it someone she had fought in the past? Yes, it turned out to be Mr Jekyll whom she had killed at least a century before because his other personality, Mr. Hyde, had tried to kill her, but she had shoved him off a high cliff. How had he come back to life? Life has many mysteries, he said, as he tried once more to kill her by hitting her with that hated metal spike. He was not successful and she responded in kind by firing a gun at him upon which he promptly vanished. In one of their struggles, she accidentally broke a pipe and stayed there when he appeared again. The cascading water kept him from seeing her which she picked up on and made a chalk sketch on a nearby wall of the places he had appeared to her in the building. Once she knew that, she began to plan how best to trap and bind him until she could figure out what this was all about, how he had come back to life.

His name was Adam and Helen had killed him and his daughter long ago and had thought that was the end of them. Somehow, he had been brought back to life and she meant to find out how. He appeared to her once more and told her that he had been to the hollow earth shown to her and her team mates at the Sanctuary and that he had a message from her father, Gregory, but he would not tell her until his own wants were satisfied. She apologized for killing him and he didn't take it lightly, still had much anger toward her, but he had his own purposes for wanting to get back to hollow earth, that he knew the keystones to the hologram city. Would he help Helen? That remained to be seen. He himself could not enter the rift because he was injured but if Helen were to get the keystones from him, she could go. He attacked her again and then portaled away. She soaked material in something and wrapped it round herself and climbed to the roof top, hoping that he would follow her, which he did. Gathering her courage, she came out of her hiding place and ran at Adam, grabbing him to her and falling off the rooftop, thus resetting the time portal and bringing it back to when she and the team had entered the building. They fell very hard near a frozen in time Will and Kate who were totally oblivious to them until time caught up with them. Helen held fast to Adam and demanded to know the keystones to which he replied that he would not give them to her, that she needed him to get the hollow earth map from the hologram city and thus get to hollow earth, that he wanted to go there. Helen yelled at a very frightened and puzzled Kate and Will to help her pin down Adam and take him back to the Sanctuary which they did. Later, Will said that it appeared that Helen just dropped from the sky in front of them, what had happened? Helen explained what had happened and what Adam was, how she knew him from long ago and what lay ahead of the team. Helen asked Will and Kate to fetch Nikola Tesla from his work and when he appeared, she explained that they had to go to the hollow earth once the map to such was obtained from the hologram city. The work was begun.