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Vigilante - Recap

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Helen Magnus was dying, her blood cells being attacked by a virus. Her unwelcome guest, Adam, had the keystone to the hologram city, which he used to open to find the map to hollow earth. The gateway was determined to be somewhere in Northern Mongolia and the exact coordinates were pinned down and fixed. John, Helen's long time friend, convinced her to allow him to go with her to Mongolia and there they fell into a deep depression in the earth. There they found a standing stone which looked as if it could be opened, but no luck. They traveled back to the lab and talked about it, deciding to warp to a renowned museum in London where they found a curator qhizzing about on a wheeled ladder. They asked him for help, only telling him what they thought he needed to know. He asked them to wait as he rummaged round some artifacts, coming up with a very strange looking device he claimed was a key to the hollow earth. Thanking him, they warped back to Northern Mongolia only to fail once more. Angry now, they returned to the museum and demanded he locate the right and proper key, which he did, very grudgingly. He told them that he duplicated antique devices such as the key they held in their hands and sold them to the highest bidder. He said that they would be surprised at the large number of avid rich history buffs out there who would pay truly exorbitant prices for such things. He turned about to tell them goodbye but found only empty space where they had stood.

Back at the sanctuary, Will had been left in charge of daily business by Helen. He was finding it a bit too much to handle, almost beyond his ability to handle, but he would do his very best. A crate of cypher beetles had gone missing from a truck delivery and had to be tracked down. Normally, cypher beetles were very docile creatures but there had been reports surfacing of injuries caused by some violent beetles across the city. A hawk named Ziggy was used to track, via scent, the missing beetles and the team headed to a warehouse where the beetles were last seen. The bird located the beetles and one bit Hank, leaving him in a coma. He was treated back at the Sanctuary and watched closely. A dead man was also found at the notorious warehouse, also bitten by beetles. As Kate and Will searched for the beetles, suddenly the bugs came out of hiding and surrounded the pair. Will used a gun to overload and explode, killing the beetles with sound, watching them as they rained down from the air. The remaining ones were gathered and put into cages and taken back to headquarters where they were analyzed and determined to have been given a virus which made them crazy. A very sick Hank slowly recovered with help.

It was decided that the cypher beetles were being used to destroy Abnormals and their support systems and the puppet master, as Will called him, had to be someone of great importance, in a very high position of power in order to have this happen. What could the person be trying to accomplish? Bigfoot was going to a candle light vigil for the deceased priest who had been recently murdered, who had been a great friend to Bigfoot. Father Clark was going to be in charge of the vigil, but when Bigfoot and the team showed up at the church, Father Clark said that it had been canceled. The team was not happy and found out that Father Clark hated abnormals, had hated the former priest and wanted to kill everyone who showed up at the vigil by the beetles. It was too late now and the beetles were released by Clark to kill the Sanctuary team who fought back and Clark was eaten alive by his own beetles.

Helen Magnus and her friend, John, had been successful in using the antique key to get into the tunnel leading to hollow earth, but what would they find further on down the tunnel that lay gaping ahead of them into the darkness below?

Bigfoot, back at the Sanctuary, lay on his bed grieving for his deceased friend, the priest, talking to Kate about how the father had taken him in many years ago when Bigfoot lay gravely injured and nearly dead at the bottom of of the church's steps, out there in the cold rain and dark. The father had healed him, given Bigfoot a warm place to recover and live with him until he was taken to the Sanctuary where he could grow and thrive. Kate commiserated with him and told him that she thought the father would be proud of what Bigfoot had done with his life, which comforted the big hairy man. Kate felt that the father would want Bigfoot to remember him when he was happy, not as he had found the father, dying of serious injuries. The father had used his life to better the life of the abnormals he gave sanctuary to and he had helped to found the sanctuary so many years ago. He had not been abnormal, but his heart had been deeply touched by the plight of the abnormals he had found near his church, abandoned and left to die and rot by families and caregivers who no longer knew what to do with them or no longer cared. Bigfoot, upon hearing this, sat up in bed and wiped his eyes, vowing to continue the father's work, but not sure how to go about doing it. Kate said that that was a start and that he might want to discuss it with Helen when she returned to the Sanctuary.

The puppet master, Will thought, would have some deep dark purpose for the beetles and if he wanted to kill all the abnormals in the surrounding parishes, he was on the right track but where and when would he strike next? They were large wards, but if teams were formed and birds like Ziggy were used, the beetles could be found and the puppet master brought to heel. It would take a lot of work.