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Sara's Secrets

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01 Unknown/Unaired Tricks for the Pastry Impaired N/A
2 1x02 Unknown/Unaired The Perfect Salad N/A
3 1x03 Unknown/Unaired Dinner Party of Miniatures N/A
4 1x04 Unknown/Unaired Dinner for Two N/A
5 1x05 Unknown/Unaired Tantalizing Tarts N/A
6 1x06 Unknown/Unaired Two Birthday Parties N/A
7 1x07 Unknown/Unaired Complete Make-Ahead Brunch N/A
8 1x08 Unknown/Unaired Trompe L'Oeil Food Gifts N/A
9 1x09 Unknown Do You Fondue? N/A
10 1x10 Unknown/Unaired Sunday Night Supper N/A
11 1x11 07/Dec/2005 Food As Fashion N/A
12 1x12 Unknown/Unaired Low Fat Fooled Ya N/A
13 1x13 Unknown/Unaired Cinderella Dishes N/A
14 1x14 Unknown/Unaired Unexpected Guests N/A
15 1x15 Unknown/Unaired One Cake Fits All N/A
16 1x16 Unknown/Unaired A Special Occasion Dinner N/A
17 1x17 Unknown/Unaired Surprise Holiday Guests N/A
18 1x18 Unknown/Unaired Food and Wine Tasting N/A
19 1x19 Unknown/Unaired Pizza Party N/A
20 1x20 Unknown/Unaired Come For Drinks, Stay For Dinner N/A
21 1x21 Unknown/Unaired Thanksgiving Primer N/A
22 1x22 Unknown/Unaired Open House N/A
23 1x23 Unknown/Unaired Mediterranean Magic N/A
24 1x24 Unknown/Unaired Wrap Magic N/A
25 1x25 Unknown/Unaired Budget Gourmet N/A
26 1x26 Unknown/Unaired Some Assembly Required N/A

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
27 2x01 26/Apr/2006 Always On Hand N/A
28 2x02 01/Oct/2004 Feasts From the Fridge N/A
29 2x03 30/Dec/2004 Feasts From the Freezer N/A
30 2x04 22/May/2006 Double Duty N/A
31 2x05 20/Apr/2006 Breakfast for Dinner N/A
32 2x06 02/Feb/2005 Frozen Dinners N/A
33 2x07 25/Jan/2005 Sandwich Sensations N/A
34 2x08 Unknown/Unaired Soup as Supper N/A
35 2x09 01/Apr/2005 Shortcuts to Success N/A
36 2x10 Unknown/Unaired Cooking For One N/A
37 2x11 17/May/2005 Better Burgers N/A
38 2x12 10/Feb/2005 One Pot Meals N/A
39 2x13 16/Feb/2005 Fast and Fabulous Fish N/A
40 2x14 20/Feb/2005 Secrets to Simple Sautes N/A
41 2x15 15/Feb/2005 Slow Cooking N/A
42 2x16 07/Jun/2005 Blue Plate Specials N/A
43 2x17 09/Jun/2005 Taters, Taters, Taters N/A
44 2x18 Unknown/Unaired Getting Organized N/A
45 2x19 30/Nov/2005 Pot Pies N/A
46 2x20 28/Dec/2005 A New Way to Cook N/A
47 2x21 21/Dec/2005 Quick and Easy Sides N/A
48 2x22 10/Jan/2005 Grill Pan N/A
49 2x23 30/Mar/2006 Everyday Vegetarian N/A
50 2x24 06/Apr/2006 Easy Desserts N/A
51 2x25 Unknown/Unaired Quick Pasta Sauces N/A
52 2x26 Unknown/Unaired Rice for Supper N/A
53 2x27 07/Apr/2005 Paella Fiesta N/A
54 2x28 Unknown/Unaired The Mold Makes It N/A
55 2x29 05/May/2005 Main Course Salads N/A
56 2x30 Unknown/Unaired Bistro Dinner N/A
57 2x31 09/Sep/2005 Mexican Night N/A
58 2x32 03/Jun/2005 Seafood Sandwiches N/A
59 2x33 Unknown/Unaired Corn Every Way N/A
60 2x34 15/Feb/2006 Dinner at the Beach N/A
61 2x35 08/Mar/2005 No Fail Fish N/A
64 2x38 13/Feb/2007 Exotic Dinner N/A
65 2x39 14/Apr/2005 Five Ingredient Wonders N/A
66 2x40 Unknown/Unaired Casual Entertaining N/A
67 2x41 Unknown/Unaired One Pot Meal N/A
68 2x42 19/Apr/2005 Packed With Flavor N/A
69 2x43 15/Mar/2006 Sweet Endings N/A
70 2x44 Unknown/Unaired Mediterranean Mezze Table N/A
71 2x45 12/Apr/2006 Quick and Tasty Chicken N/A
72 2x46 Unknown/Unaired Wok this Way N/A
73 2x47 Unknown/Unaired Lemons Every Way N/A
74 2x48 24/May/2005 Appetizing Dinner N/A
75 2x49 17/Jun/2005 Real Simple N/A
76 2x50 Unknown/Unaired Here's the Beef N/A
77 2x51 19/Feb/2006 Lasagna Three Ways N/A
78 2x52 Unknown/Unaired Eat Your Vegetables N/A
79 2x53 10/Mar/2006 All About Cheese N/A
80 2x54 18/Mar/2006 Quick Breads N/A
81 2x55 09/Feb/2007 Celebrations N/A
82 2x56 08/Feb/2006 Quick Sauces N/A
83 2x57 Unknown/Unaired Crazy About Couscous N/A
84 2x58 08/Feb/2005 Romantic Sailboat Picnic N/A
85 2x59 Unknown/Unaired Dinner en Surprise N/A
86 2x60 Unknown/Unaired Skewer It! N/A
87 2x61 Unknown/Unaired Three Dinners in One N/A
88 2x62 20/Jan/2006 Five Ingredient Wonders N/A
89 2x63 09/Aug/2004 Double Duty N/A
90 2x64 20/Oct/2005 Chicken Three Ways N/A
91 2x65 Unknown/Unaired Elegant Soiree N/A
92 2x66 12/Aug/2004 Portuguese Dinner N/A
93 2x67 02/Feb/2006 Retro Cocktail Party N/A
94 2x68 04/Aug/2005 Midsummer Swedish Buffet N/A
95 2x69 07/Dec/2005 Four Star Home Entertaining N/A
96 2x70 15/Dec/2005 Four Star Dessert Party N/A
97 2x71 18/Jan/2006 Dinner in Twenty Minutes N/A
98 2x72 31/Aug/2004 Warm Weather Soups N/A
99 2x73 23/Aug/2004 Berry Best N/A
100 2x74 24/Aug/2004 Celebrating Tomatoes N/A
101 2x75 Unknown/Unaired Terrace Lunch N/A
102 2x76 26/Jan/2006 Impromptu Dinner Party N/A
103 2x77 05/Jan/2006 Feelin' Good N/A
104 2x78 18/Oct/2005 All About Cheesecakes N/A
105 2x79 08/Feb/2007 Tempting Tarts N/A
106 2x80 24/Jan/2007 Gadgets Galore N/A
107 2x81 02/Sep/2004 Perfecting Vinaigrette N/A
108 2x82 28/May/2005 All Fired Up N/A
109 2x83 27/Jan/2005 Sunday Dinner with Aunt Fannie N/A
110 2x84 05/Feb/2005 Fisherman's Catch N/A
111 2x85 Unknown/Unaired Weeknight Warriors N/A
112 2x86 03/Sep/2005 Quick and Easy Pasta N/A
113 2x87 15/Mar/2005 Basics of Herbs N/A
114 2x88 18/Oct/2005 All About Lilies N/A

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
115 3x01 06/Oct/2005 On Dish Wonders N/A
116 3x02 07/Nov/2007 Cold Weather Soups N/A
117 3x03 13/Aug/2005 Cooking Ahead N/A
118 3x04 Unknown/Unaired Savory Pies N/A
119 3x05 23/Apr/2007 All About Chicken N/A
120 3x06 04/Dec/2007 Holiday Cake N/A
121 3x07 25/Oct/2005 Sunday Pot Roast N/A
122 3x08 24/Feb/2006 Cooking for One N/A
123 3x09 04/Jan/2006 Cooking in a Shoebox N/A
124 3x10 29/Dec/2005 Gadgets Galore: Food Processor N/A
125 3x11 21/Sep/2005 Taqueria Night N/A
126 3x12 19/Apr/2007 All-American Breakfast N/A
127 3x13 29/Mar/2006 Five Ingredients or Less N/A
128 3x14 11/Oct/2005 Just Say Cheese N/A
129 3x15 28/Jan/2005 International Sandwiches N/A
130 3x16 04/Mar/2005 All About Peanut Butter N/A
131 3x17 08/Nov/2005 Pot Luck N/A
132 3x18 03/Feb/2005 Everyday Chinese N/A
133 3x19 25/Feb/2005 Melting Pot Meals N/A
134 3x20 02/Nov/2006 Quick and Easy Breads N/A
135 3x21 25/Jul/2006 Eating Right N/A
136 3x22 Unknown/Unaired Market Basket N/A
137 3x23 27/Apr/2006 Chef Cooks at Home N/A
138 3x24 24/Oct/2006 Chocolate Desserts N/A
139 3x25 Unknown/Unaired East Indian Dinner N/A
140 3x26 19/May/2005 Cooking for a Crowd N/A
141 3x27 Unknown/Unaired Dim Sum Party N/A
142 3x28 13/Nov/2007 Pacific Northwest Thanksgiving N/A
143 3x29 22/Jul/2005 Dinner With Friends N/A
164 3x30 04/Apr/2006 California Cooking N/A
145 3x31 31/Oct/2007 Halloween Party N/A
146 3x32 Unknown/Unaired Everyday Caribbean N/A
147 3x33 03/Nov/2005 Cooking With Kids N/A
148 3x34 01/Nov/2006 Hors d'oeuvre Party N/A
149 3x35 11/Aug/2005 All About Chilies N/A
150 3x36 17/Apr/2006 Simple Seafood N/A
151 3x37 31/Jan/2006 Championship Chili N/A
152 3x38 13/Dec/2006 Spectacular Serving N/A
153 3x39 27/Nov/2007 Fireside Dinner N/A
154 3x40 Unknown/Unaired French Sunday Lunch N/A
155 3x41 17/Oct/2006 One Pot Wonders: Boeuf a la Bourguignonne N/A
156 3x42 27/Jan/2006 Everyday Asian N/A
157 3x43 28/Sep/2005 Perfect Pairings N/A
158 3x44 16/Nov/2005 Entertaining On a Shoestring N/A
159 3x45 23/Sep/2005 Fiesta Latino N/A
160 3x46 16/May/2006 Meatless Meals N/A
161 3x47 09/Nov/2006 All About Turkey N/A
162 3x48 25/Oct/2006 Pot Luck N/A
163 3x49 25/Sep/2006 Super Sauces N/A
165 3x50 10/Apr/2007 Spring Celebration N/A
166 3x51 30/Nov/2006 Effortless Entertaining N/A
167 3x52 29/Nov/2006 Chefs Cook at Home N/A
168 3x53 22/Feb/2006 International Breakfast N/A
169 3x54 03/Apr/2007 Greek Easter N/A
170 3x55 16/Apr/2006 Spring Sides N/A
171 3x56 25/Apr/2007 Slimmed Down Classics N/A
172 3x57 20/Apr/2007 Double Duty N/A
173 3x58 13/Oct/2006 Gadgets Galore - Toaster Oven N/A
174 3x59 24/May/2006 Simple Sautes N/A
175 3x60 28/Nov/2006 Spectacular Serving N/A
176 3x61 18/May/2006 Five Ingredients or Less N/A
177 3x62 26/Oct/2006 Old Fashioned Desserts N/A
178 3x63 07/Mar/2006 All About Dried Herbs N/A
179 3x64 28/Feb/2006 Steakhouse Dinner N/A
180 3x65 13/Apr/2007 Cooking for One N/A
181 3x66 25/Jan/2007 International Noodles N/A
182 3x67 04/Apr/2007 Weekday Wraps N/A
183 3x68 05/Oct/2006 Simple Soups N/A
184 3x69 Unknown You Can Please Everyone N/A
185 3x70 18/Apr/2007 Meal Makeovers N/A
186 3x71 24/Apr/2007 All About Avocadoes and Pineapples N/A
187 3x72 27/Nov/2006 Shortcut Suppers N/A

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
188 4x01 09/Jan/2008 Poach it! N/A
189 4x02 31/May/2007 Heat Beater Sauces N/A
190 4x03 16/Nov/2006 Grilled Sandwiches N/A
191 4x04 20/Sep/2006 You Can Please Everyone - Vegetarian and Carnivore N/A
192 4x05 19/Jan/2007 Chefs Cook at Home N/A
193 4x06 15/Mar/2007 Burger Basics N/A
194 4x07 26/Apr/2007 Berry Best N/A
195 4x08 08/Jan/2008 Chicken Salads N/A
196 4x09 15/Jan/2008 Global Noodles N/A
197 4x10 16/Apr/2007 Farm Fresh N/A
198 4x11 28/Mar/2007 Sara's Favorite Restaurant Dishes N/A
199 4x12 16/Jan/2008 Everyday Mexican N/A
200 4x13 23/Jul/2005 Gadgets Galore: Ice Cream Parlor Treats N/A
201 4x14 Unknown More Meatless Meals N/A
202 4x15 19/Oct/2006 Beer Tasting N/A
203 4x16 17/Jan/2007 Everyday Italian N/A
204 4x17 23/Jan/2008 Sensational Sides N/A
205 4x18 14/Sep/2006 Simply Shaker N/A
206 4x19 22/Sep/2006 Effortlesss Entertaining N/A
207 4x20 19/Sep/2006 Five Ingredients or Less N/A
208 4x21 29/Sep/2008 Slimmed Down Classics N/A
209 4x22 30/May/2007 Girls at the Grill N/A
210 4x23 30/Mar/2007 Pot Luck Contest N/A
211 4x24 30/Jun/2006 Founder's Feast N/A

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Warning: Sara's Secrets guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Talk Shows
Genre: Cooking/Food | How To/Do It Yourself
Status: Returning Series
Network: food network ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: November 17, 2001
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