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Saturday Night Live: Robert Hays/Joe "King" Carrasco & The Crowns, 14 Karat Soul

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Live from New York, it's...Joe Piscopo!

Sketches Include: "America's Not Held Hostage Anymore", "Dazola Oil", "Love American Style: The Inflatable Prostitute", "Saturday Night Live Sports Central: Eddie Atari", "Reaganco brand Products", "The Save-A-Network Telethon", "Pre-Superbowl Pre-Game Preview", "The Foreign Film" (short film), "Sports Organist at a Funeral", "Disco Meltdown", "The Rocket Report", "The Pacesetter", "Ravi Sings!", "Roweena's Cut'n'Curl: Talking About Reagan", "Eddie Murphy Gets Promoted", "Dream Date", and "National Enquirer Editors".

14 Karat Soul performs: "I Wish That We Were Married" and "This Time It's For Real"; Joe "King" Carrasco & The Crowns perform: "Don't Bug Me Baby"