Save Our History

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 01/Oct/1998 Grand Central
02 01x02 20/Feb/1999 The Underground Railroad
03 01x03 03/Jul/1999 The Declaration of Independence
05 01x05 15/Feb/2000 The World War II Memorial
06 01x06 22/May/2000 SOS: Save Our Ships
07 01x07 04/Jun/2000 The Making of the National D-Day Museum
08 01x08 17/Jun/2000 America's Most Endangered 2000
09 01x09 27/Nov/2000 The White House: 200th Anniversary
11 01x11 07/Jul/2001 America's Most Endangered 2000
12 01x12 23/Jun/2001 Civil War Battlefields
13 01x13 07/Jul/2001 America's Most Endangered 2001
15 01x15 19/Nov/2001 The Star-Spangled Banner
16 01x16 07/Dec/2001 USS Arizona
18 01x18 06/Apr/2002 American Lighthouses
20 01x20 17/Feb/2003 Presidential Yacht: The USS Sequoia
22 01x22 03/May/2003 Yellowstone
23 01x23 12/Jul/2003 America's Most Endangered 2003
24 01x24 20/Dec/2003 Defining Documents
25 01x25 30/May/2004 National World War II Memorial
26 01x26 03/Sep/2004 The President Slept Here
27 01x27 27/Nov/2004 Secrets of Jamestown
28 01x28 12/Feb/2005 Voices of Civil Rights
29 01x29 28/May/2005 Gold Rush Ghost Towns
30 01x30 27/Aug/2005 Apollo: The Race Against Time
32 01x32 25/Mar/2006 Alaska's Bloodiest Battle
33 01x33 17/Jun/2006 Jefferson's Other Revolution
34 01x34 05/Aug/2006 Inside the B-25 Bomber
35 01x35 23/Sep/2006 Victorian Reborn
36 01x36 02/Dec/2006 Godspeed to Jamestown
37 01x37 17/Feb/2007 The Search for George Washington
38 01x38 27/May/2007 Sherman's Total War Tactics
39 01x39 22/Sep/2007 Revolution in Boston

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