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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 30/Jul/2010 Virgin Brides Wear Sleeves
2 1x02 06/Aug/2010 Breaking the Curse
3 1x03 06/Aug/2010 If Mama's Not Happy…
4 1x04 13/Aug/2010 The Full Monte
5 1x05 13/Aug/2010 Buyer's Remorse
6 1x06 20/Aug/2010 Head or Tails
7 1x07 20/Aug/2010 Looking for Support
8 1x08 27/Aug/2010 For Better Or Worse
9 1x09 03/Sep/2010 When Push Turns to Shove
10 1x10 10/Sep/2010 Bridal Veterans
11 1x11 17/Sep/2010 In Mom's Absence
12 1x12 24/Sep/2010 The Royal Treatment

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
13 2x01 08/Jul/2011 Southern Mamas are Hard, Y'all…
14 2x02 08/Jul/2011 Go Big or Go Home
15 2x03 15/Jul/2011 A Fox in the Henhouse
16 2x04 15/Jul/2011 Taming of the Shrews
17 2x05 22/Jul/2011 Mamas and Dramas and Tears, Oh My!
18 2x06 22/Jul/2011 Sibling Rivalry
19 2x07 29/Jul/2011 Be Bold
20 2x08 29/Jul/2011 Are You Looking For Trouble?
21 2x09 05/Aug/2011 Longest Appointment Ever…
22 2x10 05/Aug/2011 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
23 2x11 12/Aug/2011 Two Moms are Better than None
24 2x12 19/Aug/2011 Brothers and Mothers
25 2x13 26/Aug/2011 Brides With Baggage
26 2x14 02/Sep/2011 Everyone Say "A-Ha!"
27 2x15 09/Sep/2011 Here Comes the Bride...and Her Bride
28 2x16 16/Sep/2011 Power of the Purse
29 2x17 23/Sep/2011 Bride Knows Best
30 2x18 30/Sep/2011 No Boys Allowed...

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
31 3x01 06/Jan/2012 Dancing Queen
32 3x02 06/Jan/2012 Daddy's Girls
33 3x03 13/Jan/2012 Operation: Cinderella
34 3x04 13/Jan/2012 Vocal Training
35 3x05 20/Jan/2012 Tunnel Vision
36 3x06 20/Jan/2012 Mini Monte
37 3x07 27/Jan/2012 Modern Bay Scarlett
38 3x08 27/Jan/2012 Fresh Start
39 3x09 03/Feb/2012 Mamas Know Best
40 3x10 10/Feb/2012 Double Mama Drama
41 3x11 17/Feb/2012 Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow
42 3x12 24/Feb/2012 High Fashion Anxiety
43 3x13 02/Mar/2012 It's More Than a Dress
44 3x14 09/Mar/2012 Falling in Love
45 3x15 16/Mar/2012 Say No to the Ball Gown
46 3x16 23/Mar/2012 Father Knows Dress
47 3x17 30/Mar/2012 Stealing The Spotlight
48 3x18 06/Apr/2012 Meant To Be
49 3x19 06/Apr/2012 Lori's 10 Commandments
50 3x20 18/May/2012 Top 10 Mama Dramas

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
51 4x01 24/Aug/2012 Country Girls Gone Wild
52 4x02 24/Aug/2012 Mommy-Daddy's Little Girl
53 4x03 31/Aug/2012 The Mouth of the South
54 4x04 31/Aug/2012 Three Cheers for the Bride!
55 4x05 07/Sep/2012 Sisters Act Out!
56 4x06 07/Sep/2012 Power Play
57 4x07 14/Sep/2012 Between a Sham-Rock and a Hard Place
58 4x08 14/Sep/2012 Blinded By Science
59 4x09 21/Sep/2012 Dueling Divas
60 4x10 21/Sep/2012 Secret Princess
61 4x11 28/Sep/2012 Skin Can't Win
62 4x12 28/Sep/2012 Never Been Kissed
63 4x13 05/Oct/2012 Mama Gets Her Groove Back
64 4x14 05/Oct/2012 Bridal Floor Bullies
65 4x15 12/Oct/2012 Dream Dress or Bust
66 4x16 12/Oct/2012 A Little Help From Her Friends
67 4x17 19/Oct/2012 Poof, There It Is!
68 4x18 19/Oct/2012 Baby Wants Blings

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
69 5x01 08/Mar/2013 Good News, Bad News
70 5x02 08/Mar/2013 Rockin' the Runway
71 5x03 15/Mar/2013 Country Girls Do Bridal Best
72 5x04 15/Mar/2013 Rolling With the Punches
73 5x05 22/Mar/2013 Thinking Outside of the Box
74 5x06 22/Mar/2013 Divas on the Defense
75 5x07 29/Mar/2013 Bucking Tradition
76 5x08 29/Mar/2013 Chocolate Milk, Mermaids and Mothers
77 5x09 05/Apr/2013 More Granny, More Problems
78 5x10 05/Apr/2013 The Bride Strikes Back
79 5x11 12/Apr/2013 I Do Again
80 5x12 12/Apr/2013 Princess Brides Beware
81 5x13 19/Apr/2013 Hope on a Hanger
82 5x14 19/Apr/2013 No to the Bow
83 5x15 26/Apr/2013 Tulle vs. Ta-Ta's
84 5x16 03/May/2013 Team Spirit
85 5x17 10/May/2013 Booty-do's and Ball Gowns
86 5x18 17/May/2013 The Family Feud

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
89 6x01 08/Nov/2013 Extra-Special Day
90 6x02 08/Nov/2013 Bridal Sabotage
91 6x03 15/Nov/2013 Mom's Way or the Highway
92 6x04 15/Nov/2013 To Sleeve, or Not to Sleeve
93 6x05 22/Nov/2013 Playing Chicken
94 6x06 22/Nov/2013 Double Trouble
95 6x07 29/Nov/2013 Pastor Princess
96 6x08 29/Nov/2013 There's No I in Groom
97 6x09 06/Dec/2013 Brides by the Numbers
98 6x10 06/Dec/2013 Breaking the Bank
99 6x11 27/Dec/2013 No Time for Nostalgia
100 6x12 03/Jan/2014 100th Episode: Chances Are…
101 6x13 03/Jan/2014 Bride Overboard
102 6x14 10/Jan/2014 It Takes Two
103 6x15 10/Jan/2014 Shiny, Happy, Bling!
104 6x16 17/Jan/2014 Twelve's a Crowd
105 6x17 24/Jan/2014 Up the Aunt-ie
106 6x18 31/Jan/2014 By The Book

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
107 7x01 06/Jun/2014 The Bridal Countdown
108 7x02 06/Jun/2014 Out of Bridal Bounds
109 7x03 13/Jun/2014 First Dresses and Second Guesses
110 7x04 13/Jun/2014 Bringing Bridal Back
111 7x05 20/Jun/2014 Battle of the Curves
112 7x06 20/Jun/2014 Once Upon a Bride
113 7x07 27/Jun/2014 The Big Picture
114 7x08 27/Jun/2014 Blush-ing Brides
115 7x09 11/Jul/2014 Dare to be Different
116 7x10 11/Jul/2014 Bridal Baggage Blues
117 7x11 18/Jul/2014 Eye of the Bridal Storm
118 7x12 18/Jul/2014 Gold Medal Gown
119 7x13 25/Jul/2014 A Dress with a Fighting Chance
120 7x14 25/Jul/2014 Worth the Weight
121 7x15 01/Aug/2014 The Ties That Bind
122 7x16 01/Aug/2014 Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
123 7x17 08/Aug/2014 Curves and Curveballs
124 7x18 08/Aug/2014 Times are A' Changing

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
125 8x01 02/Jan/2015 A Dress Against All Odds
126 8x02 02/Jan/2015 Whose Wedding is it Anyway?
127 8x03 09/Jan/2015 Fifty Shades of White
128 8x04 09/Jan/2015 Bridal Highs and Woes
129 8x05 16/Jan/2015 Wedding Gown Bro Down
130 8x06 16/Jan/2015 I Do...Does Dad?
131 8x07 23/Jan/2015 Double Brides, Double Trouble
132 8x08 23/Jan/2015 Betting Against the Barn
133 8x09 30/Jan/2015 Love and Basketball
134 8x10 30/Jan/2015 No Room for the Groom
135 8x11 06/Feb/2015 A Dress Worth Saying I Do
136 8x12 06/Feb/2015 When the Leading Man Takes a Stand
137 8x13 13/Feb/2015 A Case of Tunnel Vision
138 8x14 13/Feb/2015 No Such Thing as a Country Dress
139 8x15 20/Feb/2015 Mother May I?
140 8x16 27/Feb/2015 A Bridal Change of the Heart
141 8x17 27/Feb/2015 The Most FANtastic Day Ever!
142 8x18 29/May/2015 Say Yes to the Prom

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
143 9x01 01/Jan/2016 Two Monte's Are Better Than One
144 9x02 01/Jan/2016 I Feel Fierce
145 9x03 08/Jan/2016 What Would Phaedra Do?
146 9x04 08/Jan/2016 A Little Sparkle Goes a Long Way
147 9x05 15/Jan/2016 Are You Ready to Play Bridal Blitz?
148 9x06 15/Jan/2016 My Big Fat Ethiopian Wedding
149 9x07 22/Jan/2016 Waiting for a Sign
150 9x08 22/Jan/2016 A Trio of Options
151 9x09 29/Jan/2016 Multiple Dress Personality Disorder
152 9x10 29/Jan/2016 I'll Just Call Myself the Original Diva
153 9x11 05/Feb/2016 If I Feel Like A Penny, I Need to Look Like a Million
154 9x12 05/Feb/2016 Gone With the Wind Fabulous
155 9x13 12/Feb/2016 88 and Out the Gate
156 9x14 12/Feb/2016 Gonna Sing You a Song 'Bout the Dress I Don't Have
157 9x15 19/Feb/2016 Rockabilly & Motorcycles
158 9x16 19/Feb/2016 Momma's Holdin' Back
159 9x17 26/Feb/2016 Mother of the Groom

S03 - #123/Mar/2012Top 10 Southern Belles7
S03 - #201/Jun/2012Lori & Monte: Top 10 Dresscues8
S07 - #301/Aug/2014Top 10 Southern BellesN/A
S09 - #426/Feb/2016Countdown to the WeddingN/A

    Season 9 »
Classification: Reality
Genre: Design/Decorating | Fashion/Make-up
Status: On Hiatus
Network: TLC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: July 30, 2010
Episode Order: 17
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