Hell Hath No Fury - Recap

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The episode begins, and Olivia Pope is discussing with her gang how to handle the whole Amanda fiasco. Olivia decides to keep her as client. She sets her gang working, assigning them various responsibilities. Meanwhile, Olivia enters a hotel room to haul one of her clients Travis for his court date. Travis has been accused of rape. Meanwhile, the court is adjourned for the time being. Olivia is escorting her client out of hotel through the fire exit and into the parking lot, where he remains protected from the prying eyes of the media. Later, Sandra the client’s mother tells Olivia that her son is innocent.

Olivia tells her that, she doesn’t have time to babysit 27 year olds and hence can’t take the case. She begs Olivia to help her, and ultimately convinces her to take the case. Meanwhile at the White House, the president’s wife informs her that she has cancelled his morning appointment, as he slept late. He hurriedly gets dressed as he has important appointments for the day. His wife is worried due to his lack of sleep. Meanwhile at her office, Olivia tells the reporter to keep Amanda out of the papers for the next 72 hours, and to not report anything about her. Later, Olivia asks Amanda if she has any proof of what went on between her and the president, as she needs it to convince others. Amanda says she has something, but isn’t ready to divulge it, as she had made it clear that it would be on her terms that things would be done. Hence, she isn’t ready to say anything to her yet. She wants one meeting with the president in private, she tells Olivia. Later, Olivia tells Cyrus what Amanda wants. Cyrus tells Olivia that the president is not sleeping.

Meanwhile, Travis’s lawyer tells them about the girl who is accusing Travis of rape. Later Olivia tells Travis that the jury won’t have any sympathy for him as he is perceived as spoilt rich brat. So he has to play by her rules if he wants to save himself. She assigns Harrison to be his babysitter. She later meets David so he can get some dirt on Jane Powell; he denies her any help and leaves. Later, Olivia and gang study the jury members who will sit for Travis’s trial; they go over all the intel they have gathered about the jury members. They also find out that the alleged rape victim Helen is actually a good person, and who is liked by all who know her, but it also turns out that the girl is broke. Later, Olivia suggests to Sandra that she settle, but Sandra finds the suggestion preposterous. She tells Sandra that, the evidence against Travis is compelling, and might work against him, but Sandra maintains that Travis is innocent. Olivia says Sandra has the money, and Helen needs money, so it’s a win-win situation for both parties, Sandra gives in finally and agrees. Later, Olivia tries convincing Helen and her lawyer to settle for $9 million, but Helen reveals to her how brutally she has been raped and that no amount of money can make that alright. She in tears asks Olivia how much she would take to forget if such a thing happened to her.

Olivia is visibly moved, hence she leaves. Meanwhile, Cyrus tells the president that Amanda wants one meeting and it would all go away and be done, Cyrus thinks it’s worth it. Meanwhile, Olivia makes it clear to her guys that she is not ready to give up on the Travis case, as Olivia Pope never gives up. Meanwhile, Harrison readies Travis for court. Travis feels that Helen probably wasn’t offered a big enough amount; Harrison visibly finds this comment odd. Meanwhile, Olivia finds Amanda talking to the reporter from the sun, and makes it amply clear to her that, she should not talk to anyone except Olivia or her parents. Quinn tells Olivia that she will try talking to the reporter, as he likes her. Harrison meanwhile calls Olivia, and tells her about the thing Travis said, he suspects Travis might have done such a thing before. They find out that Travis had paid some waitress huge amounts of money 3 years ago, turns out she later has committed suicide. Olivia is starting to believe that Travis might actually be guilty.

Meanwhile, Cyrus makes the president wear headphones and hear a CD which visibly worries him to no end. It is the audio of the president and Amanda having sex. Cyrus feels Amanda and Olivia are blackmailing the president, and looks visibly worried by it. The president believes Olivia had nothing to do with this. Cyrus feels otherwise. Meanwhile, Harrison goes to the lab where he can find the evidence of the Rachel rape case. Meanwhile, Quinn calls up the reporter and asks him out on a date. Meanwhile, Olivia is briefed by her team, regarding Rachel. It turns out, Helen was her friend, and she probably wants revenge for Rachel’s death. Olivia reveals this to Sandra with Travis present. Travis confesses his crime, and Sandra is shocked to no end by this revelation.

Later in court Travis’s layer grills a visibly ruffled Helen, rather aggressively. Outside Sandra is visibly upset with her son, and Olivia too is extremely disturbed by the recent revelations. Meanwhile, Olivia arrives at the state dinner she was invited to, by the first lady. The president isn’t too happy to see her. Later, the president dances with Olivia and while they are at it tells her to meet at their old spot. Olivia turns down his offer; he in turn tells her that he loves her and she somehow mellows a bit. Meanwhile, the reporter and Quinn meet up. She is visibly nervous about the whole thing. The reporter it turns out is on to her and knows she is there to talk him out of the story. He tells her he did not call Amanda, as she had had earlier claimed. Meanwhile, Olivia is on her way to meet the president in ‘their spot’.

She meets Cyrus on the way, who gives her an earful for blackmailing the president. Olivia is shocked by this as she doesn’t know what he is talking about. Cyrus tells her that the president is playing her, and also that Amanda’s meeting with the president is off. Cyrus then goes and tells the president that Olivia was playing him and that she is not coming, and has also cancelled the meeting with Amanda Tanner. Later Sandra and Olivia tell Travis to turn himself in; he is incredulous and doesn’t want to do it. Sandra though has already taken care of that, as two cops come and handcuff Travis, and then haul him away. Meanwhile, David is moved by what he just saw and tells Olivia that they might become friends after all. Meanwhile, the President questions the first lady as to why she invited Olivia to the state dinner.

She replies “because you needed to see her, I trust that tonight you will sleep like a baby”. Meanwhile, Olivia gives the reporter the details of the Travis case and tells him that Sandra has agreed to give him an exclusive interview regarding this case. Hence it would prove to be great for his career, as no other newspaper would be entertained by Sandra. Olivia is then informed by Quinn about the reporter telling her that, he hadn’t called Amanda. Later, Olivia tells Amanda that the meeting is cancelled, but she promises to stand by Amanda through her whole ordeal, and promises her that she will never be alone in this, but all she wants in return is that Amanda give her every little detail of all that transpired. Amanda reveals to that Olivia she is pregnant. The episode ends at this point.