Grant: For The People - Recap

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The episode begins with Quinn coming into Gideon’s house and seeing him writhing in a pool of blood, with a scissor sticking out from the back of his neck. She is frantic and can’t figure how she should help him. She then pulls out scissor from out of his neck, and more blood squirts out of the wound. She then sees him pass away in front of her eyes, just as she is trying to reach the phone. Meanwhile, Billy enters his office totally blank and expressionless. He then finds himself shivering, and is visibly disturbed by what he has just done. He then types in something into his computer. Meanwhile, Quinn stands shivering over Gideon’s body just as Olivia who she has called, comes in.

Olivia tells Quinn that they shouldn’t call the police, because if they call the police, the police will come to know who Quinn really is. Meanwhile, Cyrus comes in and tells the president that his partner James wants to adopt an Ethiopian baby, but he isn’t ready for it. Cyrus then questions the president about being at Olivia’s house the previous night. Cyrus then reprimands the president for going to Olivia’s house. The two then have an argument about whether Gant deserves to be the president or not. Meanwhile, Olivia and her team debate if they should cover for Quinn. Olivia tells the team that Quinn is their client and hence she being connected to the whole fiasco can’t be made public in any way. Stephen warns Olivia that if they clean the murder scene as if nothing happened, Gideon’s murder never gets solved. Olivia contemplates a bit and then takes her call saying “we clean it”.

The team next get into action to do what they do best. Quinn meanwhile is totally baffled about all that is happening. Quinn is made to change her clothes, and told not to move around, so she doesn’t spread her DNA any further in the house. The team in the end manages to systematically clean the scene making it look as if, Quinn was never there. Olivia then calls the police. Just then Huck asks if anybody has found Gideon’s cell phone. They find it in his pocket and leave. Meanwhile, Billy leaves a letter on the VP’s desk and leaves. He then before leaving tells the VP “working for you has been an honor madam president”. Meanwhile, Olivia and team are mulling and brainstorming over who could be Gideon’s murderer.

Meanwhile, the VP reads the letter given to her by Billy and is shocked. Meanwhile, Billy takes over a White House press conference and tells the media that, he is resigning effective immediately. He then tells the media that he had an affair with Amanda Tanner. He then tells the media that just as he was about to propose to Amanda who was pregnant, he came to know that the president was taking sexual advantage of Amanda. He then lies about the audio tape, saying it was made by Amanda “about her sexual encounter in the Oval office”. Everybody from Olivia and her team to the president’s wife are shocked by this revelation. Cyrus meanwhile, gives orders that Billy be removed from the podium. Later the president and his wife are shown arguing about what their next course of action should be.

She tells him to lie to the media that he doesn’t know who Amanda Tanner is. He says he can’t lie to the American people, as he has already let them down by sleeping with Amanda. Meanwhile Cyrus tells Olivia to get the president out of the mess he is in, just like she helped him win the elections. Later, Cyrus, Olivia and their teams get into action. Just then the president walks in and tells everyone that he wants everyone out, except Cyrus and Olivia. The president tells them that he wants to come out with the truth. Olivia tells him to hold his horses, and deal with a state crisis at Georgia so it looks like business as usual. She in the meanwhile would try to figure out a way to take care of things. Meanwhile, the media is shown going berserk on this issue, with Billy giving interviews and the president being questioned about it. Meanwhile, the VP is accused by the president of orchestrating the whole thing. She denies it completely and tells him she is shocked as he was.

Meanwhile, David comes in questioning Amanda’s team about, them having cleared the crime scene earlier. He then asks about Quinn who Gideon’s neighbor saw going into his apartment. He then calls Gideon’s phone and hears it ringing in Olivia office. Harrison then goes with Quinn as her lawyer to the police station. Meanwhile, Olivia confronts Billy and tells him that he is a murderer. He tells Olivia that he made a mistake. But he also feels the president has made mistakes. He tells Olivia that Sally will be the president by the time he is in jail, and she will be a great president. Meanwhile Olivia comes into David’s office and tells him everything that Billy did. Olivia wants David’s help with bringing down Billy. David turns down her request by telling her that she broke the law, when she cleaned up the crime scene in order to save Quinn.

Later, the president, Cyrus and Olivia brainstorm about their next course of action. In the end the president feels that the best bet is for him to resign, and lead the life of a normal human being. He then comes and kisses Olivia, and tells her that he wants to be with her. Later, Amanda decides to not give up and tells her team to get into action. Olivia then pays the first lady a visit. She tells Olivia that she should have stopped Amanda before she could get into the president’s pants. She reprimands Olivia for leaving the team. She tells Olivia that Olivia didn’t do her job properly. She then tells Olivia that she wants her husband back, as Olivia isn’t doing a good enough job of keeping things ship shape.

Meanwhile, Huck tells Charlie to kill Billy and make it look like a suicide. Huck can’t do it himself as he has promised Olivia that he won’t kill Billy. Meanwhile, the first lady tells the president that she will tell the media that, it was her on the sex tape. She then tells the dumfounded president that “Olivia can fill you in on the rest of the details”. Later the president and the first lady give an interview to the media regarding the whole issue. Olivia in the meanwhile walks out after having saved the president’s job. Later the president meets the VP and tells her to express shock and dismay at what Billy has done, and wants her to express her complete support to the president, as they both know what the first lady has said won’t be enough to appease the American public. The VP says she won’t do so.

The president then reminds the VP about the abortion her daughter had when she was just 14. The VP is dumbfounded by the fact that the president is aware of this. Later, the VP does just as asked the by the president, and helps bring down Billy in front of the media. Charlie in the meanwhile catches up with Billy in the elevator. Meanwhile, Charlie comes in and tells Cyrus that he wants the money for killing Amanda, wired to him; Cyrus is fine with that. Meanwhile, David brings a handcuffed Quinn into Olivia’s office. Olivia then asks Quinn “do you want to tell them who you are or should I?” The episode ends at this point.