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White Hat's Off - Recap

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The episode begins with the President looking out of the window, while standing in his office. His wife Mellie who is pregnant, discusses what color the nursery walls should be, but the President just isn’t interested. She tells Fitz that, their baby is not just their baby but “America’s baby” and therefore he needs to put on a happy face. Olivia on the other hand is outside a courtroom talking to the media about a female client of hers who has allegedly killed seven people. The woman’s lawyer tells the media that her client Lindsey will be proven innocent. Then it’s shown that, Lindsey is actually Quinn.

She is released from the lockup and taken to court. In the courtroom, David is shown playing an audio clip of a woman ranting and telling someone “you are so dead”. He then tells the jury how, Quinn two days after threatening her boyfriend wrapped a bomb and mailed it to him. “When Jesse Tyler opened the box, he and six of his coworkers were blown to bits” David adds. Later, Quinn in a confined room is shown telling Olivia and team “how can they think I built a bomb? You know me I can’t operate a cappuccino machine”. Turns out, Quinn had been dating Jesse for six months; he then cheated on her with a woman named Elaine. Quinn tells the team she was drunk and angry when she threatened her boyfriend.

She also tells the team she ran only because she was scared, that too because when she went back home, she saw her home was surrounded by cops and FBI agents. She then stayed in a motel, where someone paid her a visit, knocked her unconscious and a few days later she was in DC, with a completely new identity. Someone had made for her a new passport and even given her new social security number, but she didn’t know who. In court, David brings in a doctor who confirms that in 100 years of medical history no case has been reported of the dissociative state that Quinn has described she was in, when she woke up in a hotel in DC. David asks the jury for a death penalty, for the crime Quinn has committed.

Later, an aide of Congressman Shaw from Rhode Island arrives at Olivia’s office and begs her to come with him to visit the Congressman, as he has a big problem in his office. Congressman Shaw tells Olivia and her team that, he found a bug in his office, which means someone has been watching him. He then comes to the point and tells Olivia he didn’t call the cops but her, only because he had a woman in his office earlier. He had sex with the woman on his official desk. The woman he is sleeping with is a woman named Jennifer Price, who he met at a fundraiser. Jennifer Price is later informed about it and is mortified; therefore Olivia and team conclude she didn’t do it.

Olivia is later informed that the Congressman’s sex tape will be released to all major networks “tomorrow by noon”. Olivia tells her team to try and stop the tape from releasing. Olivia then pays Quinn a visit, and sees that she has hired another lawyer who has promised to get her a plea deal. Quinn feels it’s her only shot, therefore she fires Olivia. Olivia asks to speak to Quinn, for a few minutes alone. “I just need you to trust me” she tells Quinn emphatically. Olivia then comes out and tells Quinn’s new lawyer that he is fired, as Quinn is still her client. Later, Olivia and team manage to get their hands on the sex tape. They also discover that the Congressman has slept with multiple women.

Olivia confronts the Congressman about it. He tells her he is single and enjoys the company of women. Olivia though feels the revelation that he is a womanizer might not be too great for his political career. Just then Olivia and he are informed that tape is going viral “tomorrow at noon”, as the judge did not give the injunction. Fitz and Mellie on the other hand, come to know during a TV interview that they are having a baby boy. The whole thing was orchestrated in such a fashion, so that the reaction of the couple would be genuine. Later, while at home, Olivia receives a call from Fitz. He basically tells her that he is missing her, but she tells him to not lose focus and asks him to hang up. But, neither of them hangs up. The two, then discuss the TV interview.

In the end they express their love for each other and hang up. In the morning, Olivia tells her team they are going to release the tape, before anyone else can. That way, they can control the narrative, and reduce the damage. Olivia warns Shaw that first couple of hours after the tape is released it would be tough. He shall then have to apologize to the voters. He can then use the media attention to focus on the issues that he wants to discuss. Later it is shown that, things work out just fine for Shaw just like she had planned. The media, commend the way he has handled the whole fiasco. Later, Olivia is informed that, they might lose Quinn’s case, as they haven’t found any information that would really help her cause.

Olivia is visibly disturbed to hear this. Later in jail, Harrison informs Quinn of the same, and tells her they found no proof or trace of the person who made her Quinn Perkins. “You think I made it up?” she asks Harrison. Harrison visibly distressed tells her “doesn’t matter what I think”. He tells her, if the jury comes back with a guilty verdict they shall appeal. Olivia on the other hand is shown telling someone on the phone “we are going to lose this thing”. Later in court, Quinn’s lawyer again tells the judge that the evidence presented by the government against Quinn is “circumstantial” and therefore she moves for acquittal.

To everyone’s surprise the judge accepts the defense’s motion and dismisses the case, agreeing that all the evidence against Quinn is actually circumstantial. David is livid on hearing this judgment. “This is outrageous” David exclaims. The judge warns him to pipe down or that he shall be held in contempt. “This case is over” the judge then says emphatically. Later, David tells Olivia “I know you did it; I don’t know how, but I am going to find out”. Later, Olivia tells her team to provide Quinn with 24 hour security, as there are protestors outside her apartment. Her team questions her about how; Quinn managed to win the acquittal. She though, doesn’t answer their questions, but instead tells them that Quinn is going to live, which is a good thing.

The scene then flashes back to two years ago. Quinn is shown sitting in a motel alone, when someone covers her mouth and injects something into her neck. She is then shown waking up in a DC hotel. She looks around and on a table nearby sees documents like her passport etc, with her new identity. She is then shown leaving the hotel, with Huck looking on at her from a distance. Back in the present, Huck sees a video footage of himself, standing outside the hotel, and deletes it. Back in the past, he is shown entering a car in which Olivia is sitting. He tells her “she took it, everything we left for her; she is good to go”. The episode ends at this point.