Beltway Unbuckled - Recap

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The episode begins with Mellie rudely awakening Fitz from his sleep. Mellie is still angry about the fact that Fitz hasn’t managed to get over Olivia, and gives him an earful early in the morning. Abby and David are still in bed enjoying the sex. David receives a call and pretends its form his mother. He asks Abby to leave the room and then tells his secretary who has actually called that, he is trying his best to extract information from Abby, but that she is absolutely refusing to talk about work. A couple tells Olivia how their daughter Jenny is missing. They show Olivia a video of Jenny, and it’s of the time they dropped her off to college. She hasn’t been seen since.

The couple is Senator Davis’s constituents and he has brought the couple to Olivia’s office. Olivia asks the couple to go public with this by alerting the national media that she is missing, so the whole nation looks for her. She also suggests that a picture of Jenny’s that would move people should accompany the alert. Harrison finds out from a friend about a blog, in which a girl writes about some politician she has slept with the previous night. The girl goes out anonymously and does this only to describe the next day “what a bad lay he is”. Harrison figures out the girl from the blog, is Jenny, as the entries on the blog stopped the day Jenny disappeared. Harrison tells Olivia “she’s the girl Liv, the one who has been sleeping around town”.

Jenny’s doings are later revealed on the news and Jenny’s parents watch all of it with utter shock. Olivia and team try deciphering Jenny’s blog to see if they can find out from it, some clues to her disappearance. “What did Jenny do Saturday before she disappeared?” Olivia wonders. Just then, Quinn informs the team that an unconscious girl matching Jenny’s description has been found in a hospital in Newport, Rhode Island. The girl’s condition is stable. Just then Olivia receives a call and on her own, visits a crime scene. The team, on the other hand, waits to see the faxed photo of the girl from Newport. Olivia is shown the battered body of a girl, by the cops. “It’s not our daughter” says Jenny’s father after seeing the faxed photo. Olivia recognizes the battered body as Jenny’s.

Later, Olivia and team find out that, Jenny attended a State Department party on the day she disappeared. Later, Olivia pays the Supreme Court Justice a visit in the hospital, where she is secretly getting treated for cancer. The team zero in on a guy named Alexander Lavich, who was possibly with Jenny the night she was murdered. The team finds out that, Lavich who is a diplomat from Kyrgyzstan has diplomatic immunity; which means he can’t be held or tried in the US, unless his immunity is revoked by Kyrgyzstan. Olivia figures, the President of the US can make Pakistan do so. Olivia meets with Fitz and asks him to revoke the immunity, but he makes it absolutely clear to her that he can’t. Later, the whole media goes wild with reports of how Lavich has diplomatic immunity and how the US President needs to step in and force Kyrgyzstan to revoke it.

Jenny’s parents too, make a heartfelt plea in front of the cameras to the President. Abby breaks into David’s apartment while he is away, as she feels he is up to something. She then sees a wall in his apartment dedicated to Quinn’s boyfriend and Citron the company he was working for. She is also shocked when she sees Olivia photos on that wall. David on the other hand finds out, how Quinn’s boyfriend Jesse Tyler called up a number in DC 11 times the week before he died. David later meets with Doyle from Doyle Energy. Turns out, Jesse made those 11 calls to Doyle Energy, although Cytron doesn’t have any contracts with them. The calls were made to Doyle’s security head. David asks Doyle if it would be possible to talk to his security head. Doyle diplomatically turns down David’s request.

Mellie calls Olivia for a private meeting. Mellie tells Olivia she is ready to support Olivia in her cause. She feels the First Lady standing behind the cause would help change the administration’s mind. Later, Mellie offers her complete support to Jenny’s parents, in front of the media. Fitz and Cyrus are visibly bothered by this. Fitz tells Cyrus how he arguably the most powerful man in the world is being brought to his knees by his wife and Olivia. Fitz figures out that Mellie and Olivia are working together. Cyrus feels the women in Fitz’s life have played a very “mean game of political chess”. “Game over they win” Fitz says. Fitz later meets Olivia and tells him that Lavich shall be expelled from the US and that’s the best he can do.

Olivia isn’t too happy with the fact that, Jenny’s parents won’t receive any justice. Fitz explains to her how he tried, by calling Kyrgyzstan to withdraw the immunity, but they denied it. The two, then talk about their future and Olivia tells him, they actually do not have a future together. “Fine we’re done” Fitz says. “That’s what you want right?” he adds. He also adds, he shall drop the charges against Senator Davis. He has to be responsible he concludes, and Olivia with tears in her eyes, agrees. Later, Fitz talks about the Lavich issue in front of the media, and says he did the best he could, given the situation. Jenny’s parents are livid at the whole situation. They somehow want justice for their daughter. Olivia tries explaining to them that, the President did everything that he could.

Huck figures out Jenny’s father might try to kill Lavich and asks him not to do it. He in turn tells Huck, he wouldn’t understand how it feels losing a child. Quinn discusses with Harrison how she is bothered by the fact that no one ever questions Olivia about anything that she does. Harrison tells Quinn how Olivia saved his life. Therefore “I don’t wanna know the hows, I don’t wanna know the whys” he says. He simply wants to come to work every day and do what Olivia asks him to do. Quinn apparently isn’t too convinced by Harrison’s reasoning but doesn’t say anything. Jenny’s father hides a gun and is about to leave his hotel room, when he sees on the news that Lavich was found dead at home. On the news it’s mentioned, Lavich apparently had a freak heart attack. It appears as if Huck had something to do with it.

Abby walks into David’s bathroom while he is taking a shower. He is shocked to no end to see her there. She asks him what their relationship is all about. “We should talk about what’s going on with Olivia Pope” she tells him. David tells Abby about his research on Quinn and Olivia. He says he was wrong to focus on Quinn and Olivia; his focus should have instead been Doyle. David says the murder of the 7 people at Citron is bigger than Olivia and Quinn.

On the other hand, Doyle, the Supreme Court Justice, Mellie and Cyrus are in a meeting. David feels there is a conspiracy that goes really high up, but Abby feels conspiracy is a “strong word”. Olivia enters the room where the meeting is taking place. “I hear we have a David Rosen issue” she tells Doyle. “That we do Olivia that we do” Doyle says. Fitz oblivious to all of it, is on his way to the G8 Summit. The episode ends at this point.