All Roads Lead to Fitz - Recap

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The episode begins at the meeting where Mellie, Cyrus, Olivia, the Chief Justice and Doyle are meeting up. Mellie is worried that she is risking everything by being at the meeting. Olivia assures her they are all risking everything by being there. Doyle tells everyone present that they would all be in trouble if David finds out the connection between Citron and Doyle Energy. He warns them that they would all have to spend the rest of their lives in prison, if David manages to find out the truth. “Our David Rosen problem, I will fix it” Olivia says. David on the other hand is told by his boss that he can return to work, if he forgets about Olivia Pope.

Olivia and team arrive at a house where a dead guy is lying on the floor. Turns out, the guy was trying to rape a woman, when her husband came back home caught the guy in the act and killed him. The husband basically shot the guy. Olivia walks up to the husband and asks “are you ready to tell me what happened Governor?” The Governor describes to Olivia how he saw the man raping his wife and therefore shot him. The Governor says the rapist was his contractor and had helped build his house. Later, Jane Powell who is David’s replacement at the US Attorney’s office arrives at the Governor’s house. Olivia seems to have a hold over her and asks Jane to meet her, at her office later in the day. Cyrus is surprised to find his husband James, working at the White House as a journalist. “I called my old boss and he gave me my old job back” James tells Cyrus. “Guess he cares about me and my happiness” James adds, scornfully.

Basically, James is giving it back to Cyrus for not wanting to adopt a baby, which James would have very much liked. David tells Abby he has been offered his job back but doesn’t know if he should take it. He also mentions how he is meeting an ex-Citron guy, who might be able to give him some information about Doyle. Abby thinks it’s a bad idea for David to jeopardize his whole career for a conspiracy theory. Later at the office, Olivia tells her team to dig up dirt about the contractor, so the Governor can be made to look like a hero for his actions. Olivia team then gets to work. The team finds out that the contractor was a “serial shoplifter”. The team also finds out that the contractor used to sleep with his customers, which means the contractor wasn’t really raping the Governor’s wife, but the two were sleeping together.

Olivia confronts the Governor’s wife about it, in the Governor’s presence. Basically, the Governor burst in on his wife having sex with the contractor and therefore she cried rape, although she was actually having an affair with the contractor. “You were having an affair Joan and that’s why you tried to hide it” Olivia says. Joan in tears admits to the truth. The Governor is outraged and livid at knowing the truth. David is disappointed when he finds out from his source that, Doyle didn’t kill the Citron employees. James on the other hand is busy giving Cyrus a tough time at work. Olivia tells the Governor “you wife will likely go to prison, she cried rape and caused you to kill an innocent man”. The Governor asks Olivia if they can keep this new revelation under wraps.

Olivia warns him if the police find out that, it wasn’t a rape and figure out they were trying to hide it, the law will not show any leniency towards him or his wife. The Governor asks Olivia to find out if there is a “paper trail” that would reveal the truth. “And if there isn’t?” Olivia asks. “The world thinks I am a hero Liv, why disappoint them” the Governor replies calmly. At work, Cyrus finds James talking to Mellie. Cyrus calls her aside to talk to her. Cyrus warns her to not to talk to a journalist while the president is out of the country. She reminds him that James is also his husband, but he argues that while in the White House, James is only a journalist. “You are not to make a single news story right now” he says.

He basically tells her, any news about her would draw people’s attention away from the president and the “big G8 conference” he is attending. She in turn brings up the Citron issue and says she won’t attend any more of the secret meetings. She adds that, if the issue becomes public she will deny the whole thing. Cyrus firmly tells her that attending the meetings isn’t optional and also makes it clear to her, she won’t have time to deny anything if the issue becomes public. He then threatens her by saying he will do anything to make sure things go smoothly. He warns her to never think of ever defying him. David lands up at Olivia’s office with two cops. He informs her that he is back on the job, and also informs her that the rape investigation has now turned into a homicide investigation, as he knows about the affair.

Olivia in private tells the Governor that David knows about the affair and is there to presses charges against him for murder. Joan on hearing this decides to own up and tell the cops that she lied about the rape. The Governor doesn’t want her to go to jail and therefore doesn’t want her to own up. Joan is persistent and wants to fix the issue on her own, as she is the one who has created it. Later, the cops place her under arrest in David’s presence. Abby finds out that, the ex-Citron guy David met, was actually Olivia’s guy. Cyrus and James again discuss the fact that, he isn’t happy with James working at the White House. James tells Cyrus he is good at being a reporter and therefore wants to continue.

Cyrus tries to bribe James with a baby, but James only wants them to have a baby if Cyrus wants it and not because he doesn’t want James working at the White House. The two just can’t see eye to eye on the issue and walk away angrily from each other. At the Governor’s office, Olivia readies the Governor for a press conference. He then walks out to meet the press. Just then Olivia receives a call from Harrison. She searches for something on the Governor’s desk to note down a number. While at it she sees a photograph buried underneath a few files. The photograph is of the Governor’s wife lying in bed with the contractor. She immediately figures out that, the Governor knew about his wife’s affair and had possibly planned the contractor’s murder.

After the press conference Olivia confronts the Governor with the photographs in hand. He admits to his crime and tells her how his “approval ratings are through the roof” thanks to the whole episode. “What a wonderful gift my cheating wife gave me” he says. Olivia can’t reveal any of it because he is her client and therefore she is sworn to secrecy, Olivia knows this, but promises to make his life difficult. Abby meets David and tells him the Citron guy was a plant.

She then tells him Citron was also into software development. She then shocks David by telling him, the software Quinn’s boyfriend was working on, was used to influence voting machines. Turns out, Olivia is listening in on the whole conversation and decides to deal with the issue, all on her own. The episode ends at this point.