Spies Like Us - Recap

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The episode begins with a man rushing to give an envelope to a mailman, collecting mail from a post box. He watches the mail van drive away, then takes out a gun and shoots himself in the head. It is then shown that the letter he sent has Olivia’s name and address on it. Olivia returns home after her date with Edison. She then again taps into David’s apartment and listens in on the conversation he and Abby are having. David asks Abby to move it and she accepts. Olivia is visibly unhappy to hear this. Huck on the other hand is in bed with his new girlfriend.

She leaves to take a shower and Huck immediately springs into action and photographs all her personal documents like her driving license her credit cards etc. Cyrus reads an unflattering article that James has written about Doyle, and is livid. James oblivious to Cyrus’s anger tells him how his editor loved the piece and wants him to write more articles exposing Doyle. “James you cannot write articles about Hollace Doyle” Cyrus says emphatically. “Watch me” James says in anger and walks away. At the office, Olivia tells Huck he has to trust his girlfriend. He says he trusts her but still wants to do a thorough background check. Olivia opens the envelope from the man, who shot himself in the beginning. Inside she finds a check for $1000 and a paper, with musical notations on it.

Huck figures out that, there is a hidden message in the notations. Huck figures out from the encrypted code within the notations that, the message is asking Olivia to protect some people. The names of those people are also given. Huck assumes they are names of spies, who need protection. In fact, one of them names on the list is Huck’s. The team finds out about the man who shot himself and his name is Robert Brooks. Huck recognizes the man as Crosby, his “case officer in B613”. Quinn asks what B613 is, but Olivia stops her from asking anything further. Huck in the meantime is really worried and says “this is bad, very bad”. Huck explains that Crosby shot himself in public so Olivia and team would know that he was killed by someone else. Huck packs his bags in order to leave as he doesn’t want Olivia falling in trouble.

But, she stops him and promises him that they will together take care of this issue. “I can give you 24 hours” Huck says. Olivia immediately springs into action and instructs her team members to get working. The team, zero in on an international hacker named Sarnoff, who they think might be the brain behind exposing B613. They conclude this because Sarnoff in the past has done similar things. “He is careful and he has an army of hackers covering his tracks” Huck says. Olivia concludes there are only 6 “big fish clients” Sarnoff could be working with. “Find out which one and get me a meeting” she tells her team. Later, Olivia has a meeting with Sarnoff who is communicating with her via a computer, and with his face pixilated.

She tries reasoning with him, but he feels the public deserves to know about B613 because its spies have blood on their hands and therefore need to be exposed. Later at her office, she tells Huck all the other spies who are on the list all 5 of them, need to be brought in. Huck doesn’t feels that’s a good idea, as they can be dangerous, but Olivia says the Sarnoff “doesn’t have the goods yet” and is bluffing. She feels if Sarnoff had the relevant information, he would have already exposed the spies. She says it’s one of the spies who, is going to give Sarnoff the relevant documentation in near future. She wants them brought in so she can find out, who amongst the spies is a leak. Later, Harrison finds Olivia standing alone in her office looking really worried.

He asks her what’s bothering her, and says he will do anything to help her out. She says she can’t tell him what the issue is, but simply says “Abby and David can’t be together”. “Consider it handled” he says. “Her ex-husband used to beat her. You might want to use that” Olivia adds. The next day, the first spy named Wink, comes in. Her real name is Maggie Andrews. The next spy to come in is Paul Gray. The third spy is a man named Melvin. The fourth spy is a woman named Betsy Gray. The last spy to come in is Charlie. Olivia talks to the whole team of spies about Sarnoff. They say they like their present lives and do not want to go on the run once again. Olivia says that if they want their lives to remain normal, they have to find the leak.

Cyrus on the other hand manages to convince James to not write about Hollace Doyle, but telling him how he might lose his job because of it, while shedding a few tears. James leaves the room and Cyrus stops his pretend crying and says to himself “the things I have to do”. Olivia manages to get hold of the bank account number of the person, from whom Sarnoff is slated to get the leaked information. Olivia gives the bank account number to Huck, who figures out that it’s a Swiss Bank account. He says a Swiss Bank account can’t be hacked, therefore it’s “game over”. In other words, he has no other option but to leave. Olivia says she can’t let him go without saying a goodbye, and Huck promises that he won’t.

He then insists that she go home and not return to the office. “We are in my wheelhouse now” he says. Huck shows the spies the account number, and they figure out that the culprit is Melvin. Turns out, Melvin, who is now a doctor, pretended to prescribe some medicine to someone over the phone, when it actually was his Swiss bank account number. Later, Huck sends Olivia’s team home and says he needs some “alone time” with the other spies. Huck then tries convincing all his mates to spare Melvin and not kill him, as they aren’t killers anymore. Charlie seems convinced and so do the others, but suddenly a bullet passes through Melvin’s head. It is then shown that, it’s Maggie who shot him. “It was a nice speech Huck. Really” she then says, gun in hand. The spies then spring into action so they can clean up the place and dispose off, Melvin’s body.

Huck though, is still in a state of daze at Melvin being shot and sits by himself in a chair doing nothing. The spies in the meantime do their job of cleaning the place, gather Melvin’s body, and leave Olivia’s office. In the morning Olivia comes to the office and sees Huck sitting in a daze. She is relieved that he is still there and hasn’t left. She tells Huck, how important he is to her. Harrison manages to get David’s old girlfriend Teresa Dunn to lie to Abby that, he had physically abused her when they were dating. Abby is livid upon this discovery and confronts David about it. He pleads with her to give him a chance to explain, but she herself being a victim of physical abuse, doesn’t believe a word of what David says.

She storms out of his house in anger and says she doesn’t want to see his face ever again. Edison arrives at Olivia’s doorstep and asks her to invite him in; she suddenly breaks down and begins sobbing. She then hugs him and begins kissing him. The two then go back into the house. The episode ends at this point.