Defiance - Recap

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The episode begins with Edison telling Olivia the women he has dated. He in return wants Olivia to tell him the men she has dated. “There is nothing to tell” Olivia says. Edison is persistent. He comments how “normal people talk, they share”. “When something big happens in the senate today, you should one of the first senators to make a statement of support” Olivia tells a baffled Edison. “This is you sharing?” asks Edison. “Whoever he was he really hurt you didn’t he?” Edison adds. Just then Olivia receives a call from Harrison and leaves for work. David is leaving messages for Abby telling her how much he misses her. He is still trying to convince her that “the whole Teresa Dunn thing is a complete lie”.

David meets James and hands him a case containing all the papers about how Hollace Doyle rigged the voting machines during the elections. He says Doyle did it so Doyle could get approval for an oil pipeline running through the middle of the country, in return. James hands back David the case as he feels what David is saying is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. David urges James to look at the documents in the case before he makes his decision. Olivia’s new client is the son of the head of “Pierce Industries”. Turns out, Harold Pierce the head, is going crazy and the son shows Olivia and team a video, to that effect. In the video Harold is seen riding a bike through his mansion, while letting out yells of joy. Harold’s ex-wife, who is also present at the meeting, feels her husband is suffering from some kind of a psychotic breakdown.

Harold is now living with his young girlfriend Jenna, who is an actress. The son is worried because Harold is the face of a multi-billion dollar company and its IPO is all set to come out in a few days. Harold’s wife and son basically want the IPO to come out without incident. Harrison and team move to get Harold incapacitated, so his son can be appointed his legal guardian. The judge though, needs “an independent psych eval” before she makes a decision. “Get him checked out, we will go from there” the judge says. Harold later conclusively proves to a shrink that, he is off his marbles. Harrison and Abby stakeout in front of Harold’s home, so he cannot leave it till the IPO is out. If Harold does try to get out, he would be taken to a psych ward for evaluation. James tells David over the phone that, he went through the documents but is still not convinced.

David tires to convince him but James but to no avail. James then puts the folder with the documents, in his office desk drawer. Quinn asks Huck about some drug that he might know, will make someone pass out for more than 10 hours. He gives her the name M99 and says it should do the trick. At a dinner in White House celebrating Fitz’s birthday, James is attending with Percy. During the dinner, Fitz mentions how he won the elections because of just one county, named Defiance County in Ohio. James is visibly disturbed to hear this. He later goes back to his office and checks the documents given to him by David. In it he sees the mention of Defiance County. Harrison is informed by Harold’s girlfriend that Harold is really sick. She asks them to call Harold, a particular doctor.

The doctor is later summoned and let into the house, but the girlfriend stops Harrison and Abby from entering. James begins his investigations; based on the documents he has been given. He begins his investigations at Defiance County. James manages to gain access to the place where the Defiance County voting machines are kept. James was told by a couple of techno-geeks that the memory card of the machines could be reprogrammed and they could then be used to reassign votes. So basically, James needs to find a machine with a memory card. He frantically searches for a machine with a memory card but finds, a memory card missing from all the machines. Harrison and Abby are called into the house and discover that Harold has married his girlfriend Jenna. The doctor, who was let in, was “a doctor of theology” in other words a minister.

Harold informs the two that now Jenna is his wife and she is the only one legally authorized to “commit” him. He therefore asks Harrison and Abby to “pack up and beat it”. James finds one of the voting machines missing, as per a list he has. The guard there tells him a machine has been kept on display in the County high school, as a commemoration. James gets a call from Cyrus and tells him, he is with his dad. James arrives at the high school. Quinn in the meantime, is trying to find out how she ended up in a hotel in Washington, with a new identity. Fitz finds out that Olivia is seeing Edison. He is visibly hurt and disturbed on discovering this. Next day, Harold shoots his son in the arm. His son had come to the house to talk to him.

Huck attends to his injury as taking him to the hospital would mean too much unwanted publicity. “This family feud, it ends now” Harrison angrily tells both Harold and his son. James manages to gain access to the voting machine in the high school. He is relieved to find out that this voting machine has a memory card in it. Harrison tells Harold’s son Skip that Harold probably isn’t crazy. “You are being a huge pain in the ass about the IPO and I wanna know why?” Harrison then tells Harold. Harold says all these years he did everything to keep his family happy and now he wants to have some fun. He realizes he is old enough to be Jenna’s grandfather but, “I am having fun”. He adds how he is spending his own money to have his fun and not taking it from his ex-wife or his son. Harold feels Skip is capable, but wants to sabotage the IPO because he loves Skip and doesn’t want Skip to end up like he did.

He basically doesn’t want Skip wasting his life trying to build a pile of money. Skip in turn tells Harold, working in his family’s company is what makes him happy. Skip says he was pushing the IPO because he thought that’s what Harold wanted, “a culmination to a great business career”. Harrison feels he has a solution that will be suitable for the both of them. James confirms that the voting machine is actually rigged. Harold makes a public statement cancelling the IPO. “The company will remain in the family” he says. Also, he hands over the reins of the company to Skip. Fitz on his part is trying to get over Olivia and Cyrus is pleasantly surprised to see that. Olivia too discovers this and does her best to accept the situation happily.

Olivia tells Edison there was a guy before him, the relationship was serious, but now it has ended. “I’m all in” she tells him. Quinn finds out that, Olivia had a hand in her being transported to Washington and being given a new identity. Fitz arrives at a gala being held in his honor at the White House. He steps out of his vehicle and walks towards the White House with Mellie, just then a gunshot is heard and Fitz is seen collapsing. The episode ends at this point.