Happy Birthday, Mr. President - Recap

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The episode begins with a newscaster declaring that President Fitzgerald Grant has been rushed to a hospital. The scene then flashes back to the night of the gala, when Fitz stepped out of his vehicle with Mellie. It is seen that multiple shots were fired and two of them hit Fitz. He is immediately put in his limo and rushed to the hospital. Olivia and Cyrus arrive at the hospital. Mellie is already there and is losing it. She is absolutely frantic. Olivia arrives outside Fitz’s room and hears the doctor yelling out to Fitz, telling him “you cannot die”. She then sees Fitz being rushed out of his room in bandages, with blood all over him.

Cyrus is busy mouthing off instructions on things that need to be done, in the present situation. Olivia is on the phone with Edison. She tells him she doesn’t have any idea, what is happening. He says he is being put in a bunker along with the speaker of the house and members of the cabinet. Olivia flashes back to the time Fitz won the election and was about to take his oath. She recollects how she gifted him Eisenhower’s pin, shaped like an American flag. She and Fitz are getting cozy in his office minutes before him officially being declared the President. Mellie enters just then, but doesn’t suspect anything. She is all excited about the fact that Fitz is becoming the President. Fitz then takes the oath. Later in night, Fitz calls Olivia to his office.

The two get playful and Fitz tires to get cozy with Olivia. Olivia tries to stop him, reminding him that they are in his office. Fitz pays no heed to what she is saying and continues kissing her. “We decided we have to stop” Olivia emphatically tells him. But, Fitz is persistent and Olivia in the end gives in. The two end up having sex, on his desk. Back in the present, the newscaster declares that, Fitz sustained “either 3 or 4 bullet wounds”. It’s also revealed that Fitz is in surgery. The VP Sally Langston in the meantime is told she shall be taken to a secure location, but she insists that she be taken to the “south lawn of the White House”. Then from the “south lawn” Sally gives a speech to the American people.

She assures the people that she is in the White House and in-charge of the situation. “God Bless President Grant and God Bless America” she says, signing off. Olivia decides to take over things at the White House, till things are back to normal. Cyrus is really angry at what Sally has done. He reminds her that according to the constitution she can take over, only if the President is dead. “If the President dies, I will call you” Cyrus in the end tells Sally. He tells her that until then, she shall be taken to an “undisclosed secure location”. Flashback to the time right after Fitz became the President. It is shown how Olivia actively participated in making policies of the state, along with Cyrus and Fitz. On the side she is also shown having a torrid affair with Fitz. Back in the present, Olivia holds a press briefing in the White House.

She efficiently answers all the questions thrown at her by the reporters. Flashback to the past and Olivia is informed that, some reporter named Richard is looking into voting irregularities in Ohio. She decides to handle the situation personally. She then calls up Huck and says she needs his help. She later meets Huck outside the White House. Huck informs her that, Richard got his information from a Citron employee named Jesse Tyler. She sees that Huck is looking like a hobo and has nowhere to live. She gives him the keys to her house and says he will live with her from now on. She asks Huck to take a shower before touching anything in her apartment. Olivia later meets Doyle and tells him about Jesse Tyler.

Doyle assures her, he will deal with the issue. In the night Olivia meets Fitz. Fitz isn’t happy that Olivia is pushing her away because she doesn’t want to be the other woman in the relationship. He tells her that he loves her and she can’t “drive” him away. “I belong to you, we are in this together” Fitz angrily tells Olivia and walks away. Back in the present it is declared that, the White House press secretary Britta Cragen, who also took a bullet, has succumbed to her injuries. Olivia is informed by Edison that, the VP is lobbying to get the signatures from cabinet members in the bunker and is two signatures away from becoming the President.

Olivia feels Mellie is the only one who can stop Sally in her tracks, by talking to the American people. “Sally Langston is knocking on the door of the Oval Office, you need to make sure that the American people don’t let her in” Olivia tells Mellie. Flashback to Olivia telling Fitz that, she is in love with him too. “We’re in this together” she tells him. Back in the present Olivia breaks down, as she can’t stop reliving the memories of the time she spent with Fitz. Later, Mellie addresses the nation at a press meet. During the speech Mellie says she wants to put all rumors to rest.

“America has a President, a living President and his name is Fitzgerald Grant” she tells the nation. “He hasn’t given up on you, so please don’t give up on him” Mellie adds. Flashback to Olivia being told about the explosion at the Citron office; she is informed that 7 people were killed. Olivia later meets Doyle and asks “did you kill 7 people?” “You said take care of it, I took care of it” Doyle says. Olivia is shocked to hear this and says she did not ask him to commit “cold-blooded murder”. Doyle says he did what he had to do. Doyle feels it was “collateral damage” to save the Presidency. Olivia is shocked at Doyle’s attitude and walks away visibly frazzled. Back in the present Olivia hears the doctors tell Mellie, the three bullets in Fitz’s body have been removed, but he is still unresponsive.

The doctors also mention how they don’t know, as to when Fitz will begin responding. “I don’t know is not an acceptable answer” Mellie tells the doctor. There was a lot of damage the doctor says. “At this point he is lucky to be alive” the doctor adds. Later, Olivia tells Cyrus “it’s over”. Flashback to an overjoyed James telling Olivia that Cyrus has proposed him for marriage. James leaves and Olivia tells Cyrus that the explosion at Citron was Doyle’s doing. Cyrus isn’t surprised to hear this, as he was anyway suspecting it. Olivia tells him, an innocent girl named Lindsey Dwyer is being blamed for the explosion. Olivia feels they need to do something about it, but Cyrus says there is nothing that can be done.

Basically, exposing the issue would mean the end of Fitz’s presidency Cyrus tells her. Cyrus asks Olivia to simply move on, as they have a country to run. Later, Olivia places her resignation on Fitz’s desk and leaves. Fitz comes back to his office and is shocked to see it. Back in the present, Sally is sworn in as the new President, much to Cyrus’s chagrin. Fitz on the other hand is still in “critical condition”. On the news the suspect’s description is given. Harrison comments on how the description could fit that, of about 100,000 people in Washington. It’s then shown that, it’s Huck, who shot the President. The episode ends at this point.