Blown Away - Recap

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The episode begins with the new President Sally Langton addressing the nation. She tells the nation that Fitz’s condition is still critical. She adds that even if Fitz wakes up the doctors wouldn’t know the extent of the damage to his brain, at least for a couple of weeks. The manhunt for the person responsible for the attack on Fitz is still on. In office, Huck walks up to Harrison and tells him that the person everyone is looking for is him. Olivia in the meantime is still handling things at the White House. She receives a call from Harrison who calls her back to the office. She says she is busy working.

Harrison then angrily tells her “get your ass back here…now!” At the office Huck tells Olivia that he received a call from Becky telling him she had relapsed and needed his help. He says he received the call from her 2 days ago. Becky gave him a room number to a hotel where she was staying and asked him to come over. He reached there and found the door open. He went inside but Becky wasn’t there. Instead he saw a telescopic rifle pointing out of the window. The moment he entered the room the gun was activated on its own and began firing at someone outside. Turns out, it was Fitz and his associates who were being fired at. Basically, the rifle is a remote controlled one and works on the same technology that model airplanes work on.

Its signal is untraceable and it can be activated from anywhere between 50 feet to two states away. Huck realized what happened and he immediately removed the gun from the room. Huck then shows Olivia and team the gun that shot the President. Huck tells the team everything he knows about Rebecca. Olivia asks Huck if there is any chance Rebecca had a hand in setting him up. “No” says Huck emphatically. He says he is trained to detect lying and is sure, Rebecca would never frame him. Huck believes Rebecca is in trouble and has been kidnapped by someone, who is a professional. Olivia says they will connect the dots and strictly instructs Huck to not leave the office, as he is at the moment the most wanted man in America. Cyrus finds out that James lied to him about visiting his father “this last weekend”.

Doyle hands Sally an envelope and says she has an opportunity to make history. Quinn tells Huck she feels the Citron explosion and Fitz’s assassination attempt are connected. Basically, she concludes Huck was framed because someone found out he helped Quinn slip through their fingers. Abby asks for David’s help in getting the hotel security footage, where Becky was at. David gets it for her and delivers it to her office. She thanks him and he quietly leaves. From the footage they find that Becky checked into the hotel all alone. No one paid her a visit there, although she had told Huck she was meeting her business clients there. Also, Becky called no one but Huck from her phone for the past three months.

They find that her credits cards are also three months old and she met Huck at the support group just three months ago. Huck is presented with all these fact but isn’t ready to accept that Becky set him up. He decides to deal with this issue himself and leaves the office despite Harrison trying to stop him. Huck looks around in the house Becky had rented. He eventually finds a secret room dedicated to him. There are photos of him on the walls. In some of them he is with Olivia and in the others he is with some of the other team members. Basically, the photos are a clear indication that Huck was being spied on. Huck realizes Becky framed him. The envelope Doyle gave Sally reveals that Justice Thornton has cancer.

Sally pays her a visit at the hospital and asks her to step down so she can appoint her own candidate to the post. Thornton refuses, but Sally threatens to end her career and make her ailment public if she doesn’t. Abby in the meantime tells Olivia that “Huck’s gone”. Huck is outside the home of a regular family that he usually likes watching. He dozes off and when he wakes up he finds Becky in the backseat of his car and pointing a gun to his head. Becky says she and Huck are alike and she likes him and if she really wanted Huck to be arrested, he would surely have been by now. She asks Huck to come with her.

She is leaving town and wants Huck to come along. They could be like “Bonnie and Clyde” she suggests. She asks Huck to think about it. “You know where to find me” she then says and leaves. Cyrus arrives at Olivia’s house with a bottle of wine and tells her James is cheating on him. Cyrus says he has hired a PI to confirm his doubts. Becky returns to the house she has been hiding in and sees Huck sitting there. Huck walks up to her and the two begins kissing passionately. The two have sex and afterwards Huck says “I’ll leave with you”. They both confess their love to each other. “What’s your name?” Huck asks. “Does it matter?” she asks. “No it doesn’t” Huck says and asks for an hour to get “his stuff”. Cyrus finds out from the PI that James isn’t cheating on him.

The PI also reveals that James has been talking to David quite frequently. The PI says David has been calling James for some kind of information, but James hasn’t given him anything. The PI also tells Cyrus about James’s visit to Defiance Ohio. Cyrus is shocked to hear this. “Keep watching him. I will pay you whatever you want” Cyrus says. Huck meets Olivia to say goodbye. Olivia figures out that Becky has gotten to him. She tries to make him realize what Becky has done. “Do I tell you who to love? So don’t tell me” Huck tells Olivia angrily and leaves. Huck is in a visible conflict. A little later he is shown telling Harrison over the phone to plant a gun in Becky’s house, after she leaves to meet him. “Huck you are doing the right thing” Harrison tells him.

Cyrus surprises James by showing him the photograph of a baby girl, who he says they are going to adopt. He says he pulled some strings at the hospital to expedite the adoption. Cyrus makes it clear that James will have to quit his job to take care of the baby. James happily agrees. Huck waits for Becky to arrive. They had decided to meet outside the house of the family he usually watches. He waits for a long time outside the house but when she doesn’t arrive, he finds something odd as he doesn’t see any of the family members through the window. He goes inside and sees all the family members have been killed by Becky and in the background he hears the recording of his and Harrison’s conversation about framing Becky.

The recording is playing in a loop. James and David are meeting at a baby store. James tells him all that he has discovered about the elections being rigged. James gives David the memory card he stole from the voting machine in Defiance. James also says that he knows Cyrus is trying to bribe him with the baby, which means he knows about the investigation. David comes back home and sees Abby there. The two end up having sex. Abby then leaves without saying anything.

Thornton comes into Sally’s office and says she could either give her resignation, or could give her the name of the person who shot the President. Later, an FBI team arrives at Olivia’s office in order to arrest Huck. Huck is arrested and taken away. The episode ends at this point.