One for the Dog - Recap

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The episode begins with Doyle telling Sally the American people deserve to know that she caught the President’s shooter. Sally says she wants to announce it “tonight in prime time”. She also mentions that “the suspect” is still being interrogated. “We need a confession before we announce” says Sally. Doyle is told that the suspect isn’t cracking. Doyle feels the interrogators need to up the ante. It is then shown how horribly Huck is being tortured. David arrives and sees how Huck is being tortured. He tells the officials to water down the torture techniques and think about the suspect’s “civil rights”.

The Pentagon official isn’t impressed with David’s preaching and asks him to shut his mouth. Verna confesses to Olivia “I am the reason they took Huck away”. Later, Verna, Cyrus, Olivia and Mellie meet. Cyrus asks where Doyle is. “Hollace Doyle is why I have asked you all to meet tonight” Verna says. Abby and Harrison in the meantime gain access to Doyle’s office. Abby finds a cell phone in Doyle’s drawer and jots down a number he has called from it. Verna mentions to the group how she had heard Doyle talking to someone over the phone about the Stamford Hotel, from where the President was shot. Mellie is shocked to hear this. Verna mentions to the group how Doyle has benefited from Fitz’s absence at the White House. Verna concludes by saying that she feels its Doyle who got the President assassinated.

The group is visibly shocked to hear this. Later at home, Edison receives a letter from the President, asking that he be reinstated to his full power. Olivia who is also home is stunned that Edison has received a letter actually signed by Fitz, which means that he is awake and is recovering. Olivia didn’t know about this and is angry at Edison for not telling her. She storms out of the house, but before she does Edison warns her not to tell anyone about this. Turns out, even Sally doesn’t know about the President’s recovery. Olivia arrives at the hospital and sees Cyrus there. They are both excited that Fitz is awake. They proceed to meet Fitz. Olivia and Cyrus then enter Fitz’s room and Olivia is devastated when she discovers that Fitz hasn’t actually woken up. She then looks at Mellie in anger and asks “what did you do?” Mellie confesses that she forged Fitz’s signature on the letter.

Olivia thinks what Mellie has done is treason, but Cyrus feels what Mellie has done is the best bet for the moment. Mellie basically tells Olivia she did what she did only to stop Doyle, who is now sitting pretty in the White House and even influencing Sally’s decisions. Cyrus feels the only way to deal with Doyle, is to get Sally out of the White House. Cyrus feels they could run the country together until Fitz wakes up. Olivia doesn’t know how to react to the whole situation and sits down to think. Sally who has by now been informed of Fitz’s recovery calls Mellie and says she wants to pay Fitz a visit at the hospital, to offer her personal congratulations. Sally asks to talk to Fitz, but Mellie tells her Fitz is at the moment sleeping. Sally finds something odd in Mellie’s tone and gauges something’s fishy. Mellie quickly hangs up the phone after making an excuse and tells the two, “She knows”.

Olivia returns to the office and tells her team they have a new client. She then pins up Fitz’s picture to the wall. Sally tells Doyle how Mellie was trying to make a fool out of her. Doyle concludes Fitz might actually even be dead. Sally decides to leak the letter supposedly signed by Fitz to the press, so the press can rakes up the issue and finds the truth, instead of her. She feels that way she won’t end up looking power hungry. The letter is leaked and now the whole world wants to see if the President is alive. Olivia mobilizes her team to do some firefighting. Harrison coaches the doctors and the hospital staff about what to say to the media. Quinn and Abby also do their bit. Olivia also mobilizes Cyrus and asks him to work his magic with the powerbrokers in Washington. Olivia even handles the media. She then tells Mellie what she has to say to the press.

Everything falls into place and everybody including the media is convinced that the “President is out of the woods”. Huck agrees to talk on hearing that Fitz is alive, but he only wants to talk to David. He then tells David that if the President is alive Becky’s job is not done and she shall try to kill him again. David is shocked to hear this and doesn’t know what to make of it. David later enters Olivia office and tells her “I know where Huck is”. David tells her how Huck is being tortured; he also tells her what Huck told him, about the President still being in danger. Olivia later has a talk with Sally and manages to convince her to release Huck so he can help them catch the actual person behind the President’s assassination.

Huck is then released and tells Olivia they don’t have much time. Later at the hospital, Edison comes to see the President, but Olivia doesn’t allow it. Edison reminds her that he is the leader of the Senate and also mentions his doubts about Fitz’s recovery. He knows it’s a lie and warns Olivia that he will prosecute her to the full extent of the law, if his doubts are confirmed. Olivia looks him in the eye and says “goodbye Edison”. Doyle and Sally discuss about Fitz’s issue and feel they need to do something about it. Becky gets a call, while she is watching a news report about the President’s recovery. “I’ll be ready” she says and looks over her gear that contains a long range gun. Olivia in the meantime gives Huck the number pulled from Doyle’s cell phone.

She feels the number is Becky’s and says if it really is it would prove Doyle is the one who hired her. Huck says Becky is a professional and if she receives a call on this number from anyone but Doyle, it will spook her. Huck then promises Olivia, he won’t let her down this time. Becky arrives on the roof of a building overlooking the hospital where Fitz is. She assembles her gun and takes aim. Just then she receives a call from Huck on her phone. She turns around and sees Huck standing behind her pointing a gun. A little later a team of armed policemen arrive at the scene. Huck drops his gun and they are both handcuffed. “My real name is Kate” she tells Huck while being handcuffed. She asks him his real name. “Does it matter” he replies.

Later, Sally announces to the media that the President’s alleged shooter has been caught. Huck is released to Olivia’s custody. At her office, Sally tells Mellie that she knows Fitz’s signature was forged. She also mentions that she has a “sworn affidavit” from a hospital staff that Fitz hasn’t so much as opened his eyes. She asks Mellie to withdraw the letter of Fitz’s full reinstatement or threatens Mellie with revealing the forgery to the world. Quinn confronts Olivia and asks her as to why she isn’t handing over Doyle to the FBI, despite him having committed so many crimes.

Olivia agrees to give an explanation to Quinn and says “let’s talk”. Just then Olivia gets a call from Cyrus, who says “someone wants to talk to you”. Cyrus then places the phone on Fitz’s ear. Fitz who is awake, says a “hi”. Olivia can’t believe her ears and is overcome with emotions. The episode ends at this point.