A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar - Recap

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The episode begins with Olivia returning home and Edison asking her “what’s going on with us?” Olivia says she is not in the mood to discuss anything of the sort right now. The two get into an argument and Edison is surprised to see Olivia so angry. He comments on how well he knows her and is therefore sure, she has something to hide. Edison is also convinced that the reinstatement letter signed by Fitz is a fake and is sure he still hasn’t woken up from his coma. Olivia on her part isn’t at all worried as Fitz is awake, but she doesn’t tell Edison anything and instead shows him the door.

The scene then flashes back Fitz’s election campaign, to a couple of months before he won. Olivia and others feel Fitz’s campaign needs a spark, and Fitz’s father who is an ex-senator could be it. Fitz on his part is reluctant to get his father involved and wants to win on his own. Olivia points out that his father is a “national treasure” as he is a two time governor and four time senator. “I don’t want him here” Fitz says, but Olivia insists, saying he could help the campaign. In the end she manages to convince Fitz. Back in the present, the doctor tells Fitz and Mellie that the bullet missed the frontal lobe of his brain, so the damage to his brain might be minimal. But, the doctor also adds that there could be a possibility that Fitz might have problems making decisions and also a shorter attention span.

It all depends on the patient, the doctor says. That is why a neurology team is being brought in to see, where Fitz stands. Assuming there is no permanent damage, Fitz can return to work in 3 weeks. Cyrus comes in and tells Fitz the problems Sally is trying to create and how she is trying to wrest power. Fitz therefore lands up at the office all dressed up and shocks Sally and the others. Later Fitz tells Cyrus and Mellie he needs to convince everyone that he is in perfect health although he isn’t, just so Sally can’t create any more problems. The scene flashes back to the campaign and Fitz father arrives and takes control of things. Olivia realizes how charming the man can be and how good he is at influencing people. Fitz is relegated to the background as his father is stealing the show.

Fitz makes his displeasure known, when his father tries to give him advice about the campaign. Fitz then mentions how his father couldn’t run for the president because he got caught sleeping with a prostitute. Fitz’s whole team is present and they are embarrassed by the way Fitz is behaving. His father is hurt, but says nothing. Next day, his father convinces Fitz to dig up dirt on his rival, so it can be used against him in the campaign. Olivia then gets together her team and begins digging up the dirt, but can’t find anything substantial. Doyle suggests they rig the voting machines and says he knows a guy who can do it. Olivia isn’t convinced about the idea but Verna reasons with her, saying there is no other way to help Fitz win. Doyle says it would be a patriotic thing to do, as they would be putting a deserving man inside the White house.

Mellie too is included into the discussion. Back in the present, Cyrus tells Olivia how Fitz has been working all day in his office, instead of resting at the hospital. Cyrus also mentions that Fitz is unable to stay on his feet for more than thirty seconds. Fitz is scheduled go on live to answer questions, but Olivia feels that’s not wise in his condition. Fitz is adamant he wants to do it, wise or not. “You almost died. Don’t do it again” she lovingly tells him and then kisses him. Fitz tells Olivia that he is adamant about going to the press conference because he wants people to see him and see that he is in charge. Cyrus enters and Olivia tells him that Fitz is going ahead with the press conference and he is also going to take questions. “And it’s gonna be great” Fitz says. Falshback to the campaign and Olivia’s team has dug up some dirt on Fitz’s opponent that will stick.

Fitz’s father suggests Fitz reveal the finding during a crucial point in the debate. Later Olivia preps Fitz for the debate and correspondingly in the present Olivia is shown prepping Fitz for the press conference. “Now show them who you are” Olivia tells Fitz on both the occasions. Fitz then heads for the debate and correspondingly in the present for the press conference. At the debate Fitz takes the high road and doesn’t use the dirt dug up Olivia. Fitz’s father isn’t too pleased with that, and back in the present when asked about his condition by a reporter, Fitz says he is absolutely fine. He mentions how he shall find strength from his weakness. The press conference in the ends goes ahead smoothly and nobody is any the wiser, about Fitz’s condition.

Flashback to the campaign and after the debate Fitz’s father confronts him about what he did. Fits tells him that he can’t be a petty man like him and used underhanded techniques like him to win. “You are going to lose this election” his father retorts. He adds that Fitz was never cut out to win, and Fitz may call him petty but he is a “winner” unlike Fitz. His father then walks away with a smirk on his face. Back in the present, Sally accepts Fitz’s letter of reinstatement, indicating she is convinced he is fit to lead once again. She tells him she was only holding off the letter because she was thinking about the country. She welcomes him back and leaves. Flashback to the campaign and Olivia is still not convinced about rigging the elections, although others in the group are.

She walks up to Fitz who is looking visibly worried. She asks him if he is alright. “My father had a heart attack and died twenty minutes ago” he tells her and walks away. Later, after his father’s funeral Fitz tells Olivia how badly he wants to be the president. Olivia can see how hurt Fitz is on his father passing away, although he is pretending otherwise. Fitz in the end breaks down and begins to sob. Olivia holds him close in order to console him. Back in the present Olivia returns home and finds Edison standing in the living room. He apologizes to her for earlier and tells her how much he loves her. He then proposes to her. While in bed Fitz tells Mellie “I want a divorce”.

Flashback to the campaign and just a week before the elections, Fitz and his team are told that just a few counties could lose him the elections. Fitz is worried and so are Olivia and Cyrus. Cyrus talks to Olivia about rigging the election in Defiance, the county which might lose Fitz the election. Olivia is still resistant to the idea, so Cyrus puts across his argument and leaves Olivia to herself to make her decision. After deep contemplation of all the facts, Olivia just one day before the elections agrees to the rigging. Doyle then calls up his man and gives him the go ahead. The episode ends at this point.