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Truth or Consequences - Recap

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The episode begins two years ago and its time of the election campaign. A man is shown explaining a group of people that for the first time touch screen voting has been introduced in Ohio. The man shows the group of people who are basically election volunteers how they shall be inserting memory cards into the voting machines. It is shown that the machines are made by Cytron. A man who is a part of the team is shown switching a voting machine when no one is looking. Turns out, the guy is Quinn’s boyfriend, who receives a call from Quinn right after doing his job. Back in the present David has called Doyle to his office.

David comes clean and says that he has discovered that the Cytron explosion is connected to the rigging of the elections for the president of United States. He believes Doyle is a participant in the conspiracy. He also feels Doyle had co-conspirators, who are high up in the White House. He plans to strike a deal with these co-conspirators to prove what he has found out. David gives Doyle the opportunity to strike a deal with him, if he wants to save himself. Doyle livid on hearing all of it threatens David and his legal career and leaves. A panicky Mellie tells Cyrus Fitz wants a divorce. Cyrus calms her and assures her he will talk to Fitz. Doyle meets Olivia and asks her to solve the “David Rosen problem”. He threatens to take David’s deal, if she doesn’t do something about the whole issue.

Cyrus tells Fitz how ridiculous his idea of divorcing Mellie is, as it would jeopardize his office. Fitz feels otherwise and is absolutely sure he shall remain President even after divorcing Mellie. Also, his resolve of divorcing Mellie is absolute. He asks Cyrus to “work out the details” and make the divorce happen. Flashback to two years ago and Jesse is shown asking Doyle for more money, as he realizes Doyle would be making a huge sum in an oil deal, thanks to rigging the elections. Back in the present, Olivia talks to Cyrus about David and the deal he has offered Doyle. Olivia knows David is right in doing what he is doing, and she can’t get over the guilt of what she, Cyrus and the others did. Cyrus calms her down and assures her he will fix everything. Olivia late at home gets a call from Fitz.

She says Edison proposed to her, and he in turn mentions that he has asked Mellie for a divorce. Fitz asks her to wait for him and not say “a yes” to Edison. Olivia says nothing and hangs up. Edison arrives at her house and tries talking to her, but she asks him to go away. Edison talks to Olivia’s team and asks them to talk to her as she won’t talk to anyone else. “I think we have found out next client” Quinn says. Flashback to two years ago and Kate, Doyle’s assassin is shown sending a package to Cytron with a bomb in it. The package has Quinn’s real name on it. Olivia’s team in the meantime brainstorms trying to figure out what could be bothering Olivia. They begin revealing all that they know, to see if it helps put the puzzle together. They all in the end figure out that Olivia along with Doyle was involved in rigging the Presidential election.

They also realize that Huck already knew this. Huck pays Olivia a visit at home and offers to get rid of Doyle. “Huck you have to stop killing people” she tells him. “So what are you gonna do about Hollace?” Huck asks. She says Cyrus is taking care of it, but Huck doesn’t seem too confident. He says that Cyrus too will have Doyle killed and will use his guy Charlie to do it. Olivia is shocked to hear this. Olivia then meets Verna and says she will turn Hollace in, so he isn’t killed. Verna agrees with what Olivia is planning to do, as she too realizes they all committed a sin. Next, FBI agents are shown storming Doyle’s office. He is shown a warrant allowing them to search and seize any evidence, linked to the President’s assassination.

They find the cell phone Doyle had used to call Kate/ Becky. Turns out, David with Olivia’s help got the FBI sent to Doyle’s office. David asks Olivia to get him more evidence against Doyle, as just the cell phone won’t help. He also warns her that this help from her won’t stop him from coming after her, as he is sure she is involved in the election rigging. Olivia says nothing and simply leaves. Cyrus isn’t happy with what Olivia has done and gives her an earful. Olivia simply tells him to get his house in order and get a good lawyer. Olivia then arrives at her office and her team offers to help her any way they can. She tells her team to get more evidence of Doyle’s wrongdoings. Cyrus on the other hand gets the Attorney General and David in his office. They basically ask David to keep things quite.

David is onto them and smells that something is fishy. The two suggest to David that Doyle not be detained any longer, as the Attorney General feels nothing much can be gained from detaining Doyle. David is visibly shocked at what is being asked of him, but keeps mum. Huck in the meantime meets Becky in prison and convinces her to give him the bank account in which Doyle transferred her money for the President’s assassination. This would help David build a strong case against Doyle. Cyrus talks to Charlie and asks him to eliminate Doyle the moment he is released. Mellie on the other hand plans to do something about the issue of Fitz wanting to divorce her. Doyle’s lawyer is busy arguing with David, while Doyle without a care in the world is busy reading a news paper. A prison guard arrives and hands Doyle a cup of coffee.

She tells David to release Doyle with immediate effect, as there isn’t enough proof to keep him detained. While David is busy negotiating, Doyle indulges in mocking him a bit, much to David’s chagrin. Cyrus is busy trying to convince Fitz that divorcing Mellie would amount to political suicide. He has told him this before and now he is showing Fitz statistics on paper, to prove his point. Fitz is unmoved and says he is stepping out to pay Olivia a visit in broad daylight. Just then Fitz is told that there is an emergency, related to Mellie. He is asked to hurry. Huck on the other hand finds out it wasn’t Hollace who paid Becky, it was someone else. She calls up David to tell him that Hollace might not be the culprit. David says he anyway let Doyle go an hour ago.

Olivia realizes this means Hollace shall be murdered. She sends Huck to stop this from happening. Fitz arrives at the hospital and sees that Mellie is in labor. She holds out her hand hoping Fitz would grab it. Just as she suspected, he does, and reassures her that “it’s going to be fine”. He then forgetting everything else gets involved completely in the delivery. Hollace is shown getting in an elevator, Charlie too follows him in. The episode ends at this point.