Nobody Likes Babies - Recap

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The episode begins and Huck enters the elevator in which Charlie has pulled a gun on Doyle. Huck and Charlie end up pointing a gun at each other. “Charlie is here to kill you unless I kill him first” Huck tells Doyle. Huck says Charlie won’t kill him, till the time Doyle doesn’t decide take, David’s offer. Doyle agrees to keep his mouth shut. In the White House, Mellie, Fitz and their newborn are having a photo shoot. The photographers leave and Fitz makes it clear to Mellie that after their divorce he wants to spend time with his son. Mellie makes it clear she will never agree to a divorce.

Cyrus and Olivia on the other hand discuss how David isn’t letting go of the “election rigging” issue. Fitz comes in and Cyrus leaves. He says he is divorcing Mellie and doesn’t want her marrying Edison. He says he doesn’t care about the fact that the divorce will jeopardize his presidency. Olivia and team later brainstorm about who paid Becky to kill Fitz, if Doyle didn’t. Olivia figures out that it was Verna who paid Becky and then tried to make it look as if Doyle did it. It is then shown how Verna did it. Olivia confronts Verna who is in the hospital and getting treated for her cancer, about it. She tries to justify her actions by saying whatever she did she did for the country. Olivia says it wasn’t about the country; it is just so that Verna doesn’t have to admit to the world what she did.

She adds that Verna only wanted her legacy to live on and be remembered with honor even after her death. “So turn me in…go ahead” Verna says. She challenges Olivia to reveal to America what they did, including rigging the elections. She says Olivia can’t do anything of that sort because “just like me you know confessing does more harm than good”. Olivia says nothing and walks out. Verna calls David, right after Olivia leaves. Fitz later pays Verna a visit at the hospital. Olivia tells her team about what Verna did. Verna passes away while Fitz is with her. David, who she had called, to speak to, is unable to meet her as Fitz is there. David meets James and says he needs his help, James says he can’t as his complete focus is on his baby. Olivia and team on the other hand find out just how much David knows about the election rigging.

Abby offers to pick David’s safe, which is in his house and get all the stuff David has on the election rigging. David subpoenas James so he is forced to reveal in court everything that he knows about the rigging. James tells Cyrus about it and says “one of us is going to jail”. James asks Cyrus to be honest with him and tell him if he actually rigged the elections. Cyrus after a lot of prodding admits to his crime. He mentions how he always wanted to be the President and was meant to be the President, but can never be, as the country would never accept a gay President. Being where he is today is the highest he gets to ever climb and the election that he rigged was his only shot. He says he got one shot and he took it. The baby begins crying and James leaves to take care of her.

Cyrus asks him what he is planning to do, but James doesn’t give him a straight answer. Cyrus as a result is visibly worried. Abby and David patch up, as Abby realizes it is Olivia and Harrison who made David a villain in her eyes. Abby decides to not pick David’s safe. Quinn in the meantime asks Huck to kill Doyle and offers him $5000 for it. James is about to go in front of the grand jury. Cyrus finds this out from Charlie, who he has told to trial James. Cyrus calls up James and tries convincing James to not do what he is about. James asks Cyrus as to what he wants him to do. Cyrus begs him to not go in front of the grand jury, if he loves him. James says he can’t bail on their daughter as he loves her, so he can’t go to jail. “Sorry Cy” James says and hangs up.

Huck tells Quinn he will kill Doyle for free, but says that Quinn can’t work for Olivia after he kills Doyle. Quinn is baffled by this condition. Huck explains that she wants Doyle killed for revenge and they don’t do revenge, they solve problems. Huck gives her the option, of either getting her revenge or moving on with her life. Huck makes it clear that Quinn can’t have both her old life and her new life. “So which is it?” he asks her. Charlie is about to kill James who is about to go in front of the jury, but just then Cyrus asks him to stop and pull back. Quinn on the other hand also changes her mind and sees reason in what Huck is saying. Cyrus calls up Olivia and says, he couldn’t stop James and he is going to testify.

James goes in front of the grand jury, where David asks him the questions, pertaining to the election rigging. James lies to the jury that he didn’t find anything in Defiance Ohio, when he went to check the voting machines. David is shocked on hearing James deny everything. James even claims that David’s theory about rigging is far-fetched. David begins yelling at James saying “do you want to go to prison? Is that what you want?” David later comes to Olivia’s office all enraged. He accuses Abby of stealing from his safe, where the memory card from the rigged voting machine was kept. Abby denies it outright. David checks her purse and finds nothing. He then accuses the other members from Olivia’s team, of stealing it. David in anger tells Abby they are done and storms out.

After he has left, Abby from inside her clothes removes the memory card and gives it to Olivia. She then begins sobbing uncontrollably. Olivia rushes to console her. Later, Olivia and Edison call it quits, after she turns down his proposal. At Verna’s funeral, Olivia tells Fitz she has turned down Edison’s proposal and is ready to wait for him (Fitz). Fitz tells her he has changed his mind and asks her not to wait for him. She is shocked to hear this. “Screwing you mistress is one thing, but marrying her… that’s political suicide really” he tell her. Fitz then hints at the fact that he knows Olivia and the others rigged the elections. It is next shown that Verna told Fitz everything before dying, including the fact that it was her who sent Becky to assassinate him.

Fitz is shattered to know that Olivia too was involved. “We sold our souls for you” Verna tells Fitz. Verna tells him that she is meeting David and coming clean, before dying. “But I wanted you to hear all that first” she tells him. Next, Fitz apologizes to Verna for what he is about to do and removes her life-support. He watches while Verna gasps for breath and in the end passes away. After the funeral, Olivia is seen sitting alone in the church, with tears in her eyes. The episode ends at this point.