Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - Recap

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The episode begins 10 months after Verna’s death. Olivia still hasn’t gotten over Fitz. Fitz on the other hand is drowning himself in alcohol, to forget everything. Mellie hands him a glass of whiskey while he is taking a shower, at 7 in the morning. She tries to reason with him, but he isn’t in the mood for it. Cyrus arrives and gives Fitz the bad news that “four Americans have been kidnapped abroad”. David wakes up and sees a dead woman in his bed. He sees a knife in his hand and blood all over. It has been made to look as if he has murdered the woman with the knife. Just then he hears a knocking on the door. It’s the cops. He opens the door and pretends everything is normal.

The cops say they received a complaint about a woman screaming and fight of some sort. David denies it. He says it was probably the TV. The cops don’t look convinced, but leave. Fitz is told the Americans have been kidnapped by a group affiliated to the Al Qaeda. In return for the Americans, the terrorists want a local leader named Masada Al Fehr, released. If the leader isn’t released within 48 hours, the hostages will be shot. Fitz is shocked to know that the Americans are CIA spies. Fitz orders his men to find out how “two bit jihadis” got hold of top American operatives. Abby informs Olivia about the trouble David is in. David tells Olivia and her team that the victim’s name is Wendy.

David admits he had sex with her, but that’s the last thing he remembers. Abby informs Olivia that David is currently unemployed and has started his own firm, from home. Huck figures out, David was slipped a roofie. Olivia tells David he has been set up, “professionally from the looks of it”. David reluctantly allows Olivia and her team to clean up all evidence. Huck finds out Wendy had been uploading photos of naked men every night, from her cell phone. But, she was only taking photos of their body parts and not their faces. Also, Huck has put Wendy’s body in her apartment and made it look like she was murdered there. Only issue is a bartender saw Wendy and David together at a bar, the night she died.

Harrison feels David might be arrested once Wendy’s body is found. Huck says it would take about 2 days for the body to be found. In other words, they have two days to solve the case. Olivia and team try to find out who the men in the photos are. They try to figure out who each person is by finding out the locations where each photos was taken. Olivia and team talks to each of the guys and figure out each of them was busted for some sort of a crime or had some embarrassing secret exposed, after they began dating Wendy. Olivia concludes Wendy wasn’t just sleeping with these men; she was exposing their “dirty secrets”. They find out that Wendy was selling these stories to some tabloids, for money.

Later, David tells Olivia that Wendy wanted to know about the election rigging from him. “Did you tell her?” she asks. He says he didn’t get the chance, because she was killed before he could tell her anything. Olivia meets Cyrus and asks him if he framed David. He denies it and says the whole election rigging thing “died with Verna”. Olivia then tells Cyrus that she is sure Fitz knows about the rigging. Harrison calls Olivia and informs her that David has been arrested. Cyrus tells Mellie that Fitz knows about the rigging. Mellie doesn’t believe that and attribute’s Fitz’s behavior to something that happened between him and Olivia. Cyrus makes it clear to her that, if Fitz knows the truth it means he doesn’t trust them anymore and is going to find someone else he can trust.

If that happens they are both in trouble, Cyrus concludes. Huck tells Olivia, Wendy received 4 calls, all from the same number. “They are coming from the joint chief’s office and the Pentagon” Huck says. David is released as there isn’t enough evidence to hold him. Olivia meets Capt. Jacob Ballard, at the Pentagon. Olivia tells Jacob about Wendy and says she doesn’t have any idea who killed her. Jacob says Wendy came to him to sell some information, which was of interest to him. He mentions he can’t tell her anything more, as it’s confidential. Olivia meets David and tells him that, Wendy was onto something big and hence a “high level military officer” was in touch with her.

Olivia says Wendy was possibly killed because of the information she had. David is too pissed with Olivia to hear anything that she has to say. Olivia sees this and leaves. “You know don’t you…about Defiance” Mellie tells Fitz, on the way to Cyrus’s child’s christening. She says she understands that he feels betrayed because of it and apologizes to him. “I don’t want to discuss it” Fitz says. “You deserve to be President, Fitz” Mellie says. “No I don’t” Fitz counters. Mellie says she knows Fitz is shutting Cyrus out and says he is doing the right thing. She then tells Fitz it was Cyrus who pushed and plotted the whole rigging. “Cyrus stole the election” Mellie says. She describes how Cyrus decided to rig the elections and got everyone onboard including Olivia.

She basically tells him that he can’t trust Cyrus. “You have me. You can trust me” she in the end tells him. Fitz apparently buys into Mellie’s lie. He even holds her hand and kisses it. Mellie realizes she has managed her task successfully and is overjoyed. They arrive at the church for the christening. Fitz sees Olivia walk in, a little later. Turns out, Olivia has been chosen to be the child’s godmother. Fitz and Olivia can’t stop staring at each other, while the ceremony is being conducted. Later, at Cyrus’s house, Olivia and Fitz have sex in a computer server room. There isn’t any exchange of words. Later, Olivia brings up Defiance and says she made a mistake. “That wasn’t a mistake, that was betrayal” he says. He tells her that they are “done”. He makes it clear that he might still be sexually attracted to her, but nothing more.

Fitz orders a SEAL team be mobilized to rescue the hostages. The SEAL team reaches the location where the hostages reportedly are but find the bunker empty. Fitz, who is watching the whole thing from the White House, asks the team to abort the mission, fearing it’s a trap. Fitz is shocked at what just happened and asks why the hostages weren’t at the location. Fitz is told by one of his men “sir we have a mole”. Fitz orders an internal investigation to find out who the mole is. Apparently, Cyrus too is under the scanner and Fitz lets Cyrus know this. David finds Wendy’s flash drive in his laptop. He gives it to Olivia and tells her Wendy was probably about to download his files when she was killed.

The killer didn’t know the flash drive was there. In the flash drive are pages containing high level classified military intelligence. David says he needs Olivia’s help to get to the bottom of this whole thing. Later, Olivia calls Jacob and offers to go out with him. He is at home and while chatting on the phone he is looking at Olivia on a TV screen in front of him. Turns out, Olivia’s house is under surveillance and she is completely oblivious about it. The episode ends at this point.