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Boom Goes The Dynamite - Recap

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The episode begins with someone stalking David, terrifying him to no end. Olivia and Jacob meet. Olivia gets straight to the point and asks Jacob about Albatross, something Wendy was working on. Jacob reveals that Albatross was the name of a mole who killed himself, after he was discovered and implicated. Turns out, Albatross left a note saying he was innocent. Now, when anyone in the intelligence committee messes up, they blame it on Albatross. Olivia gets a call and hurriedly leaves. In the White House, Fitz is frustrated because they haven’t been able to get the American hostages back. A little later, Jacob arrives to meet Fitz. Turns out, Jacob and Fitz are old friends.

David is in Olivia’s office and tells her and the team that someone is constantly following him. Olivia says Huck will trail David for the next couple of days to make sure he isn’t in danger. Fitz and Jacob are catching up on old times. Fitz is the one who asked Jacob to spy on Olivia. Jacob briefs him about what Olivia has been up to these days. Jacob also mentions that Olivia is unhappy and doesn’t date anyone. Olivia takes on a client, named Will Caldwell, who is from the famous Caldwell political family. Will is running for the Governor of North Carolina and his brother, Peter, feels Will needs Olivia’s help to win the election. The problem is everyone thinks Will is gay, although Will vehemently denies it.

Olivia points out Will hasn’t dated anyone in 10 years or even had sex with anyone. Olivia asks Will the reason for this. Peter says the rumors about Will being gay are killing his chance in the election. There is a giant fundraiser coming up and Peter says their conservative donors are fleeing for the hills. Peter feels the only solution to this problem is for Will to get married. Will is resistant to this idea. Olivia reasons with him that people don’t trust a single man. To make matters worse, Will is running for office in a Red State, where people are even more conservative.

Will gives it some thought and then agrees to let them find a fake wife for him. Olivia's team begins hunting for the right girl. Fitz tells his team to find the mole, whatever it takes. Later, Fitz watches on the news a video sent to Al Jazeera. In the video, one of the hostages is shown being brutally beheaded by the terrorists. Whenever Huck is in the room there is a terrible stench. They initially feel that he needs a shower, but Quinn later concludes that there is probably something wrong with him. Huck is busy keeping watch on David.

Olivia’s team has found Will a fake wife. Abby warns the woman who has agreed to be the fake wife, telling her to think things through before signing on the dotted line. Abby tells her that once she is married to a politician, she will never again have something called a personal life. She will always be under the microscope and every little move will be scrutinized. This concerns the woman.

Cyrus sees on the news that a round of strikes were carried out on Kashfar, on Fitz’s order. He is happy to see this because he had told Mellie that Fitz should do this. Mellie had promised Cyrus he would get credit for the idea. Fitz warns the Kashfari leader that he will order a second round of strikes on Kashfar, if the terrorists do not free the hostages within 72 hours. Cyrus enters Fitz’s office and commends Fitz for his move.

Fitz gives Mellie credit, saying it was her idea. Cyrus is shocked to hear this and leaves without saying much. The woman who had agreed to be the fake wife has turned down the offer. Olivia knows it was Abby’s doing. Abby says she is sorry, but she had to warn the woman about what she was getting into. Abby, too, was a politician’s wife and was a victim of marital abuse, which was why she thought she should warn the woman. A woman approaches David and says she knows who killed Wendy. Huck is haunted by the memories of being tortured when he was arrested for shooting the president. David takes the woman to Olivia’s office. She tells them that she was Wendy’s best friend and Wendy used to tell her everything. She says Wendy knew she has stumbled on something really big and could get killed for it. She had seen Wendy fighting with a guy outside her house, but she doesn’t know who guy is. The guy was threatening her and was asking her to give back whatever she had on him. The woman is worried that this guy might try to kill her. Olivia tells Huck to put the woman, Molly, somewhere safe. She tells the team to check if there are any security cameras outside Wendy’s house, so they can get a visual on this guy.

Cyrus tells Olivia how Mellie stabbed him in the back. Olivia suggests he should let Mellie be. She says Mellie is her own worst enemy and, one of these days, she’ll go too far with Fitz and piss him off. Olivia and team find another woman to be Will’s fake wife. Peter is really happy with Olivia’s choice, but Peter’s wife doesn’t seem too happy. Olivia notices this. Harrison calls Olivia and tells her one of the girls who was a candidate for the fake wife scheme has talked to a reporter. Harrison says the story will come out tomorrow morning. Olivia is upset, believing this will destroy Will’s political career. Olivia tells Harrison to deal with the situation.

Harrison calls Olivia and says he has killed the story, but also informs her that the news was leaked by someone inside the Caldwell family. Olivia realizes Will and Peter’s wife are possibly having an affair and it was she who leaked this news. Olivia then sees the two kissing in a secluded part of a garden, outside the venue where the fundraiser for Will’s campaign is being hosted. Olivia confronts him and asks him to end the affair. He says he can’t because he loves her. He says he fell in love with Peter’s wife 10 years ago, the moment he first brought her home. Olivia realizes firsthand how horrible it is to be in the situation Will is in, but tells him emphatically to end the affair.

Quinn tells Huck she knows he was water boarded and that it is now affecting him psychologically, which is why he is afraid to even take a shower. This explains why he smells. Huck assures her he will be fine. Cyrus uses his guile to get Mellie out of Fitz’s good books. Will and his fake wife manage to win the hearts of the people and Will looks good to win the elections. Peter congratulates Olivia for a job well done. He also tells her that he knows about his wife and Will. He says he didn’t stop Will because Will is crazy enough to fight him for her, and he didn’t want Will’s career jeopardized. “Family comes first always has” Peter says.

Huck has decrypted all the files on Wendy’s flash drive. The mole, Albatross, leaked the names of the American hostages to the terrorists. Molly sees CIA Director Osborne on the news and tells Olivia and team that he is the guy who was threatening Wendy, and he is the one who killed her. The episode ends at this point.