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Snake in the Garden - Recap

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The episode begins with Cyrus handing Charlie a file on Jake and telling him to dig up as much dirt as he can on him. In his office, Fitz hints to Jake that he is considering promoting him to an official position in the White House. David enters his apartment and sees his stuff scattered all over the floor. He hears a noise and realizes the intruder is still in the apartment. He quickly hides behind the couch and soon after, hears someone walk out of the apartment. Huck and Quinn are tailing Osborne. Huck finds it odd that Osborne hasn’t made a drop in a week and is tonight driving a new route.

They realize that they have been made, when Osborne’s parks outside Olivia’s apartment building. Olivia is texted and warned that Osborne is heading to her apartment. Jake, who is watching Olivia from his house via the cameras hidden in her apartment, is shocked to see Osborne there. Osborne asks Olivia why she is having him followed and who has hired her. While all this is happening, Jake loses video signal and his screen goes blank. Instead of answering any of his questions, Olivia warns Osborne to immediately leave, saying most of her clients are above his pay grade and would be happy to help her in kicking his ass.

The next day at her office, Olivia tells her team about Osborne’s visit and says he is on to them, so they need to back off for the time being until they have solid proof that he is the mole. Olivia says a new client is arriving and they need to concentrate on that, which is when Doyle arrives with Debra, his ex-wife, and the team is shocked. Next, they all watch a video of Doyle’s daughter sobbing and begging Doyle to wire $20M to an account number written on a placard she is holding. She says she will be killed if her kidnappers don’t receive the money. After they are done watching it, Doyle tells everyone that he believes the video is a fake and Maybelle, his daughter, is only acting.

Unlike Doyle, Debra believes her daughter has been really kidnapped and is distraught. Olivia and team learn that Maybelle is a no better than Doyle and is also a drug addict. Doyle believes his daughter is trying to fleece him for drug money, which she has done in the past. The team also learns that a while ago she met Justin Turner, a rich spoilt brat just like her, at a club. The duo started dealing drugs, stealing cars, and forging checks like Bonnie and Clyde. Debra begs Olivia to help find Maybelle because she believes her daughter is really in trouble.

David is staying in Olivia’s office because it isn’t safe in his apartment anymore and watches Olivia at work. Huck and Quinn try to spot clues in the video that would help find out exactly where Maybelle is being held. Harrison and Abby look through Maybelle’s apartment and notice signs of struggle. At home, Jake is watching the recording of Olivia chatting with Osborne. He notices that right before Osborne arrives she walks up to a vase in her living room and hides something in it. At Olivia’s office, Trixie, Doyle’s assistant, brings him an envelope that came in the mail. Inside, there is a severed human ear, which shocks everyone expect Doyle.

He wants a DNA test to confirm it’s actually Maybelle’s before he pays up. Harrison reminds him that the kidnappers want the money in 24 hours and a DNA test takes 48. Doyle is adamant he wants the test, but Debra tells him that he will get his daughter killed. At the White House, Mellie and Cyrus have again begun competing to get into Fitz’s good books. Jake breaks into Olivia’s apartment after making sure she is in office. He finds in the vase Wendy’s flash drive and copies all the data on it. Jake meets Fitz and hands him a file with the information that was in the flash drive. He says the information in it is highly classified and Osborne was threatening his source for this, which is why he is sure Osborne is the mole.

Maybelle’s photo with her one ear missing is sent to Doyle. Now him along with Olivia and team seem convinced that the ear was hers. Huck and Quinn find the apartment seen in the video. The apartment is empty, but there is some dried blood on a mattress in the living room, which proves she was there. At Olivia’s office, Doyle tells her that he is ready to pay the money and wants his daughter back at any cost. Olivia sends the kidnappers half the money and tells Doyle she will send the rest once Maybelle is safely handed back to them. Charlie hands Cyrus an envelope and tells him he has found out how Jake and Fitz know each other.

Cyrus steps into Fitz’s office and tells him that he knows about a sensitive military operation Fitz was involved in, when he was serving in the military. Fitz is pissed that Cyrus is digging up dirt on him to keep his job, but Cyrus says that’s not what he is trying to do. He explains that just like Fitz he too had to do things for the sake of his country which he can’t talk about. Fitz buys into his argument and apparently forgives him. He confides to Cyrus that Osborne is the mole. Olivia informs the kidnappers that the rest of the money will be sent once she receives confirmation that Maybelle is fine. The kidnappers agree and tell her to come to a gas station near the highway in 20 minutes. They see Maybelle standing at the gas station and Olivia orders Harrison to wire the rest of the money.

At the hospital, Maybelle tells Olivia that Justin is the one who kidnapped her. Doyle is happy to have his daughter back and thanks Olivia. In the night, Olivia dolls up for a date with Jake, but when he arrives he sees her wearing house clothes. She says she has changed her mind about going out with him and tells him she is still in love with someone else. He simply tells her to close her eyes and then kisses her. After he is done, he asks her if she is still thinking about this person she loves and she says a no. He bids Olivia a goodnight and leaves without saying anything more.

The next day at office, Olivia and team learn that Justin has been in prison for the last three months, so he can’t be the kidnapper. Huck figures out Maybelle staged the kidnapping herself and even chopped her own ear. Maybelle is brought to Olivia’s office, where Doyle gives her a choice between the $20M and her family. He says if she chooses the money she can never return, but much to Debra and his despair she chooses money over family. Osborne is informed that his services are no longer required, although he vehemently protests, saying he isn’t the mole.

At his office, Mellie gives Fitz a long speech about how he is slowly becoming like his father, which is why his kids don’t like him anymore. Fitz seems really disturbed after hearing her. Olivia and team see on the news that Osborne’s body has been found in his car with a bullet in the head. Turns out, Jake had something to do with it because he talks to some guy in a park about it and it’s also hinted that Jake is the mole. The episode ends at this point.