Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire - Recap

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Logan has jumped in the deep end regarding trying to make himself seem more important. He has taken on a pretty large lawsuit and it wasn't for the reasons that he thought they were. He at one point told his boss that he had Native American in him and that is why he even got the case. Unfortunately for him, the people he is representing are part of the exact tribe that he had claimed to be a part of. We all know that he isn't really part of that tribe so he has to find help and fast!

Logan goes to his sister and asks her to help him so that he can speak to them in their native tongue. This isn't an easy task to take on for either of them. Then as if things couldn't get worse for him one of the fellow lawyers want in on the case. He pretty much blackmails him into letting him on the case so that he doesn't tell the tribe that he isn't a part of their bloodline. Not only that, but he threatens to tell everyone who his father really is (Wolfgang West).

Cheryl and her husband are fighting because she has decided to work with Alan. Alan is a friend of the family and he has some secrets of his own. Cheryl doesn't know this but he slept with both Heather AND Wolf! He slept with Wolf when he was in jail. Now he wants to sleep with Cheryl if it is at all possible. Wolf is becoming more and more jealous due to all of the sneaky things going on and decides that Charlie needs to spy on Cheryl when he thinks things get too close. Wolf's jealousy really does boil over and he gets into contact with the sergeant about everything that Alan has been up to.

Elsewhere, Logan is totally freaking out. He is tired and facing some pretty serious desperation. He has been studying like a mad man so that he can learn all of the native languages so that he can handle the case and the lying all at the same time. The man blackmailing him has decided to go and steal documents out of Logan's office. He goes to his twin and asks that he help him break into what he has retrieved. They have successfully found all kinds of files including porn that he has made, documents, what he watches on television, and just all kinds of things that he feels the need to back up.

Logan is successful in coming to work and speaking to the Native American people perfectly. He really impresses the boss and the clients while presenting the case. Cheryl has actually found out that Wolf has set up Alan by going to the cops and she is not remotely happy about it. She is upset that he wants to get him sent to jail just because he thinks that they are having an affair together. She goes to jail to visit Wolf and she is absolutely fuming. She tells him that despite his worries she has been completely loyal and faithful to him through out all of this. She is beginning to wonder whether or not he is the same guy that she fell for and she is overwhelmed due to all of everything that she has to do while he will be in jail for the next five years. She is trying to make money and raise their kids and the last thing that she needs is to deal with him being jealous and causing so many problems for people in their lives.