Yes, Sir, Yes, Sir, Three Bags Full - Recap

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Wolf and the wifey are talking on the phone. Wolf thinks that it would be nice if Logan will stop by. The fuse just got blown and she wigs out. They think that she's going to probably not going to get a job. She goes to speak to Logan and he gives him a bunch of money. Cal asks for actual paychecks from work because he needs it.

Tad is at work and he works at a video store that is run by a crazy geek. Angela is still having a hard time finding a job. Angela goes to the cops and the arrest is still on her record even though it was a frame job. He tells her to file for expungement. It will take sixty days and she is not happy about it because she needs to get a job ASAP. She decides to start work by delivering junk mail.

The youngest daughter has decided to go talk to Mr. Hong about setting up a deal with one another so they can make money together. He will end up making three more dollars per DVD. Heather is asking for extra shifts and more money. He tells her that she can dance until she finally gets a modeling deal. Cal goes to visit Wolf and asks him if he knows anything about any jobs. He tells him that Sparky is looking for something. He will earn five hundred bucks if he hooks up with the guy.

Cal drives to meet up with Sparky and it is a trailer in the middle of nowhere. He is listening to opera and seems to be pretty crazy which was Cal's worry. He asks if he is good with explosives. Unfortunately, that is not what Cal is interested in doing. He threatens Cal because he doesn't like when he doesn't get what he was promised.

Angela is sitting down, having a drink and she tries to tell Wolf that work was actually fun but she had a horrible day with all the neighbors giving her so much grief. Heather shows up and finds her mother crying. She tells her that she can get a pizza and that is when Heather decides that she is going to dance. She almost slips and starts dancing but no one is into it. She takes herself to that place and starts really working it. She may have found her niche. Unfortunately, someone saw it that shouldn't have. She starts getting flowers. He wants to meet her and the family wants to know what kind of debut.

Cal drives to meet up at his job and it seems that he is late, but his boss invites her to drive her to the stables. They end up doing it in the limo and she has some serious control issues. When she gets on top of him she throws out her back and makes him get out and once he gets out the car starts to move and goes into the lake.

Angela is driving home and she sees a cop car there. It seems that the guy who saw her was a cop. He thinks that she is magic and should be on stage. Pots has a lot of feelings for her and Angela catches her. It seems that he is the one that sent her the roses. Cal is waiting for his male boss and his boss' daughter tells him that he knows about them hooking up. His boss is not too mad at him. He wants him to pick up a package and that will make it up to him.

Angela goes to the office and wants Potts charged with stalking. This is how she finds out that Heather has become a stripper. He thought that she knew that she was dancing. Sparky is painting his nails and calling Cal to tell him that he is ready. Cal is calling Logan to help him so that he can get both jobs dealt with. He decides that he can do that.

Heather is at work dancing and getting into it. That is when Angela shows up and catches her. She ends up being drug out by the security. She is mad because she is dancing. She tells her that people never give up their dreams, they sell them off little by little. Logan goes to pick up a package as Cal and things are a bit strange.

Hope and Tad are talking about the burning of the DVD's and he walks out and decides that she should lock up when she is done. When Logan goes to the house he has to talk to the boss' daughter and she seems to be evil and flirty with her.